Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

27th February 2019

The weather conditions for the 27th February 2019 Monthly Dairy Day sale at Borderway, Carlisle could not have been more different than a year ago when the ‘Beast from the East’ made it feel more like the arctic.  The weather certainly added to the good feel factor with trade topping at £2050 twice with the overall average coming to £1632 for a quality offering of very productive dairy cattle

The Dunnerdale herd sold four super uddered heifers all giving oceans of milk, they topped the trade at £2050 for a perfectly balanced daughter of Unix giving 33kgs

Lot 43 – £2050
Lot 43 – £2050

The Balcurvie herd from Fife sold ten strong, powerful heifers all with excellent feet and legs and beautiful mammarys selling to a joint top of £2050 to average £1844.  Topping this excellent group was a daughter of Topspeed Kodak giving 35kgs

Lot 57 – £2050

Matthew Gemmell from the Brownfield Holstein herd consigned six wide rumped heifers with open deep frames topping at £2000 to average £1888.  The Brownfield consignment topped with a daughter of Numero Uno giving 35kgs.

Andrew Graves from Home Farm, Tallentire sold an outstanding uddered heifer giving 33kgs for £2000

The largest consignment of the day came from the Cockleybank herd of the Slack family from Brampton, they sold 30 very milky heifers all with deep frames and all sired by leading genomic sires.  Topping this excellent group was a daughter of De-Su Battlecry giving 33kgs and bred from a VG89 dam by Mammoth.

There was a small but quality offering of Ayrshire heifers topping at £1650 for, Bruchag Starman Caroline consigned by Andrew Graves, Home Farm Tallentire and bred by the McAllister family from the Isle of Bute.

There was a quality consignment of British Friesians with heifers topping at £1780 for a daughter of Winnoch Black Jack from R Neill & Sons, Thornington Farm, Northumberland.

Cross bred animals topped at £1700 for a robust and very productive Fleckvieh cross Brown Swiss cow giving 36kg and consigned by Stuart Birse from Stranraer.

A small group of April/May calving cows were forward from Mark Farm with trade topping at £1000 for a youthful daughter of Olmar Jeeves Dare due in May to Mardi Gras.

The trade for in-calf heifers remain excellent value for money and in most cases is a buyer’s market.  In-calf heifers topped at £1150 twice for two stylish heifers sired by Warnelview Ingram consigned by the Long Meg herd near Penrith.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 13th March comprising 150 pedigree dairy cattle in the Border & Lakeland Club sale.  An online version of this catalogue can be viewed at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

12 Holstein Cows                                            £1558.75
69 Holstein Heifers                                         £1632.06
7 British Friesian Heifers                                 £1475.00
4 Ayrshire heifers                                            £1416.00
4 Fleckvieh crosses                                        £1501.66
10 April/May calving cows                              £787.27
9 ¾ & faulted cows/heifers                             £860.00
11 In-calf heifers                                             £1005.00