Borderway Breeding Sheep Sale

2nd April 2018

At Borderway Mart on Monday 2nd April, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of breeding sheep, a very similar show of ewes & lambs with demand stronger on the week. All sheep sold with ease seeing all vendors highly delighted and many buyers requiring more sheep to for fill their demands.

The run of ewes and lambs went on to average £70.31 throughout. Top price of the day was a Texel x two shear from M/s Jones, Ashcroft, Thrustonfield, Carlisle peaking the sale at £98 a life. The same good run of sheep went on to top the outfits seeing a pen of Suffolk X Texel 2 shear ewes with twin lambs at foot achieving £96 a life and topping at £288 a unit.

Trade is proving stronger as the wintery weather is giving a very good incentive for people to sell.

Leading prices:

Ewes with Lambs at Foot: Texel £98 Ashcroft, £95, £91, £88, £86, £86, £80, £79, £78 Millrigg, £82 Dockeray Hall, £80, £78 Limestone Cottage, £77.50 The Muslins Suffolk £96 Ashcroft, £76 Hayton Brow, £70 Crosshill Rouge £88 Millrigg Charolais £76 Brackenhow Greyfaced £54, £53.50 High Acres.

Shearlings with Lambs at Foot: Texel £94, £77 Millrigg, £90, £74 Limestone Cottage, £85, £84, £80, £79.50, £79 (x2) Downan Farm Suffolk £78, £67, £57 Millrigg

Hoggs with Lambs at Foot: Texel £90, £85, £80 Dockeray Hall