Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

6th June 2018

The June Borderway Monthly Dairy Day had a diverse offering of quality milking animals, in-calf heifers and bulling heifers with most of the dairy breeds represented.  Just over 300 animals were sold with trade topping at £2050 with milkers averaging £1517.  Buyers from across the UK took part with animals going as far south as Cornwall and up to Aberdeen and to another sixteen counties.

Demand continues to be strong for all classes of dairy stock on the back of milk prices rises and a brighter outlook for the medium term.

Topping at £2050 was a perfect uddered heifer sired by Mincio from Messrs Hastwell, The Buildings, Kirkby Stephen.  She was recently calved giving 34kgs.  All of the heifers from this home averaged £1916.

R & A Slack Cockley Bank Farm had a fantastic entry of 21 heifers all giving over 30kgs and all with cracking udders and powerful frames.  Numerous heifers from this consignment sold for £2000 including a daughter of Sherdon Fantastic giving 32kgs and a daughter of C-Haven Numero Uno giving 33kgs.  Other favourites from this group included two daughter of Bomas Ingenious that sold for £1900.

Cows topped at £1850 for a second calver from the Davidson family at Errolston farm and GH Denwood Julian Holme Farm sold four well bred cows topping at £1800 for a daughter of Gameday.

Jim Gray from the Drumtall Holstein herd sold a stylish heifer with a close to perfect udder for £1880.  She was sired by Larcrest Cancun and bred from a high producing dam with yields over 12000kgs.

M&M Maxwell from North Doddington Farm, Wooler sold 31 April and May calved cows and heifers topping at £1650 to average £1375.  The animals from North Doddington were cross bred using Holstein, Montbeliarde, Ayshire and British Friesian genetics, they were robust with excellent feet and legs.  Topping this popular consignment at £1650 was a third calve cow giving 33kgs sired by a British Friesian from a Montbeliarde dam.

The sale included a Holstein herd dispersal of a Dutch herd imported by Best of Breed Livestock.  This was a fine herd of deep bodied wide rumped cattle averaging 9817kg 4.11% 3.61% and they topped at £1800 to average £1281.  Topping this consignment was a recently calved heifer sired by Koepon General and bred from a dam with three lactations over 15000kgs.

British Friesian cows were a little less money than previous months and topped at £1600 for a stylish black second calve cow from Messer’s Williamson, The Howes Farm, Appleby.

There was a nice entry of in-calf heifers and recently served heifers from a number of consignors with heifers close to calving averaging £1416.  Topping the in-calf heifers was a daughter of Stardale Jury who was due in August to Bilsrow Jato from JM Hill, Drumfork Farm, Cumnock selling for £1580.  The Hill family sold 19 pregnant heifers with numerous heifers selling for or more than £1500.

Richard and Leanne Winder from Wall End Farm, Broughton-In-Furness sold thirty two recently served and young heifers from their prize winning dairy herd.  They have combined the best of the Holstein, Montbeliarde, Swedish Red, British Friesian and Fleckvieh to bred a highly efficient herd.  There recently served heifers topped at £1080 for a daughter of Skyhigh Superman (Swedish Red) from Red Holstein dam, this heifer was due in December to Denmire Premiership.  Their young heifer calves topped at £850 for a daughter of Braut (Norwegain Red) from a Holstein dam.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 20th June comprising 120 Pedigree Holsteins in the Border & Lakeland show and sale.  This sale includes the dispersal of the Lonning Pedigree herd and 20 bulling heifers from the Whitbarrow herd.  A catalogue for this sale can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

24 Holstein Cows in milk                                                                                £1442.85
71 Holstein Heifers in milk                                                                              £1517.73
35 Ayrshire/Montbeliarde/Friesian cross bred cows Doddington Farm         £1375.16
65 Holstein herd from Holland                                                                        £1281.89
9 British Friesian cows                                                                                    £1417.77
12 3/4 & faulted cows/heifers                                                                         £848.33
68 Holstein In-calf & recently served heifers                                                 £1119.00
18 Holstein Friesian bulling heifers                                                                 £588.33
23 Holstein/Montbeliarde/Sweddish Red/Fleckvieh bulling heifers                £696.08