Borderway Prime Sheep Sale

28th December 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Friday 28th December, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime sheep which was slightly later in the week due to the festive holiday period.

All weights and grades sold to a great demand to average 200ppk.  Top price of the day was £108.80 for a pen of Texel crosses consigned by Mr PA Taylor, Hallfoot, Kirklinton.  Following at £107.80 which was paid on two occassions for Dutch Texels.  The first pen was consigned from Messrs Laird, Unity, Brampton and the other from Messrs JW Smith-Jackson, Hightown, Haltwhistle.  Top price per kilo was 249.5p for a tremendous pen of Texels shown by Messrs A & N Batty, Flimby Hall, Maryport.

Mules sold to £92.30 for an outstanding pen of 26 head from Messrs Fisher, Reaygarth selling to Mr M Bowe.

The next regular weekly sale of prime sheep at Borderway will take place on Monday 7th January 2019.

Leading prices per head: Texel £108.80, £102.80 Hallfoot, £106.80 East Cliff Farm, £103.80 (x3) Barrockend Farm, £103.80, £101.80 Brampton Fell Farm, £100.00 Gass Farm, £100.00 (x2) Round Meadows Farm, £99.80 Quarry House Farm, £98.80 Stanley House, £97.80 Flimby Hall, £96.80, £96.00 Cracrop Farm, £96.80 Wavercroft, £96.80 Haas Side Farm, £96.80, £96.30 Newbiggin Farm.  Dutch Texel £107.80, £96.80, £93.80 (x2), £90.80, £88.80, £86.80 Unity Farm, £107.80, £95.80, £94.80, £93.80, £87.80 Hightown, £91.80, £85.80 Thorneyland.  Suffolk £100.00, £95.80 Albyfield, £98.30 Mirkbooths, £95.80 Reaygarth, £93.30 Shankfield Head, £92.80, £82.00 Dacre Road, £92.80, £87.30 (x2) Aimshaugh, £86.80 Hazel House.  Beltex £101.80, £98.80, £94.80 Stockhill, £100.00, £95.80, £92.80 Shank Castle, £97.80 (x2), £95.80, £94.00, £93.80 (x2), £90.00 Tercrosset.  Greyface £92.30, £80.00 Reaygarth, £87.80 (x2), £83.80, £81.80 Round Meadows Farm, £86,80 Hightown, £84.00, £82.80 Brampton Fell Farm, £80.00 Quarry House Farm.  Blackface £81.30, £80 Quarry House Farm.  Swaledale £80.00 Round Meadows Farm.  Leicester £80 Brampton Fell Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 249.5p, 237p, 230.1p, 228.4p, 219.3p Flimby Hall, 245.6p, 221p Miller Hill, 243.4p Quarry House Farm, 242p Wavercroft, 237.5p, 235.4p, 217.7p (x2) Gass Farm, 236.1p, 231.6p, 224.5p Cracrop Farm, 226.3p Haas Side Farm, 224p Newbiggin Farm, 223.3p Shankfield Head, 218.4p Park Nook.  Beltex 245.3p, 234.1p, 222p Stockhill, 237.9p, 220.2p, 208.3p Shank Castle, 235.7p, 233.2p, 222.3p, 216p, 215.6p, 215.3p, 207p, 202.2p Tercrosset, 222.1p, 217.9p, 200p Uppercleuch.  Dutch Texel 242p, 222p, 218.8p Unity Farm, 239.6p, 234.5p, 220.2p Hightown, 229.5p, 216.6p, 215.1p. 205.6p, 200p Thorneyland.  Hill Cheviot 204.2p Hallfoot.  Suffolk 203p (x2), 191.3p Aimshaugh, 201.9p Hazel House, 193.3p Wiza Farm, 192.7p Mirkbooths.  Blackface 189.1p Quarry House Farm.   Greyface 184.6p Reaygarth.