SALE POSTPONED – Collective sale of Tractors, Plant, Machinery & Tools to be held at Kirkbride Airfield on behalf of Alan Lightfoot Plant Hire Ltd and Mr Ivan Leeson

On Site
28th Mar 2020

Input lots welcome – please contact David Holliday 07710 189804

Early entries include:

Ivan Leeson

David Brown 995; David Brown 880; Series 2A Landrover; 275KVA 8 cylinder Rolls Royce generator; Bowmag double drum roller; 4wd gang mower; 27’ bale elevator; topper; 2 road saws; water pumps; petrol pressure washer; weighing scales; sandstone troughs; slates; ridging; oak beams; grindstone; 10 ton trolley jack

Norman Winder

6 ton fork lift; car trailer; 25KVA generator; 3 phase crosscut saw; push bench 20 up; land roller; double slabber; hedge cutter; loader trailer; cement mixer; 3 phase chain saw; planer thicknesser; rise fall       sawbench; pressure washer; 17 AG drill; transport box; compressor; 2 x 40hp electric motors; saw blades, chain saws, drums oil;  water pump; turnip cutter; wheels and tyres; digger buckets; 2 ton fork lift;   XJS Jaguar 3.6 Reg: 587 NUR; bobcat; 9’sandstone arch, 9’ sandstone arch


County 1174; MBtrac 1000, Manitou rough terrain forklift; 8 ton twin axle trailer; 4 ton trailer; cattle crush weigher; Westfailier kit car; 2 artic trailers, large cattle trailer

Alan Lightfoot Plant Hire Ltd – VAT applicable

1100ltr bunded browser (06); Mitsibishi FD35 fork lift truck (85); 40 KVA MacGen generator (07); Matbro   telescopic handler; JCB 1135 Fastrac tractor (95); Porsch Firewood Processor S375; Wood Chip Dust; MG Drawbar trailer; Crane Fruehauf trailer; Trailer conversion for processor; 33KVA generator; Igland modle 36-63 crane; Lasco cone log splitter; Catapillar 3-2.5 mini excavator (11); Fork lift sweeper; John Dere 1435 tractor mower (08); Matbro loader bucket; TL35-2 9m lighting tower; pressure washer (16); 20ftx16ft office unit; 3 nr 20ft steel containers; Clark turbo 150TE welder; Workshop air compressor; 40ft steel container; 20ft steel container (x2); Oxy Acet cutting gear with trolley; Sealy Propane space heater; Wolf double ended grinder; Hydraulic lift table; VW Caddy  104 TDi van (10)

Alan Lightfoot – non Vatable

“Long Vehicle” Marker Board, 1 Meter Lifting Chains, 1/2″ Air Gun, 1000 Litre Oil Tank, 1000w Table Saw, 110v Bench Wheel, 110v Electric Plainer, Grinder & Saws, 12 Ply Road Rail Tyre, 12″ Cylinder Rams, 12″ Rams With Check Valves, 13 Tonne Saddle For Piling Hammer, 14 Ply Road Rail Tyres, 15ft Metal Gate And Stoops, 175 Takeuchi Saddle, 18″ Rams Inc Pipes And Oil Gun, 2 Chimney Pots, 2 Port Cable Hydraulic Valve, 2 ‘T’ Hydraulic Pipes, 2 Tonne Balast Weight, 2.5 Tonne Ballast Weight, 20 Tonne Excavator Hoist Ram, 20 Tonne Excavator Rotators, 20 Tonne Saddle For Piling Hammer, 20ft Flatbed Trailer, 240v Bench Saw, 24v Hydraulic Change Over Valve, 24v Night Heater, 3 Drums Engine Oil, 3 Phase Electric Motor, 3 Phase Extractor Fans, 3 Point Linkage Fork Lift, 36000 Gallon Bp Tanker, 4 Fire Hoses, 4 Leg 6 Meter Lifting Chains With Shortners, 4 Leg Lifting Chains – 3 Meters, 4 Leg Stillage, 4 Wheeled Trolly, 5 Tonne Bottle Jack, 5 Tonne Pulling Winch – Electric, 50 Meter Polythene

Roll, 50m Roll Of Silage Sheet, 54 Meters Of New Chain, 6 X 8 Aluminium Sheets, 65mm Bucket Pin, 65mm Pin Linkage, 8 X 4 Aluminium Sheets, 80mm Bucket Pins,

