Borderway Christmas Primestock Show & Sale

2nd December 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 2nd December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock, which included the Christmas Show and Sale for all classes of cattle and sheep. A smaller show of 475 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward along with 2478 cast and prime sheep.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE – A good show of 320 cast cows and stock bulls were presented to a battle of the four nations, with 25 buyers, resulting in one of the dearest trades seen.

Messrs Telfer & Son, Newton High House sold the top overall priced British Blue cow for 851kg, 219.5p, £1867 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Andrew Ewing, Dumbretton sold the top priced Limousin cow for 895kg, 193.5p, £1731 and Messrs Henderson & Sons, Parkhouse sold a British Blue cow for 882kg, 180.5p, £1592 both also going to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Moss Side Farms run of cows topped at 787kg, 180.5p, £1420 for a Limousin cross and 760kg, 184.5p, £1402 for a British Blue cross both purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Bell, Westnewton Hall sold the top priced Blonde cow, which sold for 811kg, 166.5p, £1350 to Capper Farming, who also bought Messrs Wigham & Sons, Coldshields British Blue cross cow which sold for 854kg, 156.5p, £1336.

DA Harrison, Hill House run of great cows topped at 708kg, 185.5p, £1313 for a Limousin cross bought by Owain Llyr. Moss Side Farms sold the top priced Simmental cross cow which sold for 805kg, 164.5p, £1324 to Messrs Mallon.

Messrs Jackson & Sons, Lingstubbs sold the top priced Friesian cow for 862kg, 125.5p, £1081 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Martin, Orton Grange sold a Holstein cross cow for 865kg, 123.5p, £1068 also purchased by Dovecote Park. Messrs Hunter & Son, Berrier Head run of Holstein cross cows topped at 873kg, 119.5p, £1043 bought by Dovecote Park. Messrs Nixon, Ribton House run of Holstein cross cows topped at 1007kg, 101.5p, £1022 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Martin, Tempest Tower sold a Holstein cross cow for 884kg, 113.5p, £1003 to Dovecote Park and Evening Hill Farms sold a Holstein cross cow for 734kg, 136.5p, £1001 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Messrs Harrington & Son, West Whitrigg sold a Holstein cross heifer for 154.5p to Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Smithson, Skelcies Hall sold Holstein cross bullocks for 138.5p and 137.5p to Pickstocks and David Holmes.

Prize List:
Limousin Cast Cow
1stAJ Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan – 895kg, 193.5ppk, £1731.83
2nd Moss Side Farms, Fyvie, Turriff – 767kg, 181.5ppk, £1392.11
3rd Moss Side Farms, Fyvie, Turriff – 716kg, 171.5ppk, £1227.94

British Blue Cast Cow
1stE Telfer & Son, Newton High House, Stocksfield – 851kg, 219.5p, £1867.95
2ndMoss Side Farms, Fyvie, Turriff – 760kg, 184.5ppk, £1402.20
3rdJJ Henderson & Son, Park House Farm, Dalston – 882kg, 180.5p, £1592.01

AOB Cast Cow
1stS Dale, Airds of Balcary, Castle Douglas (Charolais) – 835kg, 123.5p, £1031.23

