Borderway Primestock Sale

12th February 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 12th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime cattle and sheep where a smaller entry of 523 Cast Cows, Bulls and Prime Cattle were on offer.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A large show 344 cast cows and 10 stock bulls were forward on Monday with a better show of beef cows on offer resulting in a sharper trade.

M/s Dempster, Castle Hill sold an outstanding Charolais cow for 907kg, 188.5p, £1709 bought by Owain Llyr. M/s Browell & Son, Quarry House Farm run of cows topped at 857kg at 182.5p totalling £1564 bought by Owain Llyr. M/s Studholme & Son, Nealhouses Farm sold the top priced Limousin x cow which gained 866kg at 166.5p totalling £1441 bought by Sean McGimpsey. M/s DA Harrison, Hill House Farm run of cows topped at 764kg at 183.5p, £140 bought by Owain Llyr. M/s Wigham, High Todhill Wood sold the top priced Blonde x cow which sold for 734kg ay 178.5p, £1310 to Owain Llyr. M/s Robley Demesne Farm sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus cow which sold for 847kg, 148.5p, £1257 to Sean McGimpsey.

A good show of black and white cows were forward with all classes being in great demand. M/s Hunter & Son, Berrier Head sold the top priced Holstein x cow which sold for 851kg, 134.5p, £1144 to Dawn Meats. M/s Fisher, Smalmstown Farm run of Holstein x cows topped at 773kg, 147.5p, £1140 to Sean McGimpsey. Bays Leap Dairy run of cows topped at 811kg, 137.5p, £1115 for a Holstein x bought by Dawn Meats. M/s Armstrong & Sons, Broomhills sold a Holstein x cow for 831kg, 129.5p, £1076 bought by Pickstocks. M/s Rome, Fauldie sold a Holstein x heifer for 155.5p to Sean McGimspey. M/s Jackson, Skelton Wood End sold a Holstein x heifer for 153.5p to Les Fell. Stock were in Great Demand.

M/s Longlands, Rushey Law Farm sold the top priced Charolais stock bull selling  for 1255kg, 138.5p, £1738 to Charles Kirkpatrick. M/s Wight & son, Carwood farm sold a Charolais stock bull for 1069kg, 152.5p, £1630 to Sean McGimpsey. M/s DA Harrison, Hill House Farm sold the top priced British Blue a stock bull which sold for 879kg, 173.5p, £1525 to Sean McGimpsey. M/s Cooper, Hallmoor sold the top priced Limousin stock bull selling 997kg, 151.5p, £1510 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head: Charolais £1709 Castlehill, £1249 Townhead Farm British Blue £1564 Quarry House, £1252 Edenbanks, £1197 Braithwaite Hall, £1142 Nealhouse Farm, £1065 Lamonby Hall, £1004 Tedcastle Farm Limousin £1441 Nealhouse Farm, £1401,  £1200, £1104 Hill House Farm, £1334 West Wharmley, £1310 Church Farm, £1214, £1129 Quarry House, £1199, £1194 Chapel House, £1169 Halmyre Farm, £1163 Kirkhouse Farm, £1134 Demesne Farm Aberdeen Angus £1375 High Pow, £1257 Demesne Farm Blonde £1310 High Todhill Wood British Blue X £1217 Nealhouse Farm, £1044 Quarry House Hereford £1185 Demesne Farm Holstein £1007 Kirkbride House Holstein Friesian £1144 Berrier Head, £1140, £1025 Smalmstown Farm, £1115 Bays Leap Farm, £1084 Broomhills, £1076 King Hill, £1034 Park House, £1023 Upmanby Farm, £1020 Wood Farm Simmental £1141, £1136, £1116 Castlewigg Farm, £1051 Oakrigg Farm, £1026 Bustabeck British Friesian £1090, £1066 Thornington Farm, £1031 Lamonby Hall, Beef Shorthorn £1068 Bays Leap Farm, £1051 West Wharmley WBSH £1045 Chapel House MRI £1027 Mirkbooths Shorthorn £988 Minsca Farm, Dairy Shorthorn £984 Bays Leap Farm Red Devon £925 Laurence Holme.

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: Charolais £1738 Rushey Law Farm, £1630 Carwood Farm British Blue £1525 Hill House Limousin £1510 Hallmoor Holstein Friesian £1344 Skelton Wood End

