Borderway Beef Breeding Sale

12th June 2020

On Friday 12th June Harrison & Hetherington held their sale of Beef Breeding cattle. A mixed show of cows and heifers with calves or in calf were forward with buyers in the ring and online ensuring all lots sold well.

Mr Chall Parsons, Slealands sold a run of outstanding stock cows topping at £3250 for a 6-year-old British Blue cow and bull calf at foot. A 4-year-old Limousin cow with a heifer calf at foot from the same good home sold for £3000. Messrs Murray, East Horton sold a 4-year-old Aberdeen Angus cow and heifer calf for £2900. Other British Blue x and Limousin x cows sold for £2900(x2), £2700(x2), £2600, £2500(x2), £2450 and £2400 all from the great run of stock cows from Mr Chall Parsons. Messrs Wilson, Parsonage Farm sold a British Blue x cow and heifer calf for £2550 and a Limousin x heifer and calf from the same home sold for £2400. Mr Brown, Claughton Hall Farm sold two Limousin x heifers and calves for £2950 and £2800. Messrs Bett, Bridge Farm’s run of Limousin x Friesian heifers and calves topped at £2500 and £2400. Messrs Pattinson, The Flatt’s run of in calf heifers topped at £1400 and £1380 for Limousin x heifers and £1250 and £1220 for Hereford x heifers.

Messrs Harrington & Son, West Whitrigg’s run of Limousin x bulling heifers topped at £1400(x2) and £1320(x3).  A 7-year-old Limousin stock bull sold for £2000 from Messrs Copper & Sons, Troughton Hall.

Leading Prices:

Cows with Calves: British Blue £3250, £2900, £2700, £2450, £2400 Slealands, £2500 Parsonage Farm, £2020 Nether Abington Farm, £2000 Bridge Mill Limousin £3000, £2900, £2500(x2) Slealands, £2000(x2) Lower Langshaw Farm Aberdeen Angus £2900 East Horton Bazadaise £2700, £2600 Slealands Simmental £1900 Lower Langshaw Farm Romagnola £1800 Lower Langshaw Farm Lincoln Red £1720 Longrigg

Heifers with Calves: Limousin £2950, £2800 Claughton Hall Farm, £2500, £2400 Bridge Farm, £2400, £2300 Parsonage Farm, £2400 Lower Langshaw Farm, £2150, £2000 Blackwell Farm British Blue £2200 Parsonage Farm, £2050 Mirkbooths

In Calf Heifers: Limousin £1400, £1380 The Flatt Hereford £1250, £1220 The Flatt

Bulling Heifers: Limousin £1400(x2), £1320(x3), £1250, £1200 West Whitrigg Luing £1100(x4) The Flatt South Devon £1050(x5) Theakston Grange

Bull: Limousin £2000 Troughton Hall