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  • Dairy Expo 2012 Rules

    The Borderway UK Dairy Expo will be subject to the National UK Rules and Regulations for showing Dairy Cattle

    It is the responsibility of each exhibitor for the welfare of the animals entered for competition in the Borderway UK Dairy Expo classes. If, in the opinion of the Official Stewards and/or Official Veterinary Surgeon, any animal is mistreated, or presented for judging in anything other than an approved state, then that exhibitor will be barred from presenting any of his animals for judging, and all prize money will be withheld.

    If any animal requires hypodermic injection or artificial stimulant for any reason whatsoever the veterinary officer or failing, the chief steward must be informed before the action takes place and must be witness to the action.

    Any exhibitor or his representative found to be using methods which could be construed as malpractice will, along with his animals, be removed from the show site immediately, and all prize money withheld. Exhibitors in any doubt about what constitutes malpractice should consult the Official Stewards. All animals may be subject to tests and exhibitors may be asked to present a veterinary certificate.

    The Stewards appointed by the Borderway UK Dairy Expo will be doing all they can to ensure the well-being of exhibitors and animals, and ask for the co-operation of exhibitors.

    1. Registration/Milk Recording
    All breeds will be exhibited under their Breed Society Conditions. All dairy cattle must be registered in the Herd Book or be in the grading-up appendices to the Herd Book of the appropriate Breed Society. Animals registered as ASR (SRA) under the Holstein Herd Book are not eligible. Animals entered in the Ayrshire classes must be at least 50% Ayrshire breeding and be registered with the Ayrshire Cattle Society in appendix B, A or Pedigree sections, any Black and White animals to be fully pedigree Ayrshire. All animals for the Red and White classes must be registered with the Ayrshire Cattle Society and must be less than 50% Ayrshire blood. All entries must be officially milk recorded. All animals must comply with these requirements.

    2. Records
    Identification registrations, milk record certificates and cattle passports must accompany the animals to the Borderway Centre and must be available for inspection by the stewards at any time. Movement off and onto the exhibitors holding should be notified to the British Cattle Movement Service within 3 days of the movement and recorded in the holding of origins movement books. The show organisers are responsible for notifying BCMS of movements onto and off the Borderway Centre.

    3. Biosecurity
    Exhibitors are required under legislation to cleanse and disinfect transport vehicles that have carried stock as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours. Robust footwear should be worn which is capable of being disinfected at the show.

    4. Arrival of Cattle
    Dairy cattle will only be admitted to the Borderway Centre between –
    10.00am and 6.00pm Thursday 1st March
    7.00am and 9.00am Friday 2nd March

    5. Departure of Cattle
    Cattle will be permitted to leave the Borderway Centre at the close of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo – from 5.30pm until 8pm on Saturday 3rd March. All cattle must be removed by 10am on Sunday 4th March. Any movement outwith these hours can only be made with the approval of the Organisers. Prize money will be withheld if these conditions are not met.

    6. Veterinary Inspection/Services
    All cattle will be subject to veterinary inspection on entering and at any time in the Borderway Centre, if requested by the Veterinary Surgeon or Chief Steward. Any veterinary services will be paid for be the exhibitor.

    7. Stalling
    Exhibitors will be permitted to use their stall space for the presentation of information and publicity material relating to the animals present or herd represented, but may not in any circumstances advertise on behalf of a third party. Under no circumstances should the stalling be dismantled or altered in any way.

    8. Straw
    A limited amount of straw will be provided, additional straw may be purchased.

    9. Head Boards
    Only official headboards supplied with completed information from the Organisers may be used. All stock exhibitors must have readily available on arrival at the Borderway Centre official milk record information. Exhibitors must return the requested information on all animals that will possibly be exhibited 10 days before the event.

