Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

3rd July 2019


The July monthly dairy day sale at Borderway was packed from start to finish with quality cows and heifers all giving large volumes of milk. The ring was full with an enthusiastic crowd of buyers from across the North of England, North Wales and Scotland. 235 head of cattle changed hands topping at £2200 for a heifer, with all milking animals sold to average £1620

Topping the sale at £2200 was Balcurvie Flame Lancey by Vieuxsaule Flame that was giving 32kg. This heifer was consigned by Gavin Struthers of Balcurvie Holsteins and the 17 heifers from this home averaged £1820.

Lot 78 – £2200

The trade for British Friesians was as sharp as ever with the Williamson family, The Howes Farm selling 6 to average £1738 with a top of £1880(x2).

Ayrshire heifers topped at £1850 from L Davidson & Son, Halmyre.  Montbeliardes topped at £1720 from Messrs Workman, Beeches, Carlisle and Jersey’s sold to £1500 from Messrs Jenkinson, Fordsyke, Scaleby.

A small dispersal sale of stock cows from Messrs Morrison & Son, Bridge Farm, Driffield sold to a top price of £1700 for a June calved cow.

A group of in calf heifers from Messrs Bell, Aigle Gill sold to a top of £1450(x2).

Fleckvieh bulling heifers from Messrs Gaston, Portencalzie sold to £1140 with stirks from the same home going for £950.

The next dairy sale at Borderway will be on Wednesday 17 July and features 120 cows and heifers and young stock in the Border and Lakeland Club sale.
An online version of the catalogue can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230.

5 Holstein cows in milk                                   £1856
55 Holstein heifers in milk                              £1614
13 British Friesian cows & heifers                  £1620
7 Montbeliarde heifers                                   £1557
5 Jerseys cows in milk                                     £1378
3 Ayrshire heifers                                           £1716
56 Friesian cows & hfrs from Bridge Farm    £908
23 Ayrshire In-calf heifers                              £1230
10 Holstein In-calf heifers                              £1353
6 Cross Bred In-calf heifers                            £925
14 Holstein bulling heifers                              £800
47 Fleckvieh bulling heifers & stirks               £720