Small tools and equipment – In alphabetical order
Air Grease Gun, Air Horn, Air Line And Abs Suzies, Air Sander,Amo  Box Of Mixed Nails, Amo Box Of 2″ Nails, Amo Box Of Nuts & Bolts, Amo Boxes Of Washers, Angle Irons, Assortment Of Square Box Steel, Awning / Tent, Bag Of Pipe Test Gear & Bungs, Bag Plumbers Fittings, Bag Safety Pipe Fittings, Bag Split Pins, Bag Track Pad Bolts With Allen Key Heads, Bags Bolts With Dowels, Bags New Small Chain, Bags Nuts & Bolts, Bale Trailer, Barbed Wire, Battery Box Lid – Daf, Battery Charger, Blade For Kubota With Rams, Bolt Racking, Box 24v Work Lights, Box Builders Tools, Box Door Locks With Barrels & Keys, Box Fencing Staples, Box Filter Straps, Box Hydraulic Hoses, Box Machine Handles & Rubbers, Box Nails, Box Nuts & Bolts, Box Of Track Pad Bolts, Box Orange Lights, Box Safety Gear, Ear Muffs & Glasses, Box Spanners & Tool Box, Box Threaded Bar, Box Tractor Pins, Box Various Lights, Boxes Coveralls, Boxes Crowd Barrier Feet, Boxes Electric Cable,  Boxes Hydraulic Fittings, Boxes Of Light Lens, Boxes Of Misc, Boxes Of Staples, Boxes Plumbers Brass Fittings, Boxes Rubber Tubes For Ballast Brush, Boxes Taut Liner Curtain Clips, Brake Cable Adjuster, Brake Discs For Loader Shovel, Brake Drum Backing Plates, Brake Shoes, Bucket Of Angle Irons, Bucket Pins For Loading Shovel, Buckets, Ratchet, Straps, Cage Of Hydraulic Hose & Fittings, Cast Garden Bench Ends & 2 Back Panels, Cast Garden Parasol Stand, Cast Iron Gully Pot Lids, Chain, Chairs – Dining Style, Check Valves & Pipes, Check Valves Doosan, Clamps, Coil Springs, Compressor Air Hoses, Concrete Panel Lifting Eyes, Cordless Saws, Crow Bar, Drifts And Hammers, Crowd Barriers – Large Quantity, Cutting Blades & Tynes For Pottinger, Daewoo Battery Cover, Daewoo Tool Box, Daf Fuel Tanks, Daf Silencer Box, Daf Steering Rack, Diesel Heater, Ditching Space & Gripe, Domestic Radiators, Doosan Sun Visor, Doosan Teeth, Drill Bits, Drive Belt For Pegson Crusher, Drum Hydraulic Oil, Dune Buggy – Petrol, Electric Cable And Plugs, Electric Cable Roller, Electric Extension Cables, Electric Hedge Trimmer, Electric Re-Fueling Pump, Electric Saw Bench, Electrical Boxes, Engine Oil Storage Tank, Erf 5th Wheel, Fencing Panels, Filing Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers With Holding Brackets, Flat Plate, Folding Ladder, Folding Table, Fuel Tank Holder & Steps – Daf, G’ Clamps, Galvanised Cattle Grid 10ft Wide, Garden Forks. Rakes And Spades, Garden Shears, Gas Bottle Cage, Gas Regulators, Gas Torch, Regulator & Hoses, Gate Hinges, Various, Gear Oil Pump, Generators, Golf Trolly, Grade Laser Cables & Display Unit, Grass Seeder, Grease Cartridges – General Purpose, Grease Guns, Grislee Bars, Hammer Grease Cartridges, Heavy Duty Lifting Hook And Attachments, Heavy Duty Ratchet And Straps, Hydraulic High Velocity Pump, Hydraulic Metal Pipes For Doosan, Hydraulic Oil Storage Tank, Hydraulic Oil Tank For Truck, Hydraulic Re-Fueling Pump And Connections, Hydraulic Rotator For Crane, Hydraulic Top Link And 12″ Ram, Ibc’s, Idler Wheels, Inspection Lights, Jammy Bars, Joiners Wood Saw, Jump Leads, Knuckle Joints New, Lamps, Large 4 Leg Stillages, Large Brushes & Bearings,

