Borderway Primestock Sale

10th December 2012

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 10th December Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.


Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A good show of 402 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward with trade for all classes being good to sell, with stock bulls particularly dear.  Mr Alan Irvine, Toppin Castle, sold two Limousin cows which sold for 205.5p/kg and 183.5p/kg both purchased by Mr John Little.  Messrs Rome & Co, Niven Hill, sold a Limousin cow for 189.5p/kg to Mr Les Fell.  Mr Birkett, Seacroft, sold a Charolais cow for 175.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats.  Messrs Ewbank, Tarn Hill sold the top priced Holstein cow for for 163.5p/kg to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Ivinson & Sons, Skelling, sold the top priced British Blue stock bull for 186.5p/kg at 998kg, £1861 to Mr Eric Hall.  Messrs Longland, Rushey Law, sold the top overall priced stock bull for 167.5p/kg at 1166kg, £1953 to Mr Eric Hall.

Leading price per Kilo: Limousin 205.5p, 183.5p Toppin Castle, 189.5p Niven Hill, 169.5p Thornton Tower, Charolais 175.5p, 166.5p Seacroft, Holstein 163.5p Tarn Hill, 162.5p, 161.5p Geltside Farm, 162.5p Cardew Hall, 155.5p Cote House Farm, 155.5p Castle Farm, 146.5p Lowthian Gill, 145.5p Woodclose, 141.5p Bullshead Farm, 138.5p Berrier Head, 137.5p Thornington Farm, 136.5p (x3), 134.5p, 131.5p, 130.5p Ardbrack, 135.5p, 131.5p Prestrie, 133.5p Stand Hill.

Overall: Limousin £1436 Toppin Castle, £1309 Niven Hill, £1247 Cracrop, £1215 Meadow Croft, Charolais £1329 Milnholm, Holstein £1153, £1069, £1040 Ardbrack, £1134 Bulls Head Farm, £1126 Low House, £1104 Standhill, £1073 Bromfield, £1070 Hill Head, £1036 Tarnhill, £1016 Castle Farm, £1001 Cote House.


Stock Bulls: British Blue 186.5p Skelling, 171.5p Winterhope Farm, Charolais 167.5p Rushey Law, Limousin 165.5p Shatton Lodge.

Overall: Charolais £1953 Rushey Law, British Blue £1861 Skelling, £1732 Winterhope, Limousin £1820 Shatton Lodge, £1562 Milnholm, Aberdeen Angus  £1540 Stoneraise. 


Prime Bulls –  A good show of 85 bulls were presented to a keen ringside of buyers, ensuring a flying trade.  Messrs Bradley, North Rigg, sold three British Blonde bulls to average 228.5p/kg, topping at 233.5p/kg and 230.5p/kg purchased by Mr Shaun McGimpsey and Mr John Little.  Messrs Priestley, Cracrop, sold a Limousin bull selling for 228.5p/kg to Mr Shaun McGimpsey.  Mr Alan Whitham, The Croft, sold a Limousin bull for 214.5p/kg at 810kg, £1737 to Mr John Little.

Leading price per Kilo: British Blonde 233.5p, 230.5p, 222.5p North Rigg Hill, Limousin 228.5p Cracrop, 227.5p, 219.5p Old Rectory, 226.5p, 225.5p Kellbarrow, 225.5p, 220.5p Barker House, British Blue 223.5p High House, Holstein 183.5p, 182.5p, 180.5p (x2) Woodslee Farm, 183.5p, 180.5p Justicetown, 183.5p High Rigg, 180.5p Blackrigg.

Overall: Limousin £1737 The Croft, £1508 Old Rectory, British Blue £1495 High House, Charolais £1441 Byreburn.     




Prime Cattle – A good show of prime cattle were forward.  Messrs Dodd, West View run of bullocks averaged 233.5p/kg, topping at 241.5p/kg for a British Blue purchased by Cleveland Meats.  Messrs Dodd also sold the top overall priced Limousin bullock which sold for 231.5p/kg at 775kg, £1794 to Pioneer Foods.  Messrs Blake, Halfway Well, bullocks topped at 227.5p/kg to Pioneer Foods.  Bromfield Farms Ltd sold a British Blue heifer for 224.5p/kg to Mr Bill Howard.

Leading price per kilo: Bullocks: British Blue 241.5p West View, Limousin 231.5p, 227.5p West View, 227.5p Halfway Well, 217.5p Church Farm, 217.5p, 216.5p Bowscales, 215.5p High Knells.

