Borderway Primestock Sale

29th October 2012

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 29th October Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle –  A large show of 452 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward with one of the largest ring side of buyers seen at Borderway for some time.  Messrs Storrow & Son, Willimoteswick Farm, sold the top priced British Blue stock bull, selling for 174.5p/kg to Mr John Little.  Messrs Young, Crummock Bank, sold the top priced Charolais cow selling for 164.5p/kg to Messrs Holmes.  Ling Dairies Ltd, sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus cow selling for 159.5p/kg to Cleveland Meats.  Smallthwaite Farms Ltd sold the top priced Holstein cow selling for 148.5p/kg bought by Mr Eric Hall.  Crowhall Farms Ltd sold the top priced Charolais stock bull selling for £1524 to Mr Eric Hall.  Messrs Lawson & Son, South Farm, sold the top priced Charolais cow selling for 158.5p/kg at 960kg, £1521 to Messrs Holmes.

Stock Bulls

Leading Prices

British Blue 174.5p Willimoteswick Farm, Limousin 166.5p Great Farm House.

Leading Price – Overall

Charolais £1524 Crow Hall Farm, British Blue £1396 Willimoteswick Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1373 Hill Farm, Limousin £1352 Newtown Farm. 

Leading Prices
Charolais 164.5p Crummock Bank, 158.5p South Farm, Aberdeen Angus 159.5p Harrington Ling, Limousin 154.5p Lower Griseburn, 154.5p Rose Cottage, 153.5p Whiteside Farm, Holstein 148.5p Smallthwaite Farm, 147.5p (x2), 143.5p, 131.5p Cockley Bank, 134.5p Petteril Side, 133.5p Wavercroft, 132.5p Hillhead.

Leading Prices – Overall
Charolais £1521 South Farm, £1319 Crummock Bank, Limousin £1178 Rose Cottage, £1147 Osborne Farm, Montbeliarde £1127 The Beeches, Salers £1082 Glassonby.   

Prime Bulls – A larger show of 88 prime bulls were forward with a keen ringside of buyers ensuring one of the dearest trades for some time.  Mr Nixon, Hunters Hall, sold two Limousin bulls both for 223.5p/kg purchased by West Scottish and Mr John Little.  Messrs Rogerson, Maisongill, bulls topped at 223.5p/kg for a British Blonde and 222.5p/kg for a Limousin both purchased by Mr John Little. Messrs Lawson & Son, South Farm, sold the top priced Charolais bull selling for 219.5p/kg to Mr John Little.  Mr Horn, Lower Griseburn, sold the top overall priced Limousin bull selling for 215.5p/kg at 880kg, £1896 bought by Mr Young.  Messrs Wood & Son, Wragmire Bank, Black & White bulls topped at 182.5p/kg and 181.5p/kg bought by Cleveland Meats and Bowland Foods. 

Leading Prices

Limousin 223.5 (x2) Hunters Hall, 222.5p Maisongill, 218p Gladsmuir, 215.5p Lower Griseburn, 211.5p Scales Hall, 211.5p Kirkland of Long Castle, British Blonde 223.5p, 211.5p Maisongill, Charolais 219.5p, 216.5p South Farm, Holstein 182.5p, 181.5p, 178.5p Wragmire Bank, 178.5p High Whinw Farm, 177.5p Old Church, 176.5p Jerriestown.

Leading Prices – Overall

Limousin £1896 Lower Griseburn, £1768 Scales Hall, £1682, £1653 Hunters Hall, £1681 Cracrop, Charolais £1669 South Farm, Parthenais £1470 Marina House.

Prime Cattle – A mixed show of prime cattle were forward with quality cattle being in demand.  Messrs Dodd, West View, run of Limousin bullocks averaged 234.8p/kg which topped at 236.5p bought by Pioneer Foods.  Mr Richard Harrison, Aikhead Hall, sold the top overall priced Charolais bullock selling for 221.5p/kg  at 779kg, £1725 to Pioneer Foods.  Mr Darren Jones, Ashcroft, sold the top priced British Blonde heifer selling for 222.5p/kg at 668kg, £1486 to Mr John Little. 

Leading Prices:

Heifers –  British Blonde 222.5p Ashcroft, British Blue 220.5p Ashcroft.