Large Flashing Beacons, Large Flood Lights, Large Hydraulic Valve, Laser Masts, Leaf Blower Black & Decker, Lengths Of Solid Bar, Life Jacket, Lifting Straps, Lifting Wheels For Girders, Log Deck, Log Splitter 3 Point Linkage,  Log Splitter Cone, Low Loader Back Door Dwangs, Low Loader Marker Boards, Low Loader Tyre And Rim, Man Artic Truck – ‘P1 Vlr’ Feb 2001, Mangle – Vintage, Measuring Mast & Support Bracket, Metal Hydraulic Pipe For Hammer Circuit, Metal Ladders, Metal Stair Case, Metal Steps, Metal Wheel Barrow, Mud Guard Holders, New 1″ Yellow Hose Pipe, New Back Light For Wagon, New Blade & Rams For Daewoo 130 Duck, New Blade & Rams For Komatsu 130 Duck, New Cat Walk – Daf New Chain, New Cutting Edges, New Door Locks For Doosan, New Gas Fittings, New Loading Shovel, Metal Hydraulic Pipe, New Pecker Point, New Stil Drill In Box, Numerous Fuel, Oil, Air And Hydraulic Filters, Oak Flooring, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Office Shelving, Oil Drip Tray – New, Oxy Acetaline Pipe, Oxygas Bottle, Pair Of Wooden Gates, Pairs Of Metal Cutters, Pallet Of Angle Irons, Pallet Of Curb Stones, Pallet Of Racking, Pallet Of Wood, Pallet Scrap Copper, Pallet Scrap Lead, Pallets Of Red Bricks, Parts & Workshops Manuals, Pecker Wedges, Petrol Jerry Cans, Picnic Table, Plant Pots & Tubs, Plastic Air Hose, Plastic Petrol Containers, Plastic Tool Box, Portable Toilet, Post Driver – Home Made, Pottinger Trailer Brake Rams, Rack Of Jubilee Clips, Rack Of Railway Lines, Racking Racks Nuts & Bolts, Rail Puller, Railway Clamps, Railway Sleepers, Ram Piston, Rear Trailer Lights, Recoil Springs, Re-Fueling Guns, Roll Conveyor Belt, Roll Copper Pipe, Roll Heavy Duty Visqueen, Roll ‘Lay Flat’ Pipe, Roll Of Emery Paper, Roll Of Roofing Felt, Rolls Conveyor Belt, Rolls Conveyor Belt, Rota Coupler, Rotator Motor For Daewo 130, RSJ’s 7ft, Sack Barrows, Safety Harness, Safety Harnesses With Extensions, Scaffold Clamps, Schedule’ Wipe Boards, Screen Roller, Securing Chains, Security Chains, Set Of Container Doors, Sewing Machine Table Frame, Shackles, Sheet Iron, Sheet Of Slipshot, Sheets Aluminium, Sheets Of Plyboard, Sheets Weld Mesh, Single Leaf Springs, Small 1 Meter 2 Leg Chains, Small Alloy Steps, Small Fuel Tank, Small Lifting Chain, Small Wire Rope With Hook, Small Work Bench, Square Crash Barriers, Square Plastic Stillage, Square Wooden Fencing Posts, Stabilising Legs, Starter Motor Pump, Steel Pallet, Stil Saw, Stillages, Stillages On Wheels, Storage Drawers, Super Single Tyres, Super Single Tyres On Alloy Rims, Swivel Chairs, Table Tall Towing Eyes, Tele Handler Safety Crate, Threaded Bar, Tipper Truck Air Valve, Top Link Ram, Tow Rope & Tow Bar, Tower Lights, Towing Eyes, Tractor Box, Trailer Hand Brakes, Trailer Marker Boards, Trailer Spring ‘U’ Bolts, Trip Skip, Tri-Pod, Brand New, Trolly Vintage, Truck Pulling Eye Tubs ‘Black Jack’ Tar, Tyre Cutter, Vandel Guards & Rack, Various Boxes Of Electrical Goods, Various Bucket Spacers, Various Metal Grids, Vintage Belfast Sink, Vintage Corn Crusher, Vintage David Brown 880 Tractor – Show Condition, Vintage Massey Ferguson 178 Tractor – Show Condition, Vintage Large Safe, Vintage Metal Cart Wheels, VW Caddy Wheel Rims, New, Wagon Flood Lights, Wagon Netts, Wagon Ropes, Wagon Seats, Wagon Spare Wheel, Webbing Straps, Wheel Bearing Spanner, Wheeled Lamp Stands, Wire Rope Lifter, Wooden Cable Reels, Wooden Doors, Wooden Fencing Panels, Wrought Iron Gate, Small