Borderway Breeding Sheep Sale

22nd April 2019

On Monday 22nd April Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of breeding sheep.

A larger show of ewes and lambs at foot were forward. The warm weather, and influx in grass levels, drew a larger ringside of buyers than seen before this season, thus resulting in a sharper trade throughout.

The sale topped at £98 per life for Texel hoggs with lambs, shown by Messrs Ramsay, Dockray Hall, Wigton with others selling to £96 and £90 from the same home.

Ewes with lambs sold to £90 a life for Texel ewes and lambs from Messrs Murray, Kirkland Howe farm, Arlecdon. Shealrings sold to £87 per life, again for Texels from Messrs P Storr, Abbots Close, Abbeytown.

Leading prices per head:
Hoggs and Lambs: Texel £98, £96, £90, £80 Dockray Hall, £92, £87 Frankstown Farm. 

Ewes and Lambs: Texel £90, £84 Kirkland Howe Farm, £78 Bolton Hall, £75 Downan Farm, £72 Barton Dale, £72, £71 Stockhill, £71 Pelutho Park, £70 (x2) Abbots Close, Greyfaced £70 Yew Tree Farm, £58 Barton Dale, £56 Tedcastle Farm, £55 Pelutho Park, Suffolk £69, £60 Frankstown Farm, £65.50 High House.

Shearling Gimmers and Lambs: Texel £87 Abbots Close, £84 Bolton Hall, £73.50 Elva Plain Farm, £72, £71, £70 Downan Farm.

For further information on store and breeding sheep sales at Borderway please contact David Fearon 07500 173273.