Borderway Beef Breeding Sale

29th May 2020

On Friday 29th May, Harrison & Hetherington held their annual May Sale of Bulling heifers.

Despite numbers being ravaged by the current Covid-19 restrictions, those vendors who placed their trust in the Auction Mart system, reaped the rewards with the trade being of epic proportions, leveling at £1312.73. Mr James Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont topped the trade with a simply outstanding run of heifers selling to £2800 for a Limousin cross British Blue which sold to Messrs J Gordon & Co, Alford, with the whole run averaging £1891.

Top Price – £2800 M/s Crichton, Loughrigg Farm

Pure Limosuin heifers from Messrs JE Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester drew a huge interest with their leading pair, selling at £1800 to RA Cadzow, Berwick Upon Tweed.

A pen of three outstanding run of three British Blue cross Limosuin heifers from Mr B Hall, Ainstable Hall, sold to £1850 again to Messrs Cadzow.

Dairy bred heifers met a good demand, to a top of £1420 for a pen of three British Blues from Messrs Foley, Hexham.

Please note that the next sale of cows and heifers in calf or with calves at foot, and bulling heifers will take place on Friday 12th June 2020.

Leading Prices: Limosuin £2800, £2000, £1700 (x2), £1600, £1550 Loughrigg Farm, £1800, £1650, £1550 Silloans, £1700 Ainstable Hall, £1650, £1550 West End Farm, £1600 Whitehill, £1600 (x2) Bloan Farm, £1600, £1560 Mirlaw House, £1500, £1500 Old Rectory Farm, £1500 Kirtlebank Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1320 (x2) Nether Ernambrie Farm, Simmental £1200 (x2), £1100 Greystone House, £1850, £1720, £1700, £1660 Ainstable Hall, £1620, £1500, £1340, £1320 Nether Ernambrie Farm, £1550, £1320, £1300 (x2) Middle Farm, £1420, £1380 Mirlaw House, £1420, £1350 High Highlaws, Charolais £1100 Greystone House, Aberdeen Angus £1060 Kirtlebank Farm, Hereford £1060, £1040 The Flatt, £1000 Braehead.