    10. Milking Facilities
    Milking facilitiies will be on site at the Borderway Centre. Milk produced becomes the property of the Organiser and no direct payment will be made to exhibitors. The Organisers Steward must be informed of any animal receiving antibiotic treatment, and all milk from that animal must be disposed of at the direction of the Steward. Under no circumstances should that milk be added to the bulk tank.

    11. Electrical Equipment
    It is a condition of entry that all exhibitors should provide and use circuit breakers with all electrical equipment.
    All electrical equipment – no matter how small – must have a current PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Certificate. These certificates must be available for inspection on the day prior to the Borderway UK Dairy Expo; they may also be required for inspection by the City of Carlisle Council officials.

    12. Entries and Entry Fees
    Exhibitors are solely responsible for the accuracy and eligibility of their entries, which must be accompanied by the appropriate payment.

    Exhibitors must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Borderway UK Dairy Show, and must also observe the Rules of the appropriate Breed Society.

    The entry fee is £50 + VAT per milking entry and £30 + VAT per dry stock/calves. All entry forms must be accompanied by payments and must be received by Wednesday 11th January 2012. Only in exceptional circumstances will entry fees be refunded.

    13. Interpretation of Rules
    The decision of the Organisers and Chief Steward are in all matters final. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entries or to reject any animal. Exhibitors must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Borderway UK Dairy Expo.

    Rules and Regulations for Showing Dairy Cattle (“Showing Rules”)

    In these Showing Rules:

    “Disciplinary Rules” means the Disciplinary Rules and Procedure of the Organisers in force from time to time.

    “Inspector” means a person authorised by the Organiser to carry out inspections and other duties in accordance with these Showing Rules and the Disciplinary Rules.

    “Organisers” means any person organising the Show.

    “Participants” means all owners, exhibitors, fitters, agents, and other participants in the Show.

    “Show” means any show organised by the Organisers.

    “Showing Rules” means the Society’s Rules and Regulations for Showing Dairy Cattle.


    1.1 All Members and Participants agree to abide by the Showing Rules.

    1.2 Members and Participants are present at the Show at the invitation of the Organisers and that invitation may be withdrawn at any time at the Organiser’s discretion.

    1.3 The Organisers reserve the right not to extend invitations to future Shows to a Participant who breaches the Showing Rules.

    1.4 The Showing Rules support good animal husbandry practices at shows and present a positive image to spectators. Failure by a Member or Participant to abide by the Showing Rules and/or to act in the spirit of the Showing Rules will amount to Misconduct under the terms of the Disciplinary Rules entitling the Organisers to bring disciplinary proceedings against the Participant in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules.

    1.5 The Organisers reserve the right to decide upon the interpretation of the Showing Rules and any conduct or actions not specifically covered in the Showing Rules will be determined by the Organisers and/or their agents in accordance with the provisions of the Disciplinary Rules.

    1.6 The Organisers are entitled to disqualify a Member or Participant or animal from that Show if they deem that a breach or potential breach of the Showing Rules has or is likely to take place. The Organisers shall bear no responsibility for, or liability to, a Member or Participant for so doing. Any further disciplinary action under the Disciplinary Rules shall be at the discretion of the Organisers.


    2.1 All Members or Participants shall comply with and abide by all relevant rules, regulations and codes of conduct of The Health & Safety Executive, DEFRA (in particular following the Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock), any other Government or legislative body, The Trading Standards Office and The Local Authorities under whose control the Show falls, in particular those relating to Bio-Security and Health and Safety (together “Legislative and Regulatory Requirements”).

    2.2 A failure by a Member or Participant to comply with relevant Legislative and Regulatory Requirements shall amount to a breach of the Showing Rules and may constitute Misconduct for the purposes of the Organisers Disciplinary Rules.


