Borderway Primestock Sale

15th January 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 15th January, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime cattle and sheep. An entry of 582 Cast Cows, prime bull and clean cattle along with and increased entry of 2318 prime sheep were forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – Once again a good show of 437 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer with a much improved show of beef cows resulting in a sharper trade.

Messrs Pattinson, Temon Farm sold an outstanding British Blue cow which sold for 780kg, 214.5ppk or £1673 and was purchased by Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Sowerby & Sons, Sycamore Rise run of cows topped at 923kg, 163.5ppk or £1509 for a British Blue cow purchased again by Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Nixon & Sons, Stotsfold Farm run of Limousin cross cows topped at 877kg, 163.5ppk or £1433 and was purchased by Dawn Meats. Mr Keith Harryman, Keskadale Farm run of Limousin cross cows topped at 673kg, 212.5ppk or £1430 and to 777kg, 183.5ppk or £1425, both of which were purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Goldie, Greenfield sold the top priced Charolais cow, which sold for 921kg, 146.5ppk or £1349 once again selling to Mr Kirkpatrick. Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm sold the top prices Aberdeen Angus cow for 737kg, 172.5ppk or £1271 and was purchase by Mr Sean McGimpsey.

A large show of black and white cows were on offer with a lack of quality about resulting in plainer cows being a great trade. Messrs Bulman & Son sold a British Friesian cow for 738kg, 146.5ppk or £1081 and sold to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Harrison, Hazel Head sold the top priced Holstein cross cow which sold for 755kg, 137.5ppk or £1038 to Mr McGimpsey. Messrs Naylor, Hill Green sold a Holstein cross cow for 848kg, 121.5pk or £1030 to Dawn Meats. Messrs Elwen, Netherfield Farm sold a Holstein cross heifer for 149.5ppk to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Wood, Arnold House sold a Montbeliarde cross heifer for 146.5ppk to Mr McGimpsey. Messrs Slack, Cockleybank sold a Holstein cross heifer to 145.5ppk or 144.5ppk and were purchased by Pickstocks and Mr McGimpsey.

A good show of 11 stock bulls were forward with Messrs Faulder, Amazone House selling the top priced British Blue bull for 1039kg, 180.5ppk or £1875 and was purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Potts, Hedley Park Farm sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus bull which sold for 1204kg, 116.5ppk or £1402 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Willey, Broomfield Farm sold the top priced Simmental bull, which sold for 1146kg, 116.5ppk or £1335 and was purchased by Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Elliott, Harbour Flatt sold the top priced Limousin bull, which sold for 957kg, 133.5ppk or £1277 to Owain Llyr.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head: British Blue £1673 Temon Farm, £1509, £1152 Sycamore Rise, £1387 Wall End Farm, £1379, £1256 Keskadale Farm, £1298 Balgray Hill, £1157,  £1100 Wyse Hill Farm, £1126 Halesfield Farm, £1100 Sandbed Farm, Limousin £1433 Stotsfold Farm, £1430, £1425 Keskadale Farm, £1390, £1215 Sycamore Rise, £1342, £1222, £1174 Little Orton Farm, £1322 Balgray Hill, £1308, £1177 Hudscales, £1306 Cumdivock Farm, £1296 Greenbrae, £1267, £1161 Wyse Hill Farm, £1256 Winterhope Farm, £1155 Fellside Farm, £1151 Amazone House, £1146 Reddings, £1132 Flimby Hall Farm, Charolais £1349 Greenfield, Aberdeen Angus £1271 Potholm, £1182 Arnold House, £1087 Cumdivock Farm, £1001 Barker House, British Friesian £1081 Bank House, Shorthorn £1075 Minsca Farm, South Devon £1043 Bailey, Holstein Friesian £1038 Hazel Head, £1030, £988 Hill Green, £996 Hillhead, £968 Netherfield Farm, £964 Burtholme Farm, £963 Townfoot Farm, £962 Mirkbooths, Staberliser £1004 The Farmhouse, Saler £1003 Glassonby Beck Farm, Holstein £967 East Logan, Montbeliarde £919 Broomfield Farm.

