Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

5th February 2020

Kirtlevale Herd Tops For Second Consecutive Month

The February Borderway Monthly Dairy Day had every type and breed of dairy cow on offer at this popular event with almost 200 head changing hands.  Trade was less on the month comparing like for like with prices topping at £2050 to average £1457.  Buyers travelled from 14 counties with demand for crossbred cattle strong and trade for high yielding cows remaining similar.

Regular consignor Richard Livingstone from Kirtlevale Farm near Gretna sold six outstanding heifers and topped the sale at £2050 for the second consecutive month.  Kirtlevale Appleman Poppy was sired by Wyndford BD Appleman Red and bred from a high yielding EX91 dam.

The Crowther family from West Trailtrow, who recently sold their milking herd, sold six animals including a very stylish heifer sired by AltaAvalon. She sold for £1820.

Matthew Gemmell sold five special uddered heifers with two selling for £1800.  They were sired by Colvend Rocket and were producing oceans of milk.

Cockley Bank Farm sold twenty heifers and topped at £1750 for a heifer giving 31kgs with a very attractive mammary.

Topping the trade for cross bred animals was a Fleckvieh heifer consigned by Mr Gaurdhouse from Aikton House.  She was giving 35kgs and had a super udder and perfect feet and legs.

The Miller’s from Jenkins Cross topped the trade for cows at £1850 for a second lactation cow giving almost 40kgs

The Trainer family from Lanark sold several very milky cows topping at £1650 for a 52kg cow sired by Farnear Haddy.

The first sale to disperse the Shaley Herd of MRI, Montbeliarde and Fleckvieh cattle from Huddersfield was included in this sale.  This robust group of cows topped at £1500 for an MRI cow recently calved in her second.  A third calve Fleckvieh cow sold for £1450 and another fourth lactation MRI cow sold for the same price.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 12th February comprising 240 pedigree Holstein and Ayrshire cattle from the well-known Lessnessock herd in Ayrshire.  On the 6th – 8th February the H&H Dairy Team will be selling the Glenmore Organic Dairy herd in Donegal Ireland comprising almost 2000 dairy cattle.  An online version of these catalogues can be viewed at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

27 Holstein cows                                            £1226.31
81 Holstein heifers                                          £1457.86
11 Crossbred Monty/Fleckv/BrownSwiss      £1324.28