Borderway Monthly Dairy Sale

2nd October 2019


The October dairy sales kicked off at Borderway with over 300 dairy cattle in the Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale with many of the dairy breeds on offer and a packed ringside of buyers from across the UK.  Trade topped at £2,300 for a Fleckvieh bull with freshly calved heifers topping at £2100 with the overall average for milking heifers averaging £1521.

Topping the sale at £2100 was a pedigree heifer consigned by Robbie Scott from Shacklehill Farm in Ayrshire.  Nethervalley Mincio Ruby was sired by Mincio and was from a Cushathill dam bred by the Owen family from Eaglesfield.

The Vance family from Low Barledziew Farm near Newton Stewart sold four heifers from their high yielding Holstein herd to average £1917 with two heifers selling for £2000.  First to sell for £2000 was, Baledziew Paxon Marion she was giving 41kgs and sired by AltaPaxon next was Barledziew Roble Maude sired by AltaRoble who was bred from a dam with eight lactations over 11000kgs.

Messrs Hastwell from the Buildings Farm, Kirby Stephen sold two very milky heifers with their best selling for £1950

Balcurvie Holsteins from Fife sold 14 well-bred heifers all giving large volumes of milk.  They topped at £1880 for a powerful heifer giving 33kgs who was sired by Epic.

Quality cows giving large volumes of milk were in demand resulting in the trade for cows up on the month.  Ian Blamire from Mid Whinnow Farm, Thursby sold five powerful framed cows all giving oceans of milk to average £1718 and topped at £1850 for a 40kgs cow in her third lactation.

Matthew Workman sold two super uddered and very productive Montbeliarde heifers all giving up to 30kgs to average £1875 and topped at £1950.

One of the big attractions in today’s sale was the dispersal of the Portencalzie Fleckvieh herd owned by the Gaston family.  In total 124 cows and heifers sold to average £1203.  Most of the herd was late lactation cows due from October to March and were in-calf to the animal that topped the sale.

The Genostar son who was originally imported into the UK by top Fleckvieh breeder Mr Gordon Henderson topped the dispersal sale selling for £2300.

A tidy uddered Dutch imported cow sold for £2050 giving 33kgs who had calved back in June.  Another Dutch cow by the same sire sold for £2000, she was giving 40kgs and was due again in April.

In-Calf heifers sold well below their real value to average just under £1000.  They topped at £1450 for a British Friesian heifer consigned by Mr Wood from Well head Farm, Workington.

Bulling heifers and heifer calves also had a dropped in value with well-bred and well grown pedigree Holstein heifers averaging £546 and a strong group of Montbeliarde bulling heifers averaging £743.

The next dairy sale at Borderway will be on Wednesday 16th October and features the Border & Lakeland Pedigree Holstein club sale.  An online version of the catalogue can be viewed online at or can be ordered from the Pedigree Office 01228 406230.

19 Holstein cows in milk                                 £1662.22
59 Holstein heifers in milk                              £1521.60
4 Jersey Cows in milk                                      £792.50
2 Montbeliarde heifers in milk                       £1875.00
12 Holstein Cows Due Dec/Jan                       £920.00
5 Faulted/3/4 cows or heifers in milk             £824.00
124 Fleckvieh cows/heifers in milk                 £1203.82
1 Pedigree Fleckvieh Bull                                £2300.00
18 Holstein In-calf heifers                               £987.50
6 British Friesian In-Calf heifers                      £1241.66
12 Holstein bulling heifers                              £546.25
7 Montbeliarde recently served heifers         £910.00
14 Montbeliarde bulling heifers                     £743.07
14 Montbeliarde heifer calves                       £429.28