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What Is RSS?

RSS (short for Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) is a lightweight format for delivering regularly-updated web content via "feeds" which users can subscribe to.

Content is then automatically downloaded to your computer when new material is available.

On pages containing RSS feeds, look out for the orange icon indicating a feed link.

RSS feeds are also available for search results, so you can be kept informed when new content is available that matches your search term(s).

You typically subscribe to RSS feeds using a browser, a mobile phone, another website (such as your iGoogle, My Yahoo or Windows Live homepage) or a desktop application.

Browsers which support RSS include:

If you are using another browser, you should check your help documentation.

E-mail applications which support RSS include:

Still need help?

Find out more about RSS via this BBC guide, and refer to this comprehensive list of applications and services which support RSS.

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