Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

3rd October 2018

The October Borderway Monthly Dairy Day topped at £2000 to average £1525 for freshly calved cows and heifers.  There was a busy ringside of buyers from 14 counties; they had a great choice on offer with a lot of the dairy breeds represented in the sale.  The average was up on the month by almost £100 however it remains a buyer’s market especially for in-calf heifers.

Topping at £2000 was a very milky heifer consigned by B&V Davidson, Errolston, Gretna.  She was Errolston Superfire Fiasco, sired by Wa-Del Surefire and was giving almost 40kgs.

Top Price – £2000

Evening Hill Farm Ltd from Thursby sold two heifers both giving large amounts of milk and topped at £1880 for Evening Bankroll Winifred sired by top type sire Crasdale Bankroll.

Selling for £1850 was Drumtall Saleen Beatrix consigned by J Gray, Drumtall Farm, Glasgow.  She was giving 30kgs and sired by Fustead Saleen and bred from a high producing dam with over 10000kgs at 5.11% butterfat

A number of heifers sold for £1850 including a powerful Relough Dolmio daughter from Wilson Stewart and a Numero Uno daughter from Martin Gaitskell, Boustead Hill.

Richard Livingstone from Kirtlevale Farm sold six super heifers all giving large amounts of milk and all sired by excellent sires.  Topping this excellent consignment was Kirtlevale Bankroll Grace sired by Crasdale Bankroll selling for £1800

M&M Maxwell from North Doddington Farm, Wooler sold 12 cows and heifers in milk from their herd of British Friesian and Montbeliarde cross bred herd.  These cows sold well topping at £1700 for a very tidy Montbeliarde cow bred from an Ayrshire dam.

The 38 in-calf heifers were mostly all pedigree and the breeders must be congratulated on the outstanding quality on offer.  These heifers sold well below their true value topping at £1400 to average £1121.  Topping the in-calf heifers was a daughter of Barnby Moor acme Olivia consigned by Newheaton Holsteins, Cornhill-On-Tweed.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 24th October and features the monthly Border & Lakeland Club sale.  A catalogue for this sale can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

11 Holstein Cows in milk                                                                                £1132.71
61 Holstein Heifers in milk                                                                              £1525.11
11 Cross Bred Heifers British Friesian & Montbeliarde                                  £1345.45
10 Faulted Cows/Heifers in milk Slow/Light/3/4                                             £896.00
38 Holstein In-calf heifers                                                                               £1121.71
12 Holstein Maiden Heifer                                                                              £472.15