Bullocks – Limousin 236.5p, 234.5p, 233.5p West View, 222.5p Aikhead Hall, Charolais 221.5p Aikhead Hall.


Leading Prices – Overall:

Bullocks – Charolais £1725, £1694 Aikhead, Limousin £1577, £1570 West View.

Heifers – British Blonde £1486 Ashcroft, Simmental £1370 Arld House, British Blue £1342 Ashcroft.


Prime Sheep: A show of 1624 prime lambs and 242 cast sheep were forward. Top price of the day went to Messrs Thornborrow of Newbiggin Hall Farm for a pen of Texel lambs and top price per kg also went to Messrs Thornborrow at 232p/kg. Heavy lambs were still harder to cash with well fed, handy weight lambs easier sold.

Leading Lamb prices per head: Texel £97.80, £79.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £91.80, £82.30 New Houses Farm, £87.80, £82.80, £79.80 Cardew Hall Farm, £85.80 Nether Dargavel, £84.80 Itonfield Cottage, £83.80 Blackrigg, £79.80 West Cocklaw Farm, Beltex £90.80, £86.80, £75.80, £72.80 Hargill House, £87.80(x2), £86.80, £82.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, Dutch Texel £87.80 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £85.30, £84.80, £80.80, £74.80 Woodhead Farm, £79.80, £77.30(x2), £76.30(x2) Low Row, £74.80 High Fell, Suffolk £84.80, £74.80 Townhead Farm, £82.80, £73.80(x2) Lesson Hall, £81.80, £73.80 Stockastead, £75.80 White House, £73.80 Raygarth Field Farm, £73.30 Albyfield, Charollais £72.80 Stockastead, Greyfaced £71.30 Setterah Park, £61.80 The Bog Farm, £60.80 Temple House Farm, Blackfaced £60.80 Upper Brydekirk.


Leading Lamb prices per kilo:  Texel  232.90p, 181.40p Newbiggin Hall Farm, 211p, 203.20p New Houses Farm, 209.30p Nether Dargavel, 191.80p Buckabank Farm, 187.60p Far Brownrigg, 184.50p Flimby Hall Farm, 184.40p Uppercleugh Farm, 181.40p Copperthorns, 179.30p Woodhead Farm, Beltex 222.30p, 216.80p, 214.30p, 204.40p Newbiggin Hall Farm, 218.80p, 206.70p Hargill House, Dutch Texel 203.10p, 199.50p, 190.10p, 189.40p Woodhead Farm, 199.50p High Fell, 195.70p, 186.10p, 181.70p, 179.30p Low Houses, 176.40p High Old Shield, 175.60p Newbiggin Hall Farm, Suffolk 162.60p, 150.70p Outer Woodhead, 160p Townhead Farm, 159.30p Buckabank Farm, 155.20p Holebeck Farm, 151.40p The Beeches, 151.40p Hayclose, 151.40p Townhead Farm, 151.30p Lamonby House, Charollais 141.40p Stockastead, Greyfaced 140.50p The Bog Farm, 139.30p Hayclose, 137p Burthwaite Farm, 132.20p Temple House Farm.


Ewes: Ewes were harder to cash compared to last week.

Leading Ewes and Rams prices per head: Texel £109.50 Hargill House, £98.50 Parks Farm, £81.50, £69.50 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £77.30, £75.50, £68.50, £67.50 Steeley Farm, £75.50, £72.50, £68.50 Middle Horsleyhope Farm, Lleyn £85.50 Parks Farm, Suffolk £78.50 Steeley Farm, £76.50, £71.80 Buckabank Farm, £68.50 Strret Head, £68.50 Outer Woodhead, £59.50 Middle Horsleyhope Farm, Halfbred £78.50, £75.50, £71.50, £54.50, £53.50 Silverhow Farm, Charollais £68.50 Outer Woodhead, Beltex £65.50, £58.50 Steeley Farm, Greyfaced £63.50, £55.50 Steeley Farm, £59.30 Low Barn, £57.50 Parks Farm, £54.50 Newbiggin Hall Farm, £52.30 Street Head, £49.50 Springfield Farm, £49.50 Flimby Hall, North Country Cheviot £46.80 Westgarth Hill, Blackfaced £38.30 Nutholm Farm, Swaledale £16.50 Westgarth Hill.