Borderway Implements & Machinery Sale

13th September 2018

On Thursday 13th September at Borderway Mart, Harrison and Hetherington held their sale of implements, tractors & small tools where a smaller entry of 285 implements alongside 290 small tools were forward.

Trade throughout saw quality lots very well sold but other common Lots harder to sell

The next sale on Implements will take place on Thursday 11th Oct 2018, and will include a sale of Trees, shrubs and bedding plants.

Leading Prices: £2250, £1450, £1400 Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer, £900 Marshall Trailer, £880 Wood Chipper, £720 Edwards Trailer, £680 Mixer Wagon, £670 Bailer Grab, £600 Saw Bench, £600 Log Splitter, £570 Slurry Whisk, £500 Yard Scraper, £460 Generator, £460 Grab, £400 Umbilical Spreader Plates, £380 Dual Bale Forks, £340 Sub Soiler, £330 Yard Scrapper.