Borderway Beef Breeding Sale

12th April 2019

On Friday 12th April Harrison & Hetherington held their monthly sale of Beef Breeding cattle.

A good entry of cows and heifers with calves at foot and bulling heifers were forward.

Messrs Johnson, West Wharmley run of Limousin cross heifers and calves topped at £2200 twice.

Messrs Norman, Little Orton Farm sold a Limousin bull for 2800gns. Messrs Norman also topped the cows and calves at £2100 for a Limousin cow and calf.

Messrs Mulholland, Midtown sold a Limousin cross cow and calf to £2050.

Messrs Johnson & Sons, Mallard run of heifers and calves topped at £2000.

Messrs Pattinson, The Flatt sold the top priced Limousin cross in calf heifer, which sold for £1420.

Messrs Skelton, Low House Farm run of bulling heifers topped at £1600 for a pen of four and to £1580, with the run averageing £1487.

Messrs Faulder, Croft House Farm run of Limousin cross bulling heifers topped at £1520 (x4) and to £1500 (x5).

Leading prices:
Heifers with calves: Limousin £2200 (x2) West Wharmley, £2000, £1850 Mallard Grange, Aberdeen Angus £1800 Mallard Grange.

Cows with calves: Limousin £2100 Little Orton Farm, £2050 Midtown Farm, £1900 (x2), £1820 (x2) Landgate Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1320 (x2), £1300 Windy Hill, Hereford £1280 Parklands, Beef Shorthorn £1240 Farlam Hill Farm.

Bulling Heifers: Limousin £1600, £1580, £1500, £1300 (x2) Low House, £1520, £1500, £1380, £1340 Croft House Farm, £1420, £1380 The Laurels Farm, £1400, £1380 Dundraw Farm, £1400 Little Orton Farm, £1300, £1300 The Flatt, £1300 Nether Ernambrie Farm, British Blue £1400, £1320 Low House, £1300 Nether Ernambrie Farm.

Heifers In Calf: Limousin £1420, £1280, £1220, £1200 The Flatt.

Stock Bulls: Limousin 2800gn Little Orton Farm.