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: Charolais 188.5p Castlehill Limousin 184.5p, 177.5p Demesne Farm, 183.5p, 155.5p, 151.5p Hill House, 179.5p Chapel House, 177.5p, 154.5p  West Wharmley, 175.5p Bonshawside, 172.5p, 157.5p Quarry House, 166.5p Nealhouse Farm, 157.5p Kirkhouse Farm, 156.5p Halmyre Farm, 155.5p Penlaw Farm, 152.5p Nealhouse British Blue 182.5p Quarry House, 173.5p Hill House, 166.5p Nealhouse Farm, 162.5p Meikle Kirkland, 156.5p Edenbanks Hereford 180.5p Demesne Farm, 135.5p Townhead Farm, 130.5p West Wharmley Blonde 178.5p High Todhill Wood British Blue X 172.5p Nealhouse Farm, 152.5p Quarry House WBSH 172.5p Chapel House, 169.5p Nutholm Farm Simmental 169.5p Lamonby Hall, 158.5p Nutholm Farm Holstein 155.5p Fauldie, 133.5p Kirkbride House, 131.5p Petteril Bank Farm Holstein Friesian 149.5p Mirkbooths, 148.5p, 147.5p Espland Hill,  147.5p Smalmstown, 139.5p, 133.5p Park Farm, 137.5p Bays Leap, 135.5p Lane End Farm, 134.5p Berrier Head , 134.5p Nutholm Farm, 133.5p Broomhills Aberdeen Angus 148.5p Demesne Farm, 137.5p Westwood, 134.5p Hill House Farm, 126.5p Minsca Farm, 125.5p High Pow British Friesian 143.5p, 133.5p Thornington Farm, 138.5p, 130.5p Town End Farm, 137.5p Burtholme Farm, 133.5p High House, 131.5p Croft Farm, Beef Shorthorn 141.5p Bays Leap Farm, 133.5p West Wharmley MRI 141.5p Mirkbooths Brown Swiss 138.5p Temon Farm Montbeliarde 131.5p Fauldie Shorthorn 131.5p Minsca Farm Red Devon 124.5p Laurence Holme Belted Galloway 122.5p Nilston Rigg

Cast Bull Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 173.5p Hill House, Holstein Friesian 153.5p Skelton Wood End Charolais 152.5p Carwood Farm, Limousin 151.5p Hallmoor

Prime Bulls –  A fantastic entry of 108 prime bulls forward selling very well once again on the week achieving a day’s top of £2029.28 for a Charolais from M/s Wight, Carwood Farm, Biggar and purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Limousins to £2022.02 from M/s Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle and purchased by M/s Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie another sold to £1601.60 from M/s Hutton, Setmabanning Farm, Keswick. British Blues to £1807.38 from M/s Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle and 31787.94 for another. M/s Hall run of 12 bulls averaged 232.58ppk and/or £1617.78 per head. Simmentals to £1672.22 from M/s Gwynne, Castlewigg, Newton Stewart.

Top overall pence per kilo of 244.5p was attained by M/s Hall, Ainstable for an aforementioned Limousin x. M/s Little, Greenhill, Wigton peaked at 230.50p for another. Black and whites remain a solid trade with best Friesian sorts with good flesh easily sold and equating to good money. Top overall was £1120.08 from M/s Nelson, Braithwaite Hall, Carlisle and purchased by M/s Jewitt, Spennymoor. The same vendors also attained top pence per kilo of 182.50p for another purchased by the same company.

Leading prices per head: Charolais £2029, £1585 Carwood Limousin £2022 Ainstable Hall, £1601 Setmabanning, £1439 How Gill, £1433, £1365 Greenhill Farm, £1415, £1283 Fellside Farm, £1398 Dalebottom, £1287, £1271, £1265, £1263 Glenzierfoot British Blue £1807, £1787, £1688, £1668, £1539, £1525, £1520, £1486, £1465, £1453, £1448 Ainstable Hall, £1301 Whitefield  Simmental £1682 Castlewigg Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1201 Whitefield, £1115 Claremont Properties, Blonde £1192 Claremont Properties British Friesian £1120, £1082, £1022 Braithwaite Hall, £1069 Burtholme Farm, £1064, £1015, £970 High House, £1059, £959 Whins Farm Holstein Friesian £1087 Braithwaite Hall, £1074, £1020 Bectonhall, £1036 Brackenhill, £974 Whitefield, £951, £948, £940, £904 Durdar House, £940 Southview Farm Hereford £1070 Claremont Properties Swedish Red & White £1030 Whitefield Ayrshire £974 Plasketlands Holstein £962, £859 Crooklands, £865 South Lambhill, £840 Cardew Hall,

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 244.5p Ainstable Hall, 230.5p, 229.5p Greenhill Farm, 227.5p Setmabanning Farm, 220.5p, 219.5p, 215.5p, 213.5p,  208.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 218.5p How Gill, 218.5p Dalebottom Farm British Blue 237.5p (x2), 236.5p, 234.5p, 231.5p, 230.5p, 229.5p, 227.5p, 223.5p, 219.5p Ainstable Hall Charolais 217.5p, 209.5p Carwood Farm, Blonde 214.5p, 200.5p Glenzierfoot Blonde 200.5p Claremont Properties Simmental 196.5p Castlewigg Farm, British Friesian 182.5p, 179.5p, 168.5p Braithwaite Hall, 179.5p, 177.5p, 168.5p High House, 165.5p (x2) Whins Farm Holstein Friesian 178.5p Braithwaite Hall, 159.5p, 152.5p, 150.5p Durdar House, 158.5p, 153.5p Becton Hall, 152.5p Justicetown Farm, 151.5p Millantae Farm 150.5p (x2) Cardew Hall Aberdeen Angus 178.5p Claremont Properties Hereford 171.5p Claremont Properties Ayrshire 159.5p Plasketlands,Holstein 158.5p Crooklands

Prime Cattle –  A larger entry of 64 prime steers and heifers forward resulting in a very good trade with all classes in demand. Top overall was a superb Limousin x for weekly supporters M/s Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton achieving £1555.13 and M/s Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport to £1533.68 both purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Blondes to £1544.73 again from M/s Bowe, top steer pence per kilo of 231.5p was attained by M/s Little, Greenhill, Wigton.