Heifers: British Blue 224.5p Bromfield, Limousin 215.5p Bowscales.

Overall: Bullocks: Limousin £1794, £1647 West View, £1677, £1591, £1582 Jacksonrigg, £1616 High Knells, £1583 Church Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1318 Bowscales, £1287 Blackrigg.

Prime Lambs – A larger show of 3218 sheep consisting of 3003 prime lambs and 215 cast ewes were presented to a good ringside of buyers. Best continental cross lambs again met firmer interest throughout the sale with heavy lambs also meeting stronger demand. Topping the sale at £100 was a fantastic pair of Beltex sold by M/s Dodd of West View weighing 43kg and sold to Mr Robert Skelton. Top price per kilo was 245.4p paid for a pen of 9 Beltex cross lambs shown by M/s Murray of Prior House weighing 37kg they sold at £90.80 to Mr Robert Skelton.


Leading Lamb prices per head:

Beltex £100, £95.80, £64.80, £91.80, £90 West View, £94.80, £90.80, £88.80 Prior House, £93.80, £89.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £93.80 Bank House, £92.30, £90.80 Castlehill, £91.80, £88.80 Bank House, Dutch Texel £92.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £89.80, £84.80, £78.30, £77.80 Unity Farm, £83.80 High Old Shield, £83.80, £79.80 Glebelands, £82.80 Copperthorns, £81.80 Ashfield, £80.80 High Old Shield, Texel £90.80 Cardew Hall Farm, £87.80(x2) Clea Mire, £86.80 Home Farm Cottage, £86.30 Bascodyke, £85.80 Kilnkwe, £85.80 Grassgarth, Rouge De L Ouest £88.80 Prior House,

Suffolk £82.80 Fern House, £78.80, £71.80 Hall Bank, £76.30 Fern House, £72.80 New Sandsfield, £71.80 Raygarth Field Farm, £70.80 North Scales, Bleu Du Maine £74.80, £72.80, £71.80, £68.80 Skiddaw View, Hill Cheviot £73.80 Castlehill, £73.80, £68.80 Home Farm Cottage, £67.30, £66.30 Outer Woodhead, £64.30(x2), £63.80 Woodside Farm, Greyfaced £66.80 Setterah Park, £66.80 Coombe Crag, £65.80 Spoutbank Farm, £64.80 Croglin High Hall, £64.30 Carrycoats Hall, Charollais £65.80, £64.80 Old Silloth Farm, £65.80 Albyfield, £61.30 Hayclose.


Leading Lamb prices per kilo:  Beltex 245.40p, 216.60p Prior House, 238.90p Newbiggin Hall Farm, 237p, 229.90p, 228.10p, 226.70p, 223.90p West View, 233.20p, 220.80p, 217.70p Bank House, 227.70p, 217.70p Glenmaid Farm, 227p, 217.20p Castlehill, Rouge De L Ouest 233.70p Prior House, Dutch Texel 226.50p, 209.90p, 202.10p High Old Shield, 217.40p Unity Farm, 215.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, 209.50p Glebelands, 207.60p, 204.40p, 200p Copperthorns, 206.10p Unity Farm, 197.10p Ashfield, Texel 218.70p Low Meathop Farm, 218.60p Nether Ernambrie, 216.20p Cardew Hall Farm, 214.50p Kilnkwe, 214.10p Clea Mire, 213.20p Hunley Farm, 212.30p Croglin High Hall, Bleu Du Maine 163.80p, 148.60p, 146.70p, 146.50p Skiddaw View, Suffolk 162.30p Tedcastle Farm, 158.30p Outer Woodhead, 155.10p Spoutbank Farm, 153p Raygarth Field Farm, 151.80p, 150.70p(x3), 150.10p, 148.90p Fauld Farm, 148p Hall Bank, Charollais 158p, 140p Old Silloth Farm, 157.20p Hayclose, 149.50p Albyfield, Hill Cheviot 157.90p Outer Woodhead, 154.90p, 153.70p, 153.10p Woodside Farm, 144.80p Home Farm Cottage, 144.70p Castlehill, 140.20p Outer Woodhead, 136.70p Home Farm Cottage, Leicester 151.90p Copperthorns, Greyfaced 151.30p Spoutbank Farm, 145.60p, 145.20p Croglin High Hall, 143.70p Coombe Crag, 142.90p Hayclose, 142.10p Setterah Park, Zwartbles 140.50p Far Brownrigg, 111.20p Upper Brydekirk, Blackfaced 139.40p Carrycoats Hall.