Cast cows leading price per head: British Blue £1867 Newton High House, £1592 Park House £1402, £1324 Moss Side, £1336 Cold Shields, £1146, £1016 Maulscastle, £1003 Rottington Hall Limousin £1731 Dumbretton, £1420, £1392, £1363, £1227, £1191, £1161, £1140, £1107, £1076 Moss Side, £1320, £1155 Hudscales, £1313, £1248, £1198, £1162, £1154, £1131 Hill House, £1275, £1169, £1127 Prospect Farm, £1259, £1056 Greenhill Farm, £1244 Weary Hall Style, £1195, £1059 Gelt Hall, £1139 Crossdykes, £1079 Gapshields, £1067 Gardrum, £1066 Wyse Hill Farm Blonde £1350 Westnewton Hall, £1032 Foregirth Simmental £1324, £1158, £1096, £1062, £1056 Moss Side, £1194 Hill House, £1174 Woodend, £1077 Merryshield, £1057 New Steadings Saler £1149 Woodend, £1014 Ochrelands Charolais £1140, £1020 Westnewton Hall, £1067 Merryshields, £1031 Airds of Balcary Bazadaise £1098 Gelt Hall Aberdeen Angus £1078 Lesson Hall, £1007 Moss Side, £1002 Rottington Hall Friesian £1081 Lingstubbs Holstein Friesian £1068 Orton Grange, £1043 Berrier Head, £1003 Tempest Tower, £1001 Evening Hill, £992, £951 Skelcies Hall, £981 West Whitrigg, £977 High Ploughlands, £975 Waingate Head, £969 Broomhills, £923 Ribton House, £919 Sorrow Stones Sussex £1045 Hill House Holstein £1022, £997, £978, £963, £919 Ribton House Beef Shorthorn £1010 Moss Side Luing £970 Beck Farm Belted Galloway £753 Newtown Farm.

Cast cows leading price per kilo: British Blue 219.5p Newton High House, 184.5p, 172.5p Moss Side, 167.5p Rottington Hall, 156.5p Cold Shields, 154.5p East Wharmley, 154.5p Maulscastle 180.5p Park House Limousin 193.5p Dumbretton, 185.5p, 175.5p, 163.5p, 156.5p (x3) Hill House, 181.5p, 180.5p, 177.5p, 174.5p, 171.5p, 168.5p, 166.5p,163.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p, 155.5p Moss Side, 177.5p Weary Hall Style, 175.5p, 173.5p, 167.5p Prospect Hall, 171.5p, 169.5p Gelt Hall, 169.5p Crossdykes, 169.5p, 156.5p Wyse Hill Farm, 169.5p Hudscales 165.5p Greenhill, 165.5p Gapshields Aberdeen Angus 175.5p Rottington Hall, 146.5p Westnewton Hall Charolais 172.5p, 169.5p Westnewton Hall Bazadaise 169.5p Gelt Hall Blonde 166.5p Westnewton Hall, 154.5p Foregirth Simmental 164.5p, 155.5p, 154.5p Moss Side, 163.5p, 157.5p East Wharmley, 158.5p Merryshield, 155.5p Woodend Saler 158.5p Woodend Holstein Friesian 154.5p West Whitrigg, 143.5p Sorrow Stones, 138.5p, 137.5p Skelcies Hall, 136.5p, 127.5p Evening Hill, 136.5p, 128.5p, 119.5p Berrier Head, 131.5p, 111.5p Beech Holme, 128.5p, 117.5p Bolton Cottage, 127.5p Wood Close, 126.5p Low House, 123.5p Waingate Head, 123.5p Orton Grange, 120.5p High Ploughlands, 119.5p Broomhills, 114.5p Carleton Hill, 113.5p Ribton House, 113.5p Tempest Tower, 110.5p Upper Barr Beef Shorthorn 133.5p Moss Side, Belted Galloway 132.5p Newtown Farm Luing 131.5p, 120.5p Beck Farm Sussex 131.5p Hill House Friesian 125.5p, 120.5p Lingstubbs Holstein 115.5p, 113.5p, 112.5p Ribton House Fleckvieh 113.5p Woodend Montbeliarde 111.5p Beeches Ayrshire 107.5p Whins.

CAST BULLS – Messrs Faulder, Croft House sold a Limousin stock bull for 1319kg, 117.5p, £1549 to Owain Llyr and Messrs Armstrong & Sons, Broomhills sold a Limousin stock bull for 802kg, 155.5p, £1247 also to Owain Llyr.

Cast bulls leading price per head: Limousin £1549 Croft House, £1247 Broomhills British Blue £1124 Moss Side.

Cast bulls leading price per kilo: Limousin 155.5p Broomhills, 117.5p Croft House British Blue 154.5p Moss Side Friesian 116.5p Creca Hall.