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 214.5p Temon Farm, 198.5p, 175.5p Keskadale Farm, 179.5p Wall End Farm, 166.5p Haresceugh Castle, 166.5p, 163.5p Sycamore Rise, 163.5p Halefield Farm, 158.5p Balgray Hill, 157.5p Sandbed Farm, 152.5p, 139.5p Wyse Hill Farm, Limousin 212.5p, 183.5p, 178.5p, 168.5p Keskadale Farm, 184.5p Cumdivock Farm, 182.5p, 168.5p Balgray Hill, 179.5p Hudscales, 177.5p Reddings, 174.5p Lawston Farm, 171.5p, 170.5p, 168.5p, 158.5p Little Orton Farm, 170.5p Winterhope Farm, 167.5p Greenbrae, 165.5p Sycamore Rise, 163.5p Stotsfold Farm, 162.5p Wyse Hill Farm, 157.5p Flimby Hall Farm, Aberdeen Angus 177.5p, 153.5p Arnold House, 172.5p Potholm, 161.5p Branetrigg, 146.5p Cumdivock Farm, Holstein Friesian 149.5p Netherfield Farm, 145.5p, 144.5p Cockelybank, 138.5p Tanrigg Moor, 137.5p Hillhead, 137.5p Hazel Head, 133.5p Mirkbooths, 131.5p Moorhouse Farm, 125.5p, 121.5p Hill Green, 124.5p Burtholme Farm, 124.5p Skelton Wood End, 124.5p Thornington Farm, 121.5p Middle Bank Farm, British Friesian 146.5p, 145.5p Bank House, 127.5p Hillhead, 127.5p Bownesss Hall, 124.5p, 123.5p, 122.5p Thornington Farm, 123.5p Wellington Farm, Montbeliarde 146.5p Arnold House, 125.5p Broomfield Farm, Charolais 146.5p, 143.5p Greenfield, Staberliser 141.5p The Farmhouse, Saler 140.5p, 135.5p, 133.5p, 128.5p Glassonby Beck Farm, Holstein 134.5p Gaitsgill Hall Farm, 134.5p Blencogo House, 127.5p Flatt Bank, 121.5p East Logan, M.R.I 129.5p Low Plains, Swedish Red & White 126.5p Brayshaw, Shorthorn 124.5p, 122.5p Minsca Farm, South Devon 122.5p Bailey, Simmental 121.5p Cleughbrae Farm.

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: British Blue £1875 Amazone House, Aberdeen Angus £1402 Hedley Park Farm, Simmental £1335 Bromfield Farm, £1313 Dinnans.

Cast Bull Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 180.5p Amazone House, Limousin 133.5p Harbour Flatt, Simmental 124.5p Dinnans.

Prime Bulls – Another big show of 100 prime bulls forward with all classes selling very well on the week. Top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, Newcastle who peaked at £1633.07 and was purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor and another sold to £1615.71 from the same home and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers. Charolais sold to £1494.95 and £1489.95 from Messrs Prudham, Whitefield, Brampton both of which were purchased by Ralph Pearson. Aberdeen Angus sold to £1477.30from Messrs Hyslop, Gillrig, Lockerbie. Messrs Bradley, Marina, Maryport sold the top priced Parthenais, which sold to £1417.58 and was purchased by Brookwood Abattoir, Halifax.

Top overall pence per kilo of 234.5ppk was achieved by Messrs Proctor, Swarland Old Hall for the aforementioned bull. Messrs Norman, Little Orton, Carlisle sold a Limousin bull to 232.5ppk and Messrs Horn, Lower Griseburn also sold a Limousin bull, this time to 230.5ppk.

Black and white bulls sold to £1302.20 from Messrs Prudham, Whitefield, Brampton also receiving top pence per kilo of 191.5ppk

