Borderway Monthly Dairy Sale

1st May 2019


The May Day monthly dairy day sale at Borderway had a smaller consignment on offer than normal with just over 100 animals forward, trade topped at £2,000 to average £1500.  The trade was up on the month comparing like for like on a month when trade is traditional less.

Topping the trade at £2,000 was a pedigree heifer consigned by R&A Wilson, Clackmae Farm, Berwickshire.  Nydie Graceston April was sired by Co-Op Graceton and sold giving 36kgs.  Another heifer from this consignment that impressed was Nydie Flyn Lynn who sold for £1,900.  She was sired by Farnear-TBR-BH Lews Lynn and was also producing 36kgs.

Top Price – £2000

Andrew Graves from Home Farm, Tallentire sold nine heifers topping at £1,950 for a cracking uddered heifer with tons of power and width giving 36kgs.

G&M Rudd, Jenkins Cross, Wigton sold three super heifers all giving oceans of milk and all with attractive pedigrees topping at £1920 to average £1730.  Jenkin Leo Cassie had been classified Good Plus 84 and was giving 34kgs and bred from a Gen-I-Beq Skyfire dam with 5.8% butterfat.

Mr Walmsley from Staffords Farm, Preston sold three strong Holstein heifers all giving large volumes of milk.  This consignment topped at £1,900 for Fordswood Action Man Heinz, this long black silky hided heifer was giving 33kgs and bred from a Matson dam.

Cows topped at £1,880 for Grangehall Messi Tina consigned by the Lawrie family from Lanark.  She was sired by Boclair Messi and was giving 48kgs, the highest producer of the day.  Another cow from this home that attracted strong interest was Grangehall Aftershock Una sired by Berryholme Afterglo and sold for £1,850.

There was a number of coloured breeds forward including Ayrshire, Jersey and New Zealand Friesians.  Ayrshires topped at £1,400 for Bruchag Memorial Jewel Queen consigned by John & Gordon Lyle, Nether Pratis Farm, Fife.  A fine group of freshly calved cows from Cumrue Farming Partnership topped at £1,150 for a very milky cow giving 36kgs.

Bulling heifers topped at £1,000 for a well grown heifer consigned by John & Gordon Lyle, Nether Pratis Farm, Fife with the overall average settling at £863.

The next dairy sale at Borderway takes place on Wednesday 15th May and features 150 cows and heifers and young stock in the Border & Lakeland Club sale.  An online version of this catalogue can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230.

8 Holstein cows in milk                                   £1370.00
64 Holstein heifers in milk                               £1500.97
18 Jersey/Ayrshire/New Zealand Friesian     £854.66
7 Faulted/3 quartered cows/heifers in milk     £754.28
6 Holstein bulling heifers                                 £863.33