PRIME BULLS – On Monday 2nd December 2019 Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of prime bulls. A total of 74 bulls were forward and were met by a fantastic trade with all classes being dearer on the week.

Topping the sale was a British Blue bull from Messrs Carr, Little Bavington Farm, Newcastle Upon Tyne selling for £1816.82 to Charles Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie. Limousin bulls topped at £1741.96 from Messrs PE & M Capstick, Whicham Hall, Millom selling to Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers.

Topping pence per kilo was a British Blue bull from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton selling to RM Helliwell, Rochdale for 231.5p. Limousin bulls topped at 222.5p from Messrs Little, North Greenhill, Wigton, this time selling to Bowland Foods, Preston.

A lot more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Prize List:
Continental Young Bull
1stJG & M Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton (Limousin) – 527kg, 222.5ppk, £1172.58
2nd Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton (British Blue) – 672kg, 231.5ppk, £1555.68
3rd PE & M Capstick, Whicham Hall Farm, Millom (Limousin) – 683kg, 208.5ppk, £1424.06

Leading price per head: British Blue £1816 Little Bavington Farm, £1555, £1457 Osborne Farm, £1485 Cleughbrae Limousin £1741, £1424, £1376 Whicham Hall, £1705 Great Orton, £1360, £1357 Willows Farm, £1357 High House, £1348 Cleughbrae Charolais £1704 Gladsmuir Aberdeen Angus £1446 Gillrigg, £930 Broomhills Simmental £1416 New Steadings Blonde £1292 Greenhill Galloway £1291 Shankfield Head Staberlizer £1252, £1121 Peel Flatt Shorthorn £1165 Gillrigg Hereford £1125 Peel Flatt Friesian £1037, £1006, £938 Aulby Farm, £962, £934 Croft House

Leading price per kilo: British Blue 231.5p, 211.5p Osborne Farm, 217.5p Rainscar 212.5p, 207.5p Cleughbrae, 209.5p, 206.5p Brow Top, 205.5p Little Bavington Farm Limousin 222.5p, 214.5p, 206.5p Greenhill, 216.5p High House, 210.5p, 208.5p, 203.5p Whicham Hall, 206.5p Cleughbrae, 203.5p Beamwham Blonde 205.5p Greenhill Simmental 199.5p, 190.5p Kirtleton House, 179.5p New Steadings Galloway 187.5p Shankfield Head Staberlizer 181.5p (x2) Peel Flatt, Aberdeen Angus 179.5p Gillrigg Friesian 176.5p, 171.5p, 167.5p Aulby, 150.5p Croft House, 166.5p, 162.5p Croft House Holstein Friesian 169.5p, 145.5p Elephant, 141.5p Laws Hall Shorthorn 167.5p Gillrigg Maine Anjou 159.5p Kirtleton House Fleckvieh 154.5p Laws Hall Swedish R&W 150.5p Laws Hall

PRIME CATTLE – An excellent turnout of 92 prime steers and heifers were forward with a great atmosphere and trade achieved for all classes; a total of 74 cattle were presented in front of the judge, Mr Chris Wright of Boston, who expertly placed them accordingly.

Overall Champion was a 634kg Limousin cross heifer from Messrs Grainger, Kiln Close, Wigton; purchased from Carlisle Special Store Cattle Show and Sale March 2019, sired by a Liscon bull and bred by Messrs Scott, Thirlwall Castle, Greenhead and purchased by R & JP Mulholland Butchers, Great Orton, Carlisle for 520ppk, achieving an overall of £3296.80.

Overall Champion shown by Messrs Grainger, Kiln Close, Wigton

Reserve Overall Champion sold to 300ppk or £2091 and was purchased once again by local butcher R & JP Mulholland Butchers, Great Orton; this British Blue cross steer, weighing 697kg, was sold by the students of Askham Bryan College, Newton Rigg, Penrith and he was also purchased from the Borderway March Special Show & Sale of Store Cattle 2019.