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1633, £1615 Swarland Old Hall, £1534, £1515 Balgray Hill, £1523 Lower Griseburn, £1434, £1426 Little Orton Farm, £1375, £1228 High Whinnow Farm, £1330 Aulby Farm, £1323 Bowness Hall, £1321 Bectonhall, £1307 The Flatt, £1234 Old Church Farm, £1234 East Park Farm, Charolais £1494, £1489 Whitefield, £1412 Low House, Aberdeen Angus £1477 Gillrig, £1317 Cote House Farm, £1148 Whitefield, Parthenais £1417 Marina House, Fleckvieh £1302 Whitefield, £1144, £1139 Aldermanseat Farm, British Blue £1300, £1284 Justicetown Farm, Montbeliarde £1279 Aspatria Hall, Holstein £1194, £1063, £1009, £998, £993 Musgrave Hall, £995, £955 South Lambhill, Holstein Friesian £1181, £1026 Blackrigg, £1153, £1148, £1022 Milton Farm, £1062, £1000 Old Church Farm, £990 Wreay Hall, £968 Bectonhall, £963 Kirkbride House, £950 South Lambhill, £944 Justicetown Farm, £940 Street Head, British Friesian £1126, £1062 Aulby Farm, £1094 The Flatt, £1023, £938 Hillhead, Simmental £1054 Wallhead, Galloway £1036, £1005 Balgray Hill, Brown Swiss £991 Peel Flatt Farm, Shorthorn £930 Brisco Hill, Hereford £920 Wallhead.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 234.5p, 226.5p Swarland Old Hall, 232.5p, 227.5p Little Orton Farm, 230.5p Lower Griseburn, 224.5p Cleughbrae Farm, 217.5p, 210.5p Balgray Hill, 209.5p Wallhead, 208.5p East Park Farm, 206.5p The Flatt, Parthenais 230.5p Marina House, Charolais 208.5p Whitefield, British Blue 203.5p, 199.5p Justicetown Farm, 199.5p Bectonhall, Aberdeen Angus £197.5p Gillrig, 188.5p, 180.5 Cote House Farm, 181.5p Whitefield, Fleckvieh 191.5p Whitefield, 178.5p, 177.5p Aldermanseat Farm, British Friesian 187.5p (x2) Aulby Farm, 173.5p The Flatt, Galloway 186.5p, 180.5p Balgray Hill, Montbeliarde 180.5p Aspatria Hall, Holstein 176.5p, 166.5p, 160.5p (x2), 156.5p Musgrave Hall, 155.5p South Lambhill, Holstein Friesian 172.5p, 157.5p Blackrigg, 166.5p, 157.5P Old Church Farm, 163.5p Cote House Farm, 160.5p Kirkbride House, 159.5p Justicetown Farm, 158.5p Wreay Hall, 154.5p, 153.5p High Whinnow Farm, 153.5p South Lambhill, Hereford 169.5p Wallhead.

Prime Cattle – A mixed show of 56 prime steer and heifers forward selling at a slightly lesser rate to that prior to Christmas. Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Story, Jacksonrigg, Longtown peaking at £1623 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Top price Saler cross sold to £1448 from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle and was purchased by Messrs Mulholland  Butchers, Great Orton, Carlisle. Charolais sold to £1443 from Messrs Story, Blackrigg, Longtown and was purchased by Mr Les Fell, Settle. Top pence per kilo of 234.5ppk was achieved by Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow for a Limousin cross and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, closely followed by 233.5ppk from Messrs Story, Newbiggin, Carlisle.

In the heifer section a top price of £1344 was paid for a Limousin cross cow from Messrs Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, Morpeth and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie. Aberdeen Angus crosses sold to £1309 from Messrs Harrison, Down Hall, Wigton and was purchased by Mr Les Fell, Settle. Top overall pence per kilo of 241.5ppk was attained by Messrs Story, Newbiggin Farm and was purchased by Messrs Mather, Kelso. Others sold to 236.5ppk from the same home and were purchased by Whittakers Butchers, Accrington, and finally British Blues again from Newbiggin sold to 231.5ppk and were purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.

Steer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1623 Jackson Rigg, £1542, £1506, £1490, £1461, £1421 Newbiggin Farm, £1462, £1399 Low Whinnow Farm, £1396 High Knells, £1392 Demesne Farm, Saler £1448 Low Whinnow Farm, Charolais £1443 Blackrigg, British Blue £1345 Mealrigg House, Holstein Friesian £1038 Thornington Farm, British Friesian £1031 Thornington Farm.

Heifer Leading prices per head: British Blue £1291 Newbiggin Farm, Limousin £1344 Swarland Old Hall, £1301, £1262 Newbiggin Farm, £1262 Demesne Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1309, £1219, £1143 Down Hall, £1105 Demesne Farm, Holstein Friesian £1077 Old Town Farm.

Steer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 234.5p Low Whinnow Farm, 233.5p, 229.5p, 224.5p, 215.5p Newbiggin Farm, 226.5p, 215.5p, 214.5p Lords Close, 214.5p Jackson Rigg, Saler 228.5p Low Whinnow Farm, British Blue 212.5p Mealrigg House, British Friesian 167.5p, 165.5p Thornington Farm, Holstein Friesian 159.5p (x2) Thornington Farm.

Heifer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 241.5p, 236.5p, 223.5p Newbiggin Farm, 218.5p Mirkbooths, British Blue 231.5p Newbiggin Farm, Aberdeen Angus 177.5p (x3) Down Hall, 175.5p Demesne Farm, Holstein Friesian 170.5p Old Town Farm.

Prime Hoggs – The weekly sale had an entry of 2100 prime hoggs forward, with trades being sharper on the week for all weights and classes.

Beltex hoggs topped the sale at £108.80 on two separate occasions, firstly from W, J & I Dinsdale, Highfield, Morland and secondly from RR, E & JR Reay, St Oswalds Farm, Hexham, both of which sold to Mr A Dawson.

