Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

4th September 2019


The first dairy sale of the Autumn season kicked of in style at Borderway with a large consignment of quality dairy cattle from across the North of England and Scotland.  Buyers once again packed the ringside and witnessed the trade top at £2200 to average £1660 for the milking heifers.  Animals were purchased by buyers from 17 counties across the UK with 237 animals changing hands.

There was a strong trade once again for British Friesian cattle with the Neill family from Thornington selling four heifers sired by Whinnow Quantum, a super bull bred by the Blamire family from Wigton.  These heifers averaged over £1900 and topped at £2200 for a fresh heifer giving 31kgs.

Lot 124 – £2200

Once again, the breeders and consignors must be congratulated on the quality on offer, buyers had a great choice of very productive super uddered heifers.  Topping the heifers was a close to perfect daughter of ABS Grazie consigned by R & A Slack from Cockley Bank Farm.  She had calved on the 20th August and was giving 30kgs.  This classy group of ten averaged almost £1750.

Richard Livingstone from Kirtlevale Farm has a strong reputation for selling top class animals and he sold six beautiful uddered heifers topping at £2080 for Kirtlevale Hurricane Flora sired by Wiltor Hurricane and bred from a Very Good Goldmire dam.

Balcurvie Holsteins from Fife sold 17 well bred heifers all giving large volumes of milk.  They topped at £2050 for a powerful heifer giving 36kgs with another 36kgs heifer from this home sired by Flame selling for £1950.

Richard Harrington from Birds Hill Farm sold Harhill Flip Barb for £2000.  She was sired by Coin Flip and bred from a 60-ton dam sired by Mr Sam.

The Davidson family from Halmyre Farm, Castle Douglas sold three world class Ayrshire heifers to average almost £1900 and topped at £2020 for a heifer giving 31kgs.

Matthew Workman sold three very productive Montbeliarde heifers all giving 25kgs to average £1723 and topped at £1820.

A small number of Jersey cows sold, topping at £1780 for a daughter of Brightfuture Call Me Maybe consigned by David McComick from Castle Douglas.

Crossfell Holsteins sold a large consignment of cows and heifers with approximately 505 of them being summer calvers and the remaining half due in the Spring.  They topped at £1750 for Crossfell Caviar Linda who was freshly calved in July with her second and was giving 52kgs.  Another second calver that caught the eye was Crossfell Wickham Alice who sold for £1620.  She had calved back in December and was due again to Batman in March.

In-Calf heifers remain great value for money with buyers having the choice of the very best for not much more than £1400.  They topped at £1450 for Churchbeck Lead consigned by Mr Wilson from Church Farm, Brampton.

The Ernespie herd sold several well-bred and well grown in-calf heifers and topped at £1400 for a daughter of Stantons Adorbale, she was bred from a Very Good dam with production over 11000kgs.

Bulling heifers were less money of the month probably down to the less than favourable weather conditions for grazing cattle.  They topped at £820 for Ernespie Milkwell, who was sired by Oconnors Classic and bred from a Very Good dam with production up to 13000kgs.

The next dairy sale at Borderway will be on Saturday 14th September and features 400 cows and heifers in the Lowmalzie Pedigree Holstein herd dispersal.  An online version of the catalogue can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230.

12 Holstein cows in milk                                 £1524.00
64 Holstein heifers in milk                              £1660.57
12 British Friesian cows/heifers in milk          £1394.16
4 Ayrshire heifers in milk                                £1672.50
4 Jersey Cows in milk                                      £1407.50
3 Montbeliarde heifers in milk                       £1723.33
39 Holstein Cows/Heifers Crossfell                £1083.07
16 Faulted/3/4 cows or heifers in milk          £816.92
25 British Friesian Dry Cows                           £650.45
21 Holstein In-calf heifers                               £1273.68
24 Recently served British Friesian heifers    £829.58
12 Holstein bulling heifers                              £780.00
17 British Friesian heifer calves                      £495.29