Outwith the show, top overall was a Limousin cross heifer from regular vendors Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton who attained £1688.24 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle; Messrs Lawson also sold the top priced steer to £1522.95 and this was once again purchased by Pioneer Foods. Top pence per kilo heifer was also from Messrs Lawson receiving 237.5p for a Limousin cross and purchased by King Street Butchers.

Harrison & Hetherington would like to extend their gratitude to all vendors and purchasers alike for their bidding and attendance to make the Christmas Primestock Show and Sale a success once again.

Prize List:
Limousin Bullock
1stMessrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby – 616kg, 239.5p, £1475.32
2nd Messrs Wilson, Hardrigg Hall, Penrith – 620kg, 229.5p, £1422.90
3rd AJ Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan – 539kg, 259.5ppk, £1398.71

British Blue Bullock
1stMessrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby – 612kg, 247.5p, £1514.70
2nd JA Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap – 718kg, 231.5ppk, £1662.17
3rd GN & DM Bowe, Bothel Parks, Bothel – 710kg, 227.5ppk, £1615.25

AOB Bullock
1stMrs W Storey, Limestone Cottage, Calthwaite (Charolais) – 709kg, 212.5ppk, £1506.60
2nd N Dixon, Low Whinnow, Thursby (Blonde) – 750kg, 208.5ppk, £1563.75

Limousin Heifer
1stIL Grainger, Kiln Close, Wigton – 634kg, 520ppk, £3296.80
2nd JA Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap – 614kg, 279.5ppk, £1716.13
3rd JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton – 582kg, 271.5ppk, £1580.13

British Blue Heifer
1stMessrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby – 659kg, 315p, £2075.85
2nd IL Grainger, Kiln Close, Wigton – 681kg, 257.5ppk, £1753.58
3rdRE Miller, West Farm, Aspatria – 584kg, 237.5p, £1387.00

AOB Heifer
1stJJ Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont (Blonde) – 622kg, 239.5ppk, £1489.69
2nd W Miller, High Aketon, Wigton (Charolais) – 546kg, 235.5p, £1285.83
3rd JJ Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont (Charolais) – 699kg, 223.5ppk, £1562.27

Traditional (pure or cross) Bullock/Heifer
1stKilnstown Farms Ltd, Kilnstown, Carlisle (Galloway) – 617kg, 217.5ppk, £1341.98
2nd E Telfer & Son, Newton High House, Stocksfield (Galloway) – 560kg, 213.5p, £1195.60
3rd HL Whitfield & Son, Batey Shield, Haltwhistle (Galloway) – 629kg, 187.5ppk, £1179.38

Young Farmers Bullock/Heifer
1stAskham Bryan College, Newton Rigg, Penrith (British Blue Bullock) – 697kg, 300.5ppk, £2091.00
2nd Messrs Graham, Miller Hill, Gilsland (Limousin Heifer) – 636kg, 279.5ppk, £1777.62
3rd D Watret, Muirfield, Lockerbie (Limousin Heifer) – 576kg, 237.5ppk, £1368.00

Overall Champion: IL Grainger, Kiln Close, Wigton (Limousin Heifer) – 634kg, 520ppk, £3296.80

Reserve Overall Champion: Askham Bryan College, Newton Rigg, Penrith (British Blue Bullock) – 697kg, 300.5ppk, £2091.00

Leading price per head:
Steers: British Blue £2091 Newton Rigg, £1662 Brinns Farm, £1615 Bothel Parks, £1583 Low Whinnow, £1514 Elm House, £1488 Muirfield Blonde £1563 Low Whinnow Limousin £1543, £1518 Burnside, £1528, £1519 Newbiggin Farm, £1522, £1513, £1443, £1428 Hundith House, £1475 Elm House, £1475 Limestone Cottage, £1422 Hardrigg Hall Charolais £1506 Limestone Cottage Galloway £1341 Kilnstown, £1195 Newton High House, £1179 Batey Shield