Heifers seen an overall top of £1484.67 for a top quality Limousin x and £1470.32 for another from M/s Harrington, Hosket Hill, Carlisle both purchased by Pioneer Foods. Blondes to £1463 from M/s Prudham, Whitefield purchased by Jewitt, Spennymoor. Top pence per kilo of 237.5p was received by M/s Story, Newbiggin,  Carlisle and 235.5p from M/s Wilson, Petteril Hill, Carlisle both purchased by Whittaker Butchers, Accrington.

Finally black and whites sold to a top of £1248.69 from M/s Armistead, Pennersaughs, Ecclefechan. More of all classes are required in the number one primestock ring in the North of England.

Steer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1555 Bothel Parks, £1533 Lords Close, £1514, £1491, £1486, £1469, £1412 Crosby House Farm, £1485 Petteril Hill, £1468 Gelt Hall Farm, £1447 Newbiggin Farm, £1442 Whitefield Blonde £1544 Bothel Parks Charolais £1415 Crosby House, £1376 Hosket Hill British Blue £1361 Greenhill Aberdeen Angus £1360 Cote House British Friesian £1209, £1193, £1189 Gelt Hall Farm Holstein £1248, £1168 Pennersaughs Cottage

Heifer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1484 Whitefield, £1470 Hosket Hill, £1411 Newbiggin Farm, £1400, £1349 Barrow Ling, Blonde £1463 Whitefield

Steer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 220.5p, 214.5p Newbiggin Farm, 217.5p Bothel Parks, 214.5p Lords Close, 213.5p Newbiggin Farm, 212.5p Crosby House British Blue 231.5p Greenhill Farm, Blonde 227.5p Bothel Parks Aberdeen Angus 187.5p Kiln Close Farm, 178.5p Cote House Farm British Friesian 166.5p, 164.5p, 163.5p Gelt Hall Farm, Holstein 160.5p Pennersaughs

Heifer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 237.5p, 234.5p, 221.5p, 220.5p Newbiggin Farm, 235.5p Petteril Hill Farm, 234.5p Hosket Hill, 229.5p How Gill, 224.5p, 217.5p Houghton House British Blue 209.5p Mirkbooths

Prime Hoggs – The weekly sale of prime sheep saw a total entry of 1736 with a similar trade to that of last week’s averaging 207.57ppk.

Topping the sale was a wonderful Texel lamb from M/s GW Gaitskell, High field selling for £119.80 to JA Haworth. Topping the pence per kilo was M/s KD Harryman, Keskadale Farm for a pen of Texels for 284.10ppk to Mr Robert Skelton. Mules again are a spectacular trade topping at £105.30 for a pen of 20 from M/s TA&A Bowman, Brampton Fell purchased by JA Haworth. Many more prime hoggs could have been sold to the vendors advantage.

Leading prices per head: Texel £119.80, £118.80, £116.80 High Filed, £117.80 Mirkbooths, £117.80, £115.80, £114.80 Comlongon Mains, £116.80 Brampton Fell, £116.80, £111.80 Bensons Fell, £111.80, £110.80 Keskadale, £110.80 Clea Mire, £110.80 Fell View, Suffolk £108.30, £103.80 Jackson Rigg, £105.80, £95.80 Smalmstown, £103.80, £94.30 East Cliff Farm, £102.30, £93.80 Mirkbooths £94.30 East View Farm Dutch Texel £108.80, £86.80 Low Houses, £102.80, £100.80, £98.80, £96.80, £95.80, £93.80 Unity Farm, Kerry Hill £84.80 Fell View Greyfaced £105.30, £95.30 Brampton Fell, £98.80, £96.80, £93.80 Jackson Rigg, £97.80 Ewan Close, £96, £93.80, (x2) Stoneraise, £90.80 Mirkbooths, £89.30 Netherton Hill Cheviot £91.30 Beyond The Wood, £94.30 Terrona, £93.80 Fenton Farm Herdwick £83.80 West End Farm Swaledale £72.30 Albyfield Blackfaced £72 Greenhill Farm

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 284.10p, 260p Keskadale Farm, 274p, 251p Mirkbooths, 264.5p Glebelands Dutch Texel 265.40p, 219.70p Low Houses, 263.50p, 224p, 221.10p Unity, 204.70p Greenhill Farm Herdwick 214.90p West End Farm Suffolk 211.60p, 206p Smalmstown, 209.70p, 206.30p  Jackson Rigg, 209.60p East Cliff Farm, 208.40p West End Farm, 208.40p Mirkbooths, Swaledale 200.80p Albyfield