Annual Production Sale of Continental rams and females on behalf of Messrs Whiteford, Tercrosset

31st August 2018

On Friday 31st August Harrison and Hetherington held the annual production sale of Continental rams and females from the Tercrosset flock on behalf of James & Thomas Whiteford, Tercrosset Farm, Brampton.

The sheep were presented to an impeccable standard to a packed ringside of buyers, ensuring they met the trade they deserved. With new and repeat customers present, keen to secure the top quality stock before them.

The sale topped at 2200gns for an outstanding Beltex cross Texel shearling ram, which was met by a great amount of interest and spirited bidding, the winning purchaser was Mr Bryn Lloyd, Corwen.

A staggering 36 lots sold in excess of 1000gns, with the 136 rams on offer selling to average £855 per head.

The females on offer saw an incredible trade with 138 shearling gimmers selling to average £301 per head and selling to a top of 550gns for a pen of Texels, purchased by Thomas, Alice and Ted Skelton, Dearham.

Ewe lambs were no different, with the 144 averaging £160 a head and topped at 260gns for a pen of 3 Beltex also selling to Thomas, Alice and Ted Skelton, Dearham.

Leading Prices: 

Shearling Rams – Beltex 2200gns, 1600gns, 1400gns, 1300gns, 1200gns (x7), Texel 1800gns, 1650gns, 1600gns (x2), 1500gns, 1400gns (x3), 1200gns (x3), 1100gns (x2), Dutch Texel 1600gns.

Shearling Gimmers – Texel 550gns, 520gns (x2), 420gns, 380gns, 350gns, 320gns, Beltex 400gns (x2), 380gns, 350gns (x2), Dutch Texel 350gns, 310gns.

Ewe Lambs – Beltex 260gns, 220gns, 200gns, 160gns, 155gns, Texel 240gns, 180gns (x2), 170gns, 165gns Charollais 170gns.