Heifers: Limousin £3296 Kiln Close, £1811, £1650 Elm House, £1777 Miller Hill, £1716 Brinns Farm, £1688, £1553 Hundith House, £1683 West Farm, £1580, £1468 Greenhill, £1463 Burnside, £1420 Low Whinnow British Blue £2075 Elm House, £1753, £1377 Kiln Close, £1474 Hundith House, £1467 Newton Rigg, £1387 West Farm, £1373 Loughrigg Charolais £1562 Loughrigg, £1433, £1366 West Farm Blonde £1489 Loughrigg

Leading price per kilo:
Steers: British Blue 300p Newton Rigg, 247.5p Elm House, 231.5p Brinns Farm, 227.5p Bothel Parks Limousin 259.5p Dumbretton, 239.5p Elm House, 231.5p, 221.5p Burnside, 230.5p Ross Farm, 229.5p, 228.5p Newbiggin, 229.5p Hardrigg Hall, 221.5p Hundith House, 221.5p Limestone Cottage Galloway 217.5p Kilnstown, 213.5p Newton High House Charolais 212.5p Limestone Cottage Blonde 208.5p Low Whinnow.

Heifers: Limousin 520p Kiln Close, 279.5p Brinns Farm, 279.5p Miller Hill, 271.5p, 243.5p, 241.5p Greenhill, 264.5p, 249.5p Elm House, 249.5p, 237.5p (x2) High Aketon, 249.5p Brow Top, 247.5p Newbiggin, 239.5p Low Whinnow, 237.5p Muirfield, 237.5p Hundith House British Blue 315p Elm House, 257.5p, 233.5p Kiln Close, 244.5p Newton Rigg, 237.5p West Farm Blonde 239.5p Loughrigg Charolais 235.5p High Aketon, 223.5p Loughrigg.

PRIME SHEEP – On Monday 2nd December Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of 2325 prime lambs which also included the annual Christmas Show & Sale. A marvellous turnout of 283 show lambs were presented for judge Mr Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale to cast his expert eye over.

In the pens the Championship rosette was awarded to the 1st prize pen of Any Other Continental lambs shown by Messrs E & I Hall & Son, New Houses Farm, Hexham with their pen of 4 Dutch Texel lambs, they later went on to sell at £165 to the judge.

Champion Pen of Lambs shown by E & I Hall & Son, New Houses Farm, Hexham


Taking Reserve was Messrs Priestley, Cracrop with the 1st prize pen of Texel lambs which sold at £115 again to the judge.

Stealing the show was the 1st prize single lamb, a Beltex cross which was shown again by Messrs Priestley, Cracrop it sold at £550 or a staggering £12.22 per kilo – thought to be a record – again to the judge.

Out with the show all classes of sheep, again, met a flying trade at Borderway with a full ringside of buyers all keen to purchase lambs. An overall average of £88.32 or 193.31p (SQQ 203.02p) shows the level of trade with a quarter of the sale being mule and hill lambs. More lambs are required next week to satisfy demand.

Prize List:
4 Texel lambs
1stJM & SM Priestley, Cracrop, Brampton
2nd A & B Fisher, Lairdlaugh, Castle Douglas
3rd A & N Batty Ltd, Flimby Hall, Maryport

4 Beltex lambs
1stE & I Hall, Newhouse, Hallington, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2nd JM & SM Priestley, Cracrop, Brampton, Cumbria
3rd W Story, Limestone Cottage, Calthwaite Penrith

4 AOB Continental lambs
1stE & I Hall, Newhouse, Hallington, Newcastle Upon Tyne
2nd G Bell, Haas Side, Lockerbie
3rd JR & C Ward, Whitstonehill, Lockerbie

10 Suffolk lambs
1stWM & DW Hutton, Fern House, Low Cotehill, Carlisle
2nd Moscrop & Waugh, Albyfield, Heads Nook, Carlisle
3rd JAJ Read, Midtown, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle

10 Mule lambs
1stJ & M Fisher, Reaygarth, Brampton
2nd – WG & HM Kyle, Spoutbank, Walton, Brampton
3rd P McCune, Farewell Grange, Aspatria, Wigton

