Border and Lakeland Club Show and Sale

19th February 2020

Wormanby Top Trade With Silverback Fortune

The February Border & Lakeland Show and Sale was a credit to all the breeders and consignors.  The quality was exceptional with several world-renowned pedigrees included.  It was a buyers’ market with numerous animals selling below their true value to average £1785.  Trade topped at 2,700gns for milking animals.  In-calf heifers topped at 1,500gns to average £1313 and the Drointon Show heifers topped at 1,800gns.

The show was sponsored by Advanced Nutrition and was professionally judged by Grant Barr from Fife.  He selected Wormanby Atwood Holliday Carol for as his Overall Champion.  She was consigned by Wormanby Farms near Carlisle and was bred from the Carol cow family originally from the Llydan herd in Wales.  This ultra stylish heifer was entered for UK Dairy Expo in March and will show as a Milking Yearling.

Overall Champion – L/R Richard Bainbridge (Advanced Nutrition), Sarah Sutton (Handler), Grant Barr (Judge)
Best Udder – Overall Champion from Wormanby Farms Ltd

The Reserve Champion was from the same home, Wormanby Silverback Fortune was sired by Maple Wood Silverback and bred from a VG88 Gillette Winners dam.  She had an incredible mammary and sold for the top price of the day going to the judge at 2,700gns.  Seven heifers from the Wormanby stud averaged almost £2200.

Reserve Champion – L/r Richard Bainbridge (Advanced Nutrition), David Hodgson (Vendor), Grant Barr (Judge)

Grayridge Cyprus Erle sold for 2,400gns to the Hodge family from Ayrshire.  This close to perfect heifer was consigned by Jim and David Gray from near Glasgow.  She was sired by EDG Bob Cyprus and bred from eleven generations of Excelelnt or Very Good dams, her seventh dam was the record-breaking Field of Dreams Formation Erle.

The Espland herd sold four outstanding heifers all giving oceans of milk to average almost £2100 and topped at 2,250gns for Espland Caviar Naomi.  She was sired by Gillette Caviar and bred from an Excellent Zelgadis dam followed by two Very Goods.  She was purchased by William and Michael Oldfield from Gisburn.

In-calf heifers topped at 1,500gns for a powerful framed heifer due in March to the Angus. She was consigned by Newhouse Farms in Dumfries and was purchased by Mr Rae from Dumfries.

The Drointon Show calves were special in both confirmation and pedigree and topped at 1,800gns for Drointon Littoral Idella and was purchased by Peter Kemp from Aberdeen.  These five fancy calves averaged £1722.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 4th March and features 200 dairy cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale.  Catalogue for this sale can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230 or can be viewed online at

5 Cows in milk                      £1501.50
41 Heifers in milk                 £1785.00
37 In-Calf heifers                 £1313.66
5 Drointon calves                 £1722.00

Leading Prices
Lot      Price              Purchaser

11 2700gns Messrs Barr, Cowdenbeath, Fife
15 2400gns Messrs Hodge, Tarbolton, Ayr, Ayrshire
13 2250gns Messrs Oldfield, Newsholme, Gisburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire
29 2200gns Messrs Sewell, Greysouthern, Cockermouth, Cumbria
23 2050gns Messrs Robinson, Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria
14 1950gns Messrs Brown, Craigie, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
45 1950gns Messrs Rudd, Kirkbride, Wigton, Cumbria
19 1900gns Messrs Barr, Cowdenbeath, Fife
44 1900gns Messrs Brown, Craigie, Kilmarnock, Wigton, Cumbria
9 1800gns Messrs Rudd, Kirkbride, Wigton, Cumbria
21 1800gns Messrs Dalgleish, Culross, Dunfermline, Fife
34 1800gns Messrs Rudd, Kirkbride, Wigton, Cumbria
49 1800gns Messrs Robinson, Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria


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