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Sale Date: 19 November 2021 | Entries Deadline: Closed | Charolais

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Charolais Cattle Society 'White Gold' Female Sale

Borderway, Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RS


This unique sale will take place on Friday 19th November and will be the first time this method of sale the Charolais Cattle Society have held for their members.

  • Plan to hold the White Gold ‘Hybrid’ sale of Charolais females in Borderway, Carlisle on Friday 19th November
  • Entries limited to a maximum of 5 per consignor
  • Elite females only (10 Months of age or above)
  • Entries to be sold ‘virtually’ to avoid export issues, and mainland UK entries to be sold live
  • Combining ‘live’ entries with ‘virtual’ entries
  • Catalogued in the usual manner and sold in age order
  • Large TV screen situated next to the display board in ring showing video footage of the virtual entries
  • Live on-line bidding operating
  • Entries will close Friday 8th October 2021
  • Online viewing catalogue will include up to 4 images and a video of each sale entry (to be supplied by consignor).
  • All images and video to be with H&H by Monday 25th October (full details will be available on sale schedule).

METHOD OF SALE: e ach Lot will be sold in Guineas and in catalogue order unless any alteration is announced by the Auctioneers.  A commission of 5.25% will be charged on all cattle sold, with a further 1% society levy charged and paid to the BCCS.

ENTRY FEE will be £25 + VAT per animal together with a fee of £25 + VAT for one image to be printed in sale catalogue.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS All vendors must complete a British Charolais Herd Health Declaration Form at the time of entry into the sale, failure to provide this may result in automatic rejection of the entry. All information provided is supplied by the vendor who has the responsibility to ensure the details are correct. All animals entered for sale must have their DNA testing complete or being processed at the lab at the time of entry, any entry that does not meet these criteria will not be allowed to be entered into the sale. All animals must be either BVD double vaccinated with the final vaccination being administered at least three weeks prior to the sale, or BVD vaccinated with a single jab vaccine at least three weeks prior to the sale. If the herd is not BVD accredited through a CHeCS approved Health Scheme then the animals must be blood tested to ensure it is not a Persistently Infected (PI) BVD virus carrier and a veterinary certificate confirming the negative test accompanies the animal(s) to the sale. For further information see on sale requirements see Charolais Society BYE-LAW 13.

All statements in the catalogue at the time of sale along with the correct identification of the animals are the entire responsibility of the Vendors. The Society or the Auctioneers take no personal responsibility for the correctness of such statements or identities.

CONDITIONS OF SALE – The Sale will be held under the Auction Rules and Conditions of Sale drawn up by the British Charolais Cattle Society  (based on the National Beef Association terms and conditions of sale).

Animals at Carlisle will have a vet inspection at the market, Online animals MUST have a vet inspection with a maximum of one week before the sale and MUST have a letter of confirmation from the vet who has inspected them.

Animals which are purchased via the Online Bidding facility, the movement/haulage and related costs of purchased animal(s) from Export country will be an agreement between vendor and purchaser.  The purchaser will have 24 hours following delivery to satisfy the soundness of the animal(s). 

Any disputes from the sale of animals to be notified to the auctioneers within 24 hours of arrival along with a veterinary certificate to justify any claims.