Borderway Beef Breeding Sale

27th July 2018

On Friday 27th July, Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of Beef Breeding cattle.

A great crowd of buyers were forward from all parts of the UK, ensuring a sharper than expected trade. The sale included a dispersal on behalf of Messrs Baldwin which topped at £2350 for a pedigree Limousin cow with heifer calf at foot and to £2300 for a Limousin cow and heifer calf., with others selling to £2250 and £2200.

Messrs Case & Son, Dendron Farm had a part reduction sale which topped at £1950 for a Limousin cross cow and calf.

Mr William Timm sold an outstanding bulling heifer which sold for £1920 for a Limousin cross.

There was a great demand for stock bulls and sold to £3800 and £3400 from British Blues from Messrs Baldwin and to £3500 for a Limousin from Messrs Case & Son, Dendron Farm.

Leading prices:
Cows with calves: Limousin £2350, £2300, £2250, £2080, £2020, £1950 (x2), £1920, £1900, £1880 Landgate Farm, £2200 Poppy Farm, £1950 Dendron Farm, British Blue £1900 (x2) Poppy Farm, Blonde £1800 Landgate Farm, Simmental £1450 Landgate Farm, £1420 Whitehills Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1380 Greenview, £1280 Barvennan Farmhouse, Shorthorn £1200 Langdyke Cottage.

Heifers with calves: Limousin £1750 High House, £1750, £1700 (x2) New Sandsfield, British Blue £1550 Langfauld.

In calf Cows: Limousin £1100, £1000 Dendron Farm.

Bulling Heifers: Limousin £1920 Laburn Court, £1550, £1500  (x2), £1450, £1400 Landgate Farm, British Blue £1500 Laburnham Court.

Stock Bulls: British Blue £3800, £3400 Landgate Farm, Limousin £3500 Dendron Farm, £2415 Sarkshields Farm.