Newark Simmental Society Premier Show & Sale of Bulls & Females at Newark Livestock Market

23rd Mar 2019

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HEALTH SCHEMES: Any consignor selling cattle at the sale must be a member CHeCS approved scheme. The enclosed health declaration form must be completed and returned with sale entries or sent direct to Society Office.

BVD: All animals must adhere to the rules regarding BVD. See Society website for more information.

DNA – all bulls must be sire verified. Bulls which are not sire verified prior to sale catalogue going to print will be excluded from the sale.

IBR – All heifers must be tested clear and vaccinated with an IBR marker vaccine. See Society website for more information.

TB PRE-MOVEMENT TESTING – All cattle over the age of 41 days moving out of 1 yearly tested herds and must be pre-movement tested within 60 days prior to sale.

INSPECTION: All animals entered for the Show and Sale must be presented for the breed and veterinary inspection. A veterinary surgeon appointed by the Society will carry out inspections and all animals will be placed in a crush for this procedure. Such inspection, however, shall not be implied to give any warranty as to soundness under the Conditions of Sale. A council member will carry out the breed inspection and the minimum weight for age standard (see notes below).

All animals forward for the inspection will be sale numbered. Any animal which fails any part of the presale inspection will have its ticket red spray marked. These animals will be eligible to remain in their allocated pens but must not have their spray marked numbers removed. Any vendor or his representative failing to comply with this will face disciplinary action by the Society. The Inspectors decision will be final and binding and any vendor will forfeit their entry fee.

WEIGHT FOR AGE STANDARDS: All Bulls will be subject to a weight for age standard and will be weighed at the sale. The weight at sale relative to age is similar to the existing standard – BUT IT IS THE BULL’S WEIGHT ON THE DAY which will be the acceptance weight. Please make sure you allow for loss of weight during transport.

ESTIMATED BREEDING VALUE (EBV’s) – All animals entered will automatically have Breedplan information published in the sale catalogue.

UK TAGS/TATTOO MARKS: Will be examined by a member of the Council of the society as an integral part of the pre-sale inspection procedure. Any animal which is found to have faulty, illegible or incorrect tattoo marks will not be accepted for the Show and Sale and will be made the subject of an enquiry by the Council thereafter as to identity. Vendors are therefore urged to check carefully the UK tags/tattoo marks of their animals at the time of entry so that any irregularities may be corrected in accordance with the Society Regulations before inspection, in other words:- CORRECT EAR-MARKING IS FUNDAMENTAL TO THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR BREED AND YOUR SOCIETY, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE “GOT IT RIGHT”.

UPSET PRICES – There will be an ‘Upset Price’ of 2000 guineas on each bull presented for sale – ie, if no opening bid of 2000gns is received for any particular lot, that lot will be passed out of the ring unsold.

VENDORS must have at least one person in charge of their animals and such person will be responsible for their stock at all times.

A special levy of 1.5% of the gross sale price will be charged by the Society in respect of all sales. Such levy will be deducted from the proceeds of sale by the Auctioneers before settlement. All animals must be shown unless specifically exempted by the Stewards, who have the authority to reject any unruly animal from the show and, at their discretion, from the Sale. Every animal (except Class 3) must be trained to lead and must be provided with a serviceable halter, which will become the property of the Purchaser.

Chief Executive – Neil Shand
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