Annual Production Sale of Continental rams and females on behalf of Messrs Whiteford, Tercrosset

30th August 2019

On Friday 30th August Harrison and Hetherington held the annual production sale of Beltex and Texel bred rams and females from the Tercrosset flock on behalf of James & Thomas Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton.

Starting off with shearling gimmers, the sale got off at a sensational pace with frantic bidding which continued all day.  The time and effort put in by James and Gillian and their team was there to behold and was duly rewarded with sheep selling to all parts of the UK including Devon in the south up to the Shetland Isle’s in the north.

Topping the shearling gimmers was a pen of 4 pure Texel’s which were sired by the 5500gn Dunohw bred ram.  These outstanding gimmers sold for 650gns each and were purchased by Mr N Dunphy of Perth.  The 159 shearling gimmers averaged £341.54 per head which saw a rise of £40.54 on the year.

The ewe lambs on offer topped at 300gns on two occasions.  Firstly for a pen of 3 Beltex which were sired by the 14,000gn Ardstewart Coyote and were knocked down to Mr H Wood of Preston.  The second pen to reach 300gns was for a pen of 3 Texels sired by the 7000gn Brijon bred ram and this pen was sold to Pilkington Farmers, Buxton.  The 163 ewe lambs on offer levelled at £175.35 per head which also saw a rise on the year of £15.35.

A great run of 143 rams sold to average £836 per head (minus £19 for 7 more sold on the year).  Rams with power, style and confirmation were in abundance and regularly sold into four figures to a top of 3200gns for a pur bred Texel shearling who is by a homebred ram going back to a Garngour ram.  This entry sold to Messrs Roots of Dumfries.

Topping the Beltex rams at 2200gns was a shearling again sired by a homebred ram which is by the 10,000gn Airyolland Nailer which sold to Messrs Hird of Kirkby Stephen.

Leading Prices: 

Shearling Rams – Texel 3200gns, 1800gns, 1500gns, 1200gns (x2), 1100gns, 1000gns (x2), 950gns (x6), 900gns (x5). Beltex 2200gns, 1400gns, 1300gns, 1200 (x2), 1000gns (x4), 950 (x3), 900 (x4).

Shearling Gimmers – Texel 650gns, 520gns, 500gns, 420gns, 400gns (x2), 390gns, 320gns (x2), 300gns (x2), 280gns, 250gns. Beltex 600gns, 400gns, 350gns, 320gns (x3), 310gns, 300gns (x3), 280gns, 250gns (x2).  Dutch Texel 400gns.Blue Texel 340gns, 300gns. Dutch Spotted 200gns.

Ewe Lambs – Beltex 300gns, 280gns, 220gns, 180gns, 160gns, 150gns (x2).Texel 300gns, 250gns, 200gns, 190gns, 180gns, 170gns, 150gnsDutch Spotted 200gns.  Blue Texel 190gns, 160gns.