Alston Moor & Lazonby Prize Show and Sale of Breeding Sheep

13th October 2018

On Saturday 13th October 2018, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their annual Alston Moor and Lazonby prize show and sale of breeding sheep which was kindly sponsored by Edgars Catering and Eden Farm Supplies (Brough).

1,538 Swaledale Ewes, Shearlings and Gimmer lambs were forward, the pre sale judging was ably carried out by Mr David Alderson, Bowes who awarded the championship rosette and Eden Farm Supplies (Brough) trophy to the leading pen from Messrs GA&DE Thompson, Howburn they later went on to top the sale at £125 a head and sold to Messrs James, Mid Todhills.

l/r Phillip Dawson of PL&J Dawson, School Cottage with the Champion Bluefaced Leicester which sold for £2,200, Robert Marrs of Ireby the Judge, Ron Wilson of R&F Wilson, Carrholme with the Reserve Champion Bluefaced Leicester which sold for £1,000

Swaledale breeding females met a fantastic demand and saw the average rise £4.75 on the tear with a 100% clearance.

Show Results
Swaledale Ewes
1st  and Champion receiving the Eden Farm Supplies (Brough) Ltd Cup   GA&DE Thompson, How Burn, Garrigill  – £125
2nd         JT Green, Hill Farm, Garrigill – £112
3rd          W Nattrass, Low Houses – £100                                               

Swaledale Shearlings
1st          PE Staley, Broadmea, Slaggyford – £95
2nd         CP Robson, Taylor Burn – £85
3rd        J Geary, Yew Tree – £60

Swaledale Rams
1st        CW&Y Dixon & Sons, Haresceugh Castle
2nd       J Reed, The Knarr, Slaggyford
3rd        D Blackmore, Windsor Avenue 

A great entry of Blueface Leicester rams and females were forward for local enthusiast Mr Robert Marrs, High Ireby to cast his eye over, he awarded the championship rosette and Annshill Trophy to the 1st prize shearling from Messrs Dawson, School Cottage which later sold for the day’s top price of £2,200 to Messrs Bowman, Brampton Fell.

The reserve champion was the 1st prize aged ram from Messrs R&F Wilson, Carrholme which sold at £1,000 to Messrs Wallace, Farney Shields.

Bluefaced Leicester met a cracking trade with a clearance rate of 96%.

Bluefaced Leicester Show Results
Aged Ram
1st and Reserve Champion R&F Wilson, Carrholme – £1000
2nd         F&M Moore, Highside Farm – £800
3rd        S&W Maughan, Street House – £500 

Shearling Rams
1st and Champion and Receiving the Annshill Trophy   PL&J Dawson, School Cottage – £2200
2nd       WH&I Watson, Sanders Close – £1100
3rd        PL&J Dawson, School Cottage – £380

Ram Lambs
1st        Messrs Lord, West Dowgill – £950
2nd       D Alderson, East Lowfields – Not Sold
3rd        IR Cousgil Gillcumber Edge – £550

1st        J Reed, The Knarr – £250
2nd       F&M Moore, Highside Farm – £280

Texel rams sold to £280 for a ram lamb from Messrs Pyman, Park View with Swaledale sell to £250 twice from Hesley Wells and The Knarr.

Leading Prices

Swaledale Females
Ewes – £125, 100, £82 How Burn; £112, £80, £78, £76 Hill Farm; £100, £70 Low Houses; £81 Oakbank; £80 Crossgill Farm; £80 Farney Shields; £72 The Bog: Shearlings – £95 Broadmea; £85 Taylor Burn; £70 Ashfield: Gimmer Lambs – £42 Bulls Hill; £41 How Burn; £40 Bertram Hill.

Bluefaced Leicesters Rams
Shearlings – £2200, £900, £500 School Cottage; £1100, £1000, £500, £400 (2) Sanders close; £1000, £400 Morley Hill; £600 Street House; £450, £400 Laypool; £420, £400 The Bog; £400 Scarrowmanwick; £400 High Crossgill Farm: Aged – £1000 Carrholme; £800 Highside Farm; £500, £450 Street House: Lambs – £950, £600 West Dowgill; £550, £450 Gillcumber Edge; £400 Manesty; £400 Farewell Grange.

Bluefaced Leicester Females
Gimmer lambs – £300 Highside Farm: Shearlings – £280 Highside Farm: Ewes – £250 The Knarr.

Texel Rams
Lambs – £280, £200 Park View; £250 (2) The Croft.

Swaledale Rams
Shearlings – £250 The Knarr; £220 Wintershields Farm; £200 Haresceugh Castle; £200 Randalholme: Aged – £250 Hesleywell.