Borderway Monthly Dairy Day

2nd September 2020


The September Borderway Monthly Dairy Day had almost 300 dairy cattle on offer from top quality freshly calved heifers, late lactation cows, dry cows, in-calf heifers and bulling heifers.  Trade topped at £2350 with Holstein milking heifers averaging £1824; the dispersal sale from Jacks Bank Farm topped at £1850 and dry cows topped at £1650.

The Wilson family from Clackmae Farm in Berwickshire sold 7 very tidy heifers to average £1985 and topped the sale at £2350 for Nydie Cover Laureen sired by Thurler RUW Cover and bred from an Awesome dam who gave almost 13000kgs as a three-year-old.

Top price -£2350

Another very impressive group of cows and heifers were consigned by the Wilson’s from Woodside Farm.  This group topped at £2150 to average £1970.  Topping this consignment was a daughter of AltaFireUP milking in her second lactation and giving almost 60kgs.

Also selling for £2150 was Ashberry Dreamer Una consigned by the Mounsey family from Ashfield Farm.  This powerful heifer was sired by Wiltor Dreamer and bred from a Shottle dam.

Stephen Boow from the Dunnderdale herd sold four outstanding heifers all giving oceans of milk.  This group topped at £2100 for a Progensis Granite daughter.

The dispersal sale from Jack Bank farm topped at £1850 for a freshly calved Hardrock daughter milking in her second lactation.

There was a super group of late lactation cows due in the new year from Crochmore Farms.  These well-bred group of cows were coming to the Angus sire and topped at £1650 for a Wilra Tapper daughter to average £1326.

In-calf heifers continue to sell well with heifers due soon selling to £1750 for a heifer consigned by Church Farm in Brampton.

There was many bulling heifers on offer with the Fleckvieh, Holstein Friesian and Ayrshire heifers all selling.  Stronger heifers selling to £1050 with younger heifers making down to £750.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Monday 14th September and features the Border & Lakeland Annual Autumn Bull Sale    An online version of this catalogue can be viewed at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230

74 Holstein heifers milk                                  £1824.15
17 Holstein cows milk                                     £1301.66
1 Jersey heifer in milk                                    £1800.00
4 Faulted fresh heifers                                    £1050.00
33 Jacks Bank Dispersal                                £1203.63
12 Faulted ¾ cow Jacks Bank                       £886.36
16 Late lactation cows due 2021                    £1326.87
26 Dry cows                                                    £1091.25
18 Holstein In-Calf/Recently served heifers   £1516.66
10 Fleckvieh bulling heifers                            £900.00
16 Holstein Friesian bulling heifers                £812.50
34 Ayrshire bulling heifers                              £776.25