Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

5th September 2018

The August Borderway Monthly Dairy Day topped at £2050 to average £1411 for freshly calved cows and heifers.  The sale had representation from most of the dairy breeds with Holstein, British Friesian, Montbeliarde, Swedish Red, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire and Fleckvieh cattle all selling.  The overall standard selling was generally not as impressive as recent sales however buyers still had a great choice with some animals, especially cows looking excellent values for money.

Topping at £2050 was a very special Fleckvieh cross bred cow in her second lactation consigned by Jonny Wilson, Little Float Farm.  She was sired by Evergreen and was nine weeks fresh and had been checked back in calf to the British Blue bull still giving 39kgs

Holstein heifers topped at £1900 for a daughter of Woodcatt Lincoln consigned by Richard & Sue Armstrong from Wolfa Farm, Penrith.  She was giving 32kgs and bred from a Twister dam with four lactations over 11000kgs

Andrew Slack from Cockley Bank Farm had another great line up of heifers and topped twice at £1850 for two very milky heifers sired by Coldsprings Ponder and Regancrest Beau respectively.

Cows topped at £1550 for a third calver again from Jonny Wilson, Little Float Farm.  She was a Dutch cow giving almost 50kgs.

Young stock sold well with just over 70 heifer calves on offer topping at £750 on a number of occasions for heifers sired by De-Su Balisto consigned by Ewbank Farming.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Thursday 13th September comprising 250 Holstein  cows and heifers in milk or dry from the Hensol herd.  A catalogue for this sale can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

21 Holstein Cows in milk                                                                                £1284.61
69 Holstein Heifers in milk                                                                              £1411.17
6 Cross Bred Heifers Brown Swiss & Fleckvieh                                            £1666.66
9 Faulted Cows/Heifers in milk Slow/Light/3/4                                               £795.00
11 Holstein In-calf & Recently served heifers                                                £1085.71
4 British Friesian bulling heifers                                                                      £650.00
32 Pedigree Holstein Heifer Calves                                                               £418.84
51 Cross Bred Heifer Calves Danish Red/Fleckvieh/British Friesian            £327.08