Bluegrey, Galloway and Continental cross suckled calves – Now taking place at Lockerbie Mart

20th Oct 2020


As you are aware we are all living in very difficult times due to the Covid 19 pandemic and with the recent increase in infection rates we have taken a decision to review the Bluegrey Sale at Newcastleton.

It is our main priority to keep everyone as safe as possible and in light of the current regulations it would be difficult to stage the sale at Newcastleton for this year.

After having had  discussions with both vendors and purchasers and having taken on board the various opinions, we have now made the decision to move the sale to our Lockerbie Mart as a venue but still keeping the original date as planned.  This will enable us to make sure the sale remains on Tuesday 20th October, which is pencilled into the purchasers diaries from one year to the next and also ensure the tradition of the sale remaining at a Scottish market.

Lockerbie also provides easy access from the motorway and we can also offer online streaming services so the sale can be viewed live which is proving popular with those unable to attend the sale.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and support through these difficult times and trust that everyone will continue to support the Bluegrey Sale for 2020.
Should you wish to discuss these arrangements further please do not hesitate to contact any of our representatives shown below.

Grant Anderson 07872 129274

Tom Story 07850 603726

Lynne Grieve 07803 242344

Joel McGarva 07909 985770

Below are details of the Sale Ballot:

M/s McMorran Miefield 9776 4 BG hfrs 22-24m
M/s Cartington Cartington Farm 100584 BVDtv J² 4 BG hfrs 16-18m
M/s Nixon Blinkbonny BVDf 3 BG hfrs 18m
M/s Stobart The Square BVDt 10 BG hfrs 16m
BVDt 3 BG 2nd calvers & Char x calves
M/s Busby Unthank 11580 2 BG hfr 18m
M/s Telford Holme Head 27213 BVDav 10 BG hfrs 24-28m
M/s Kyle Spoutbank 15963 BVDt 13 BG hfrs 15-24m
M/s Nichol Dykecroft 6624 BVDt 19 BG hfrs 17-21m
M/s Robinson Prospect Farm 62674 BVDt 5 BG hfrs in calf to Lim due Feb-Mar
M/s Holliday Studda Bank 22684 BVDtv Lv 18 BG hfrs in calf to Lim due Mar
M/s Kennedy Barron House 6605 BVDav 16 BG hfrs 15-18m
6605 BVDav  2 WBS x hfrs in calf to AA due Mar
M/s Leach WhintingsTown BVDt 4 BG hfrs 5-6m
BVDt 1 BG hfr 17m
M/s Richardson High Row 13398 2 BG hfrs 18m
13398 1 BG hfr 6m
M/s Flintoft Sourhope 15932 BVDa 22 BG hfrs in calf to AA due Mar
M/s Moffat Bodesbeck 15841 BVDt 7 BG hfrs 24m
M/s Dodd Low Closegill 5 BG hfrs 16-18m
M/s Wallace Farney Shield 28828 BVDti 25 BG hfrs in calf to AA
28828 BVDti 20 BG hfrs 18-19m
M/s McTurk Barlaes 13371 BVDt 12 BG hfrs 16-18m
M/s Paterson Terrona 1497 10 BG hfrs 18m
M/s Laurie Southdean Farm FA BVDa 1 BG hfr & AA calf
FA BVDa 18 BG hfrs in calf to AA PD’d due May
FA BVDa 14 BG hfrs 14-16m
M/s Hogg Milnholm 13191 BVDt 15 BG hfrs 12-18m
M/s Waugh The Row BVDt 14 BG hfrs 5-14m
M/s Moore Softley 32647 BVDa 27 BG hfrs 7-9m
M/s Walker Raeburnfoot 5370 BVDt 8 BG hfrs 12-14m
M/s Murray Stell Green 33170 8 BG hfrs 18m
M/s Bell The Bloch 8140 BVDt 35 BG hfrs 18-20m
M/s Little Park Nook BVDt 9 BG hfrs 16-17m
M/s Davidson East Deloraine 10935 BVDt 20 BG hfrs 18-19m
M/s Pattinson Hotbank 31496 4 BG hfrs 18m
M/s Elliott Hermitage BVDtv Lv 10 BG hfr 5-6m
M/s Ireland New House 477559 BVDt 16 BG hfrs 17-18m
M/s Murray Sewing Shields 33170 BVDa 25 BG hfrs 6-18m
Emblehope & Burngrange Estate BVDt 5 BG hfrs 16-18m
M/s Elliott Burnfoot of Ewes 6415 BVDt 10 BG hfrs 7m
6415 BVDt 4 BG hfrs 18m
6415 BVDt 2 BG hfrs 16m
M/s Dalgleish & Waugh The Crew BVDt 24 BG hfrs 15-23m
M/s Robertson The Becks 10066 BVDt 25 BG hfrs 16-18m
M/s Kerr Netheroakshaw BVDt 10 BG hfrs 5-7m
M/s Robinson Ottercops 17 BG hfrs 7m
M/s Gilligan High Creoch 13156 BVDt 8 BG hfrs 10-12m
M/s Watson Pica Cottages 8 BG hfrs 8m
M/s Graham Miller Hill 3756 3 Saler x Gall hfrs 17m
2 BSht hfrs 18m
2 Luing x hfrs in calf to Lim due spring
2 Gall x Lim hfrs 7m
Castletown Estates 41649 BVDtv Lv 2 Hrfd x Gall incalf hfrs to AA due Dec-Jan
1 Gall hfr in calf to AA due Dec-Jan
M/s Smith Rossville BVDa 1 AA x Sht  hfr 17m
M/s Stobart The Square BVDt 12 Saler hfrs 9-16m
BVDt 1 AAx hfr 18m
M/s Moffat Bodesbeck 15841 BVDt 6 BG blks 12m
M/s Stobart The Square BVDt 3 Char x blks 6m
M/s Jackson Raltonside BVDt 2 Gall blks 14-16m
M/s Elliott Hermitage BVDt 10 BG blks 5-6m
M/s Robinson Ottercops 22 BG blks 7m
6 Gall blks 7m
M/s Little Park Nook 4 BG blks 15-17m
M/s Gray Fallowlees BVDt 4 BG x blks 15-17m
M/s Pattinson Hotbank 31496 BVDtt 22 BG /Gall/WBS blks 5-7m
M/s Dalgleish & Waugh The Crew 3 BG blks 15m
6 Char x blks/hfrs 13-15m
M/s Paterson Hopsrig 8760 15 Lim/Sim x blks 12-15m
M/s Dodd Low Closegill 2 BG blks 10m
M/s Goodfellow Mains Farm 11662 30 AAx blks/hfrs 12-20m
M/s Kerr Nether Oakshaw BVDt 10 BG blks 5-7m
M/s Walker Raeburnfoot 5370 5 BG blks 11-14m
M/s Graham Miller Hill 3756 2 Lim x Gall blks 7m
M/s Waugh The Row 9 BG blks 5-6m
M/s Gilligan High Creoch 13156 4 BG blks 10-12m
M/s Leach Whintingstown 4 BG blks 5-6m
M/s Nixon Croft Road BVDt 10 Char x blks 8-10m
M/s Wood Potholm 13141 12 Char/Lim blks/hfrs 13-17m
M/s Scott Dinley Farm 10 Baz x blks 6m