A separate lot of Beltex hoggs again from Messrs Dinsdale topped the pence per kilo at 281.1ppk or £106.80 for a pen of 3 weighing 38kg again also selling to Mr Dawson.

Suffolk lambs sold to £98.30 for a great pen from Messrs Robson, Merryshields, Capheaton and to 199.6ppk from Messrs Lawson, Roe Farm, Sebergham.

Mules peaked at £89.80 from Messrs Teasdale, Kellah, Haltwhistle, and to 189.3ppk from Messrs Fisher, Reaygarth, Brampton.

Hill lambs sold to £88.30 for Blackfaced from Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown, Longtown and to 192.7ppk for Cheviots from Messrs Reid, Bengal, Lockerbie.

An increased number of ewes sold to a top of £107.50 for three occasions.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £108.80, £97.80, £94.30, £91.80 St Oswalds Farm, £108.80, £106.80, £100, £97.80, £97.80, £93.80 High Field, £105.80, £100, £97.80 (x2), £97.80, £94.80, £93.80 West Moorhouses, Texel £103.80 Hightown, £103 The Croft, £102.80, £100.80 (x2) Bengall Farm, £102.80 Thirlwall Castle Farm, £101.80 Westhills Farm, £100.80, £98.80, £95.80 Kellah,£98.80 Park House, £97.30 Blue Dial Farm, £97.30 Merryshield, £96.80 Cowranside Farm, £96.80, £95.80 Mossband Hall, £96.50 Westgarth Hill, £95.80 Smalmstown Farm, £95.80 Basco Dyke, Suffolk £98.30 Merryshield, £93.80 East Cliff Farm, £92.80, £85.30 Mirkbooths, £91.80 Bromfield Hall, £89.80 Midtown, £88.80, £83.80 The Square, £88.80 Roe Farm, £87.30 Raygarth Field Farm, £86.80 Midtown, £84.80, £80 Jackson Rigg, Leicester £97.80 Hundith House, Dutch Texel £96.80, £96.80, £94.80, £93.80, £92.80, £91.80 Unity Farm, £96.80 Woodhead Farm, Greyfaced £89.80 Kellah, £88.80 Brampton Fell Farm, £85.30 Westgarth Hill, £84.30 (x2) Jackson Rigg, £83.80 Boggle Hall, £83.30 Reaygarth, £82.80 Coombe Crag, £82.30 Mirkbooths, Blackfaced £85.30, £85.80, £83.30 Smalmstown Farm, Hill Cheviot £84.80 Bengall Farm, £78.30 Westgarth Hill, Swaledale £75.80 Burn House, £71.80 Hargill House, Herdwick £74.80 Longrow Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 281.1p, 275.4p, 266.7p, 250.8p, 244.5p, 240.5p, 237.8p, 219.3p High Field, 279p, 247.6p, 235.8p, 219.7p, 203p St Oswalds Farm, 271.3p, 238.5p, 232.9p, 228.8p, 214.5p, 206.1p, 205.9p West Moorhouses, Texel 263.6p, 234.5p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 241.4p Hightown, 232.8p, 231.1p, 216.6p, 214.9p Clea Mire, 226p Fineview, 225.8p Laws Hall, 225.7p, 220.2p Smalmstown Farm, 225.7p Ewan Close, 224.5p Kellah, 221.7p Cowranside Farm, 221.2p Swallowdene, 221.1p The Square, 217.7p Mossband Hall, 216.6p Westhills Farm, 214.5p Reaygarth, 213.8p Gelt Hall Farm, Dutch Texel 235.2p, 221.7p, 204.4p Woodhead Farm, 230.4p Thorneyland, 206p Unity Farm, 204.7p High Old Shield Farm, Suffolk 199.6p Roe Farm, 197.3p The Square, 196.2p Raygarth Field Farm, 185.5p Bromfield Hall, 185.4p Mirkbooths, 184.3p Town Head, 180.4p East Cliff Farm, Hill Cheviot 192.7p Bengall Farm, 184.2p Westgarth Hill, Blackfaced 191.5p, 188.6p, 184p Smalmstown Farm, Greyfaced 189.3p Reaygarth, 187.3p, 179.4p Jackson Rigg, 187p Mirkbooths, 183.4p Westgarth Hill, 180p Cold Shields, 179.6p Kellah, 179.4p Brampton Fell Farm, 175.7p Branch End Farm, 175.7p Westhills Farm, 175p Pennersaughs Cottage, Herdwick 175.1p Longrow Farm, Swaledale 172.6p Cold Shields.