Borderway Early Breeding Sheep Sale

27th July 2018

On Friday 27th July at Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington held their Annual Early Breeding ewe sale for sheep ready for early lamb production.

A very busy ringside of customers were present, with demand being much stronger than anticipated.  Trade proved that older and working ewes were very well bid for whilst empty  shearlings were  harder to cash unless they were strong and fit.

Topping the sale were two pens of tremendous Texel shearlings from Mr Robert Skelton, Newhall Farm, Maryport which sold to £230 per head.  This outstanding consignment of 109 shearlings sold to average £208.06.

The sale also saw the annual consignment from Mr Mike Lawson, Pasture House, Wigton presenting an exceptional run of Continental and Suffolk cross ewes which attracted returning buyers also new interest bidding strongly.  This batch topped at £200 per head for 2 shear Texel ewes and resulted in the run of Suffolk cross shearling and 2 shears leveling at £163.66, whilst the run of Beltex cross and Dutch Texel shearling averaged £184.92.

Leading prices:
Shearling Gimmers: Texel £230 (x2), £225, £220 (x3), £210, £205, £200 (x4), £190 (x4) Newhall Farm, £155 Pasturewood, £155, £150 Brocklebank, £155 Courthill, Dutch Texel £198, £190 (x3), £188, £180 Pasture House Farm,  Suffolk £152 Pasture House Farm, £150 Kingside Farm.

Ewes:  Dutch Texel £200, £185 Pasture House Farm.  Charollais £190 Pasture House Farm, Suffolk £172, £165 (x2), £152, £138 Pasture House Farm, Texel £165, £155 Pasture House Farm.