10 Hill bred lambs
1stA G Dempster, Castlehill, Lockerbie
2nd – MJ Dixon, Stobbs Farm, Rochester, Newcastle Upon Tyne
3rd LJ Wilson, Bridge View, Waverbridge, Wigton

Continental cross single lamb
1stJM & SM Priestley, Cracrop, Brampton
2nd E & I Hall, Newhouse, Newcastle Upon Tyne
3rd C McWhirter, Banks Farm, Bankshill, Lockerbie

CHAMPION: E & I Hall, Newhouse, Hallington, Newcastle Upon Tyne
RESERVE CHAMPION: JM & SM Priestley, Cracrop, Brampton

Leading prices per head: Beltex £550, £111 Cracrop, £130 Banks Farm, £120, £104.80, £96.80 Harley Croft, £120, £118, £104.80 (x2), £97.80 New Houses Farm, £114 Limestone Cottage, £113.80, £112.80, £110.80, £107.80, £102.80, £101.80 Hollands, £101.80, £101, £99 Walton Woodhead, £100 Castlehill, £98.80, £93.80 Burgh Head Farm, £96.80 Winterhope Farm, Dutch Texel £165 New Houses Farm, £102.80 Banks Farm, £101.80, £100 (x2), £97.80, £95 New Grange Farm, £101 Flimby Hall, £100, £95.80, £94.80 (x2), £93.80, £92.80 Unity Farm, £100, £94 Haas Side, £99, £95.80, £94.80, £94, £93.80, £92.80 Whitstonehill, £97.80 (x2), £94 (x2) Thirlwall Castle, £94.80 Lea Hill, Texel £118, £115, £95.80 Cracrop, £114, £100 Flimby Hall, £112, £100 (x2), £99 (x3), £98, £95 Lairdlaugh, £104.80 Low Garth, £104.80 Banks Farm, £104.80, £94.80 Walton Woodhead, £100, £98.80 Prior Hall, £100, £96.80 Cherry Bank, £100 The Garth, £98.80 Chapel Farm, £98.30 Low Lonning, £97.80 Church Farm, £97.30 South Lambhill, £95.80 Boggle Hall, £94.80 Newbiggin Farm, £94 High House, £94 Newton Rigg, Suffolk £96, £95.80, £93.30, £86 Fern House, £96, £90 Denton Mains, £94.30, £85.30 Roe Farm, £94, £91.80, £88 Clappers Farm, £92, £87.80, £81.30 Midtown, £91 Albyfield, £89.80, £82.80 Chapel Farm, £88 Birks Farm, £97.30, £86.30 West End Farm, £86.80 Aimshaugh, £86 Prior Hall, £84.80 Haas Side, £84.80 Mirkbooths, £81.80 High House, Charollais £93.80 South Lambhill, £86 Haas Side, Rouge £91.80 (x2) Cracrop, Hill Cheviot £90, £83 Castlehill, Greyfaced £88, £87.80 Farewell Grange, £87, £83.30 Kilnknowe, £87 High Park Foot, £87, £83 (x2) Reaygarth, £87, £86 Spout Bank, £84.80, £82.30 Round Meadows Farm, £84.30, £82.80 Hargill House, £84, £82.50 Millstone Moor, £83.80 Parkside Farm, £83.80 Albierigg, £83.30 Bromfield Hall, £83 Stoneraise Place, £82.80 The Throp, £82.30 Denton Mains, £82.30 Church Farm, £81.80 South Lambhill, £81.80 Hollands, £81.30 Whiteside Farm, £80.80 Mirkbooths, £80 Brampton Fell, Hampshire Down £88.80 Belmont Farm, Blackfaced £85 Stobbs Farm, £83.30 (x2) Albierigg, Leicester £80 Stobbs Farm, Herdwick £74.80, £74 Bridge View.

