Blue Texel Sapphires Sale

14th December 2018

Shearling ewes very much in demand at the Sapphire Annual Production Sale from the Whatmore, Hackney & Jonsland Flocks.

Top of the flocks was achieved twice from the Hackney Flock of Paul Tippetts & Christine Williams, firstly for Lot 920 HACKNEY (ET) HAC/17/01401 a stylish shearling ewe sired by the 18000gns Joes Alvin out of Hackney yessaintlaurent (Whatmore Siren x Hackney Import 26100-17932) full sister to the 1st Prize Shearling Gimmer at this years RWAS. Scanned in lamb to Turbo Blue RJR/16/0283 The gavel eventually fell at 3000gns and she headed home to join the Henry Jewitts Sunnybank Flock.

Lot 920 HAC 17 01401 – 3000gns

3000gns was then achieved for its full sister Lot 921 HACKNEY HAC/17/01406, this heads home to Messers Hamilton, Lanarkshire.

Lot 921 HAC 17 01406 – 3000gns

The Whatmore Flock from Steve & Sarah Gibbons achieved 2000gns for Lot 911 WHATMORE BEECHNUT a Shearling Ewe sired by the succesful Whatmore Wasp out of Whatmore Vixen (Whatmore Tommy x Whatmore Rose) scanned twins to the Irish show circuit winner from Cleenagh Congressman from Adrian & Clive Richardson.

The JONSLAND Flock of Dan & Janine Jones Achieving 1400gns for Lot 905 JONSLAND BLUEBERRY, sired by noted Whatmore Wasp out of Jonsland Vow ( Jonsland Tyson x Millside DJA/10/00262) this was scanned in lamb to the 2600gns Ettrick Casino.

A very successful annual production Sale was had, where both vendors and purchasers went home highly delighted.

Lot 905 Jonsland Blueberry – 1400gns

LOT 911​ – WHATMORE BEECHNUT (Shearling Ewe) – 2000gns​ Messrs Cockburn, Perthshire​
LOT 909​ – WHATMORE BUTTERFLY (Shearling Ewe) – 1050gns​ Messrs Hartley, Lancashire.
LOT 913​ – WHATMORE BATTER (Shearling Ewe) 1000gns ​Messrs Struthers, Ayrshire.
LOT 914​ – WHATMORE BRIMSTONE (Shearling Ewe) 1000gns ​Messrs Maxwell, Roxburghshire.
1 AGED EWE – £840.00
8 SHEARLING EWES – ​£1040.81

LOT 920​ – HACKNEY (ET) HAC/17/01401 (Shearling Ewe) 3000gns ​Henry Jewitt, Co Durham
LOT 921​ – HACKNEY (ET) HAC/17/01406 (Shearling Ewe) 3000gns​ Messrs Hamilton, Lanarkshire
LOT 923​ – HACKNEY HAC/17/01427 (Shearling Ewe) 2600gns ​Messrs Dodd, Dumfries
LOT 919​ – HACKNEY HAC/17/01407 (Shearling Ewe) 2500gns ​Undisclosed Purchaser
LOT 928​ – HACKNEY HAC/18/01579 (Ewe Lamb) 2400gns​ Messrs Pyman, Cumbria
LOT 925​ – HACKNEY HAC/17/01571 (Shearling Ewe) 2200gns​ Henry Jewitt, Co Durham
8 SHEARLING EWES ​​- £2303.43
10 EWE LAMBS – £957.60

LOT 905​ – JONSLAND BLUEBERRY (Shearling Ewe) 1400gns ​Messrs Graham, Stirling.
LOT 904​ – JONSLAND BACARDI (Shearling Ewe) 1150gns​ Hartside Farms, Lanarkshire
LOT 939​ – 900gns​ JONSLAND CLARA (Ewe Lamb) Messrs Millichap, Mid Glamorgan
LOT 903​ – JONSLAND BONNIE (Shearling Ewe) 880gns​ Messrs Sayer, Cumbria
7 SHEARLING EWES – ​£919.50
8 EWE LAMBS – ​£551.25

Lot 939 Jonsland Clara – 900gns