Annual Production Sale of Continental rams and females on behalf of Messrs Whiteford, Tercrosset

28th August 2020

On Friday 28th August Harrison and Hetherington held the annual production sale of Continental rams and females from the Tercrosset flock on behalf of TC Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton.

The 2020 crop of sheep from Tercrosset certainly didn’t disappoint, being brought forward in exceptional form by master shepherd James Whiteford, the sale this year was described by James as ‘the best one yet’ drawing a huge interest from both new and retained clients. Each category saw a large rise in averages with rams seeing a rise of £287 on the year.

Starting the sale off at a ferocious pace was the first lot into the ring, a pair of shearling gimmers selling to 700gs each, only to be surpassed by the third lot, a trio of Texel cross Beltex gimmers topping this section at 750gns each. The 151 gimmers averaged £390.73 (+£49.19).

Ewe lambs kept up the strong demand for quality females, with a three lot of Texels leading the sale at 420gns, with 140 averaging £212.80 (+£37.45).

The shearling rams were in exceptional trade with plenty power, length and confirmation throughout the run. The first 30 lots of rams absolutely flew to average £1553.44 including the sale topper Lot 2 a pure Texel selling to 3500gns. The fun of 135 rams sold to average £1123 (+£287).

Leading Prices: 

Shearling Rams –Texel 3500gns, 2800gns, 2500gns (x2), 2200gns (x3) 1900gns, 1800gns (x2), Beltex 2500gns, 2200gns, 1800gns (x2), Dutch Texel 1400gns, 1200gns, Bluefaced Leicester x 800gns, 750gns, 650gns (x2).

Shearling Gimmers – Texel 750gns, 700gns, 550gns, 500gns, 450gns, 420gns, 380gns (x2), 350gns (x2), Beltex 620gns, 480gns, 450gns, 400gns, Dutch Texel 550gns, Dutch Spotted 320gns.

Ewe Lambs – Texel 420gns, 380gns, 260gns (x2), 250gns, Dutch Spotted 270gns, Beltex 260gns (x2), 220gns (x2), 200gns.