Leading prices pence per kilo: Beltex 1222.2p, 277.5p Cracrop Farm, 285.7p, 277.6p, 258.9p, 246.6p(x2), 227.4p New Houses Farm, 270.8p Banks Farm, 262.1p, 233.7p Limestone Cottage, 257.7p, 252.9p, 250.7p, 244.8p, 240p, 236.7p Hollands, 256.4p, 246.8p, 233.7p Castlehill, 252.5p, 240p Harley Croft, 240.5p Lesson Hall Farm, 240.5p, 236.7p Walton Woodhead, 239.5p Dotland Park, 231.6p, 228.1p Winterhope Farm, 227.1p Burgh Head Farm, 225.8p Hunley Dutch Texel 402.4p New Houses Farm, 264.4p Cracrop Farm, 253.2p, 230.8p, 216.p, 213.6p, 212.2p Haas Side Farm, 247.5p, 232p, 223.8p, 212.9p Whitstonehill, 238.5p, 227.4p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 236.8p, 222p, 219.7p, 212p Thorneyland, 232.6p, 222.8p, 213.5p, 210.9p Unity Farm, 232.6p, 228.8p, 217.3p, 215.9p New Grange Farm, 231.2p Lea Hill, 213.3p Westhill Farm, 212.3p Reddings, 212p Banks Farm, 211.4p Birch Craig Texel 262.1p Flimby Hall, 246.2p, 227.3p, 212.9p, 211.1p, 206.3p Lairdlaugh, 243.7p Low Garth, 242p Cherry Bank, 240.8p, 228.8p, 212.9p Cracrop Farm, 232.9p, 213.5p, 211p, 210.7p, 206.4p Walton Woodhead, 231.2p Newbiggin Farm, 228p Banks Farm, 220p Chapel Farm, 218, 214.6p High House, 211.6p Aimshaugh, 211.2p Glebelands, 211.2p Askham Bryan College, 206.3p, 205.3p High Park Foot, 205.3p Netherton, 204.5p, 204.2 Glebelands, 204.3p Miller Hill Rouge 208.6p, 206.3p Cracrop Farm Suffolk 196.1p Roe Farm, 193.9p West End Farm, 192.7p Haas Side Farm, 192.6p Chapel Farm, 191.3p, 180p Clappers Farm, 190.8p Aimshaugh, 190.2p High House, 188.2p, 184.9p, 181.2p Fern House, 182.4p Mirkbooths, 180.2p Albyfield Hill Cheviot 191.9p Whitstonehill, 191.5p Castlehill Charollais 191.1p Haas Side Farm Blackface 188.9p Stobbs Farm, 181.1p Albierigg Greyfaced 187.9p Mirkbooths, 187p, 182.4p Round Meadows Farm, 184.2p, 180.5p Albierigg, 183.8p Hollands, 183.3p, 182.6p Millstone Moor, 182.9p Church Farm, 182.9p Denton Mains, 181.1p Bromfield Hall, 181.1p Kilnknowe, 180.7p Whiteside Farm, 180.4p Reaygarth, 180p The Throp Herdwick 187.3p Bridge View

Cast Ewes and Rams:
Leading Ewe prices: Texel £110, £94 Old Hall, £86.50 Harper Hill, £83.50 Farewell Grange, £79.50 Reservoir Farm, £79.50, £78.50 Reddings, Suffolk £110 Newhall Farm, £105.50, £102.50 High Drum, £94.50, £88.50 Birks Farm, Greyfaced £80.50, £69.50 Hightown, £79, £78 Oldhall, £76.50, £71.50 Reservoir Farm, £74.50 Birks Farm, £74.50 Cherry Bank, £72.50 Fartown, £72.50 Stobbs Farm, £72.50 Blackrigg, Cheviot Mule £68.50 Reddings, Blackfaced £69 Stobbs Farm, Swaledale £47.50 Hightown, £42 Fartown, £41.50 Brampton Fell, £41.50 Round Meadows

Rams: Bluefaced Leicester £92.50 Hightown, £85 Oldhall, £83.50 (x2) Stobbs Farm, Texel £85.50 Birks Farm, £84.50 Birch Craig, £83.50 Reddings, £80 Oldhall, Blackfaced £67.50 Stobbs Farm