Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

7th August 2019


The ringside at Borderway was once again packed with buyers from England, Scotland and Wales for the August Borderway Monthly Dairy Sale.  Trade topped at £2200 to average £1689 with buyers from fourteen counties recorded for a complete clearance of 210 cattle.

Topping the sale at £2200 was Nydie Gandhi Shamrock sired by Gandhi, this perfect uddered heifer was giving 33kg and bred from a dam who gave almost 15000kgs as a three year old. This heifer was consigned by R & A Wilson from Clackmae Farm, Berwickshire who sold another ten heifers to average £1995.

Lot 79 – £2200

The Mounsey family from Ashfield Farm, Carlisle sold two heifers and topped at £2150 for Ashberry Goodwhone Lynne.

Lowick Northfield Farms, Northumberland sold six heifers to average £1805 and topped at £2120 for Ellenneff Grazie Cavaliero. She was only a few days fresh and was already producing oceans of milk from an amazing udder.

Another 18 heifers sold for £2000 or more including Wragmire Allstar Trix who was consigned by R&A Cockley Bank Ltd.  She was sired by De-Su Allstar and was producing 33kgs another 17 heifers from this home averaged £1744.

The trade for British Friesians was as sharp as ever with WP Williamson & Son, High House topped the trade at £1700 for a very tidy fresh heifer.

The trade for in-calf heifers was down on the month by £118 and buyers had a super selecting to chose from.  Topping this group was a heifer from D. Graham from South Lambhill and due to the Hereford for October, she sold for £1550.

Heemskerk Livestock, from Holland sold thirty six in-calf heifers due from October to January for a top price of £1500 for a daughter of Seagull-Bay Silver and due in November to De-Su Balisto.

Bulling heifers were in demand topping at £900 on numerous occasions.  A strong group of forty heifers from Messrs Hutchinson, The Hill, Brampton average £777.

The next dairy sale at Borderway will be on Wednesday 21 August and features 229 cows and heifers and young stock and Elite Embryo auction in the Border and Lakeland Club sale. An online version of the catalogue can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230.

5 Holstein cows in milk                                   £1412.85
55 Holstein heifers in milk                              £1689.49
1 British Friesian heifer in milk                       £1700.00
1 Montbeliarde heifer in milk                         £1750.00
4 Jerseys cows in milk                                     £1232.50
6 Faulted/3/4 cows or heifers in milk            £978.33
56 Holstein In-calf heifers                               £1235.21

45 Holstein bulling heifers                              £781.33
15 Fleckvieh/Holstein crossbred heifers        £514.00