    3.1 The following practices and/or procedures are prohibited when showing registered dairy cattle:

    (a) misrepresenting the age or ownership of an animal;

    (b) filling an animal’s rumen unnaturally with liquid (tubing);

    (c) balancing the udder by any means other than by leaving naturally produced milk in any or all quarters;

    (d) treating the udder internally with an irritant, counter-irritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation or produce unnatural animation;

    (e) treating the udder externally with an irritant, counter-irritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation or produce unnatural animation. (Allowable practices / substances include the use of external anti-inflammatory substances for the well-being of the animal);

    (f) causing any unlicensed substance to be entered inside the teat orifice;

    (g) the setting or sealing of teats with any substance;

    (h) roping udders and the use of objects to physically improve definition of the suspensory central ligament;

    (i) administering epidural anaesthesia (blocking tails) and/or applying any irritant either externally or internally to the perineal (rectum and vagina) area;

    (j) inserting foreign material/articles under the skin, into the topline (including hair not attached to its own hair follicle) or on the feet (administration of prescribed medications, and false switches and tails is permitted);

    (k) performing surgery of any kind to change the natural contour of appearance of the animal’s body, hide or hair. (the removal of warts, teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves is allowed);

    (l) wrapping hocks or draining fluid from hocks unless authorised by a veterinarian at the show;

    (m) attaching an appliance to an animal other than for milking;

    (n) criticising or interfering with any or all of the individuals involved in the organisation and judging of the Show (including the judge, show management or other exhibitors) or any other conduct detrimental to the breed or Show; and

    (o) the wearing of shackles.

    (p) any other practices which in the reasonable opinion of the Organisers causes unnecessary suffering to an animal, unfairly improves its performance in a Show, or otherwise undermines or interferes with the integrity of the Show, or brings the show or the Organisers into disrepute.


    4.1 All Participants at the Show shall provide promptly to the Organisers and/or Inspectors, upon request, whatever information and produce any documents reasonably required for the proper monitoring of compliance with the Showing Rules and shall fully co-operate with any inspections.

    4.2 All entries to the Show and personal property of the Members or Participants are subject to inspection by the Inspectors. Members or Participants shall co-operate with the Inspectors, provide access to the animal and shall provide all such information as is reasonably required in connection with such inspections.

    4.3 Members or Participants shall provide to an Inspector, if requested, samples of urine, milk, blood, or any other body fluids suitable for analysis.

    4.4 Members or Participants shall deliver to an Inspector upon request any hypodermic syringe, needle or any other device, swabs, cloths or other material, or samples or any medicine, preparation or substance whether in liquid or other form, for the purpose of laboratory analysis.

    4.5 Members or Participants shall remove any udder supports, blankets or other objects limiting the ability of an Inspector to undertake a thorough inspection.

    4.6 Additionally Inspectors or their agents or representatives shall have the authority to perform on any animal entered in the Show any of the following:

    (a) an ultrasound examination of the udder, prior to and after milkout;

    (b) a milkout of any individual cow or cows;

    (c) the collection and testing of any of the animal’s body fluids, at any time; and

    (d) the use at any time of any other technology and other inspections and/or analysis, including autopsy, that the Inspector considers may be useful for assessing compliance with the Showing Rules.

    4.7 The Organisers and/or Inspectors shall have the option, following the judging of the milking cow classes, to ultrasound the udders, prior to milkout, of a representative number of the milking cow classes, or to take milk samples from a representative group of cows. If the Organisers/Inspectors decide to carrying out such inspections, they shall make an announcement to this effect before the judging of the milking cow classes.


    5.1 Where relevant, the Organisers/Inspectors will take reasonable and practical steps to warn a Member or Participant before entering the show ring where:

    (a) a complaint has been received of a possible breach of the Showing Rules concerning an animal to be shown, or

    (b) they have a reasonable belief that there would be a breach of the Showing Rules if the Participant’s animal is shown.

    5.2 If a Member or Participant decides not to show an animal after receiving a warning of a possible breach of the Showing Rules, such conduct will be taken into account in mitigation should the Organisers decide to bring disciplinary proceedings against the Participant in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules.


    6.1 These Showing Rules shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

    November 2011