Borderway Primestock Sale

5th March 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 5th March, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime cattle and sheep with a smaller show of 328 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle, as well as 1781 prime sheep on offer.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A great show of 234 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with all buyers eager to get to Borderway to buy cows, which ensured the dearest trade to date.

Messrs Jackson, Lane End sold and outstanding Limousin cow for 1036kg at 183.5p totalling £1901 bought by Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Gary Bell, Haas Grove Farm sold two outstanding cows which topped at 723kg at 210.5p totalling £1521 for a Limousin cross and 718kgs at 203.5p totalling £1461 for a British Blue cross cow bought by Sean McGimpsey and James Mather.

Messrs Story, Blackrigg sold a Limousin cow for 835kgs at 171.5p totalling £1432 bought by Alan Jarvis for Messrs Worsley.

A good show of Black and White cows were presented to a very keen ring side of buyers which ensured a good trade throughout. Bays Leap Dairy Farm’s run of outstanding Holstein cross cows topped at 862kg at 142.5p totalling £1228, 877kgs at 138.5p totalling £1214 and 846kgs at 141.5p totalling £1117 for a Dairy Shorthorn all purchased by Dawn Meats.

Messrs Graham, South Lambhill sold a Holstein cross cow for 851kgs at 141.5p totallong £1204 to Charles Kirkpatrick and a Holstein Cross heifer from the same home sold for 150.5ppk to Eric Hall.  Messrs Wilson and Sons, Marsh House sold a Holstein cross cow for 773kgs at 148.5p totalling £1147 to Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Graves, Old Town Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 685kgs at 161.5p totalling £1106 to Alan Jarvis.  Messrs Smithson, Skelcies Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 703kgs at 149.5p totalling £1050 to Les Fell.

A good show of Stock Bulls were on offer with Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House sold the top priced Simmental bull which sold for 1216kgs at 127.5p totalling £1550 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Hodge, The Grove sold a Limousin stock bull for 1059kgs at 145.5p totalling £1540 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Patterson, Coupland Beck Farm sold a Limousin stock bull for 1050kgs at 133.5p totalling £1401 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head:  Limousin £1901 Lane End, £1521 Haas Grove Farm, £1432 Blackrigg, £1188, £1123 West Moorhouses, £1140 Lowergate Farm, £1106 South Bowerhouses Simmental £1295, £1163 Kirtleton House British Blue £1461 Haas Grove Farm, £1295 Skelcies Hall, £1237 Randalinton Farm, £1147 Harrington Ling Farm, £1062, £1035 Lowergate Farm Holstein Friesian £1228, £1214 Bays Leap Dairy Farm, £1106, £1000 Old Town Farm, £1056 Woodhouse, £1050 Skelcies Hall, £1039 Thackwood Farm, £1030 Wood Farm, £1017 Skelton Wood End Dairy Shorthorn £1197 Bays Leap Dairy Farm Charolais £1196 Knock of Luce Farms Friesian £1165 Dockray Hall, £1017 Mounsey Bank Holstein £1204, £1020 South Lambhill, £1147 Marsh House, £1013 Smallthwaite House Ayrshire £965 Rosewain Farm

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: Simmental £1550 Kirtleton House Limousin £1540 The Grove, £1401 Coupland Beck Farm Holstein Friesian £1384 Greigsland, £1353 Torpenhow Hall Holstein £1109 Woodhouses Farm Hereford £1019 Bluehills Farm

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 210.5p Haas Grove Farm, 187.5p South Bowerhouses, 185.5p, 153.5p Lowergate Farm, 183.5p Lane End, 179.5p Mirkbooths, 171.5p Blackrigg, 165.5p Pasture House British Blue 203.5p Haas Grove Farm, 151.5p Lowergate Farm Holstein Friesian 161.5p Old Town Farm, 149.5p, 131.5p Skelcies Hall, 142.5p, 138.5p Bays Leap Dairy Farm, 141.5p How End Farm, 134.5p Thackwood Farm, 132.5p Woodhouse, 131.5p Cross Hill  Simmental 153.5p, 149.5p Kirtleton House Holstein 150.5p, 141.5p South Lambhill, 148.5p Marsh House, 133.5p, 131.5p Harrington Ling Farm Friesian 135.5p Dockray Hall, 134.5p Dormanstead Farm, 131.5p Mounsey Bank Dairy Shorthorn 141.5p, 140.5p, 133.5p Bays Leap Dairy Farm Beef Shorthorn 139.5p Bays Leaps Dairy Farm Aberdeen Angus 135.5p Orchard House, 124.5p Pasture House Farm Ayrshire 135.5p, 127.5p Halmyre Farm, 127.5p, 125.5p Rosewain Farm Blue Grey 123.5p Softley Farm Fleckvieh 119.5p Kirkhouse Dairy Jersey 89.5p Highhead Castle Farm

Cast Bull Leading prices per kilo: Friesian 148.5p Dockray Hall Limousin 145.5p The Grove, 133.5p Coupland Beck Farm Charolais 139.5p Barsalloch Farm Hereford 124.5p Bluehills Farm

Prime Bulls – A smaller entry of 56 prime were forward due to the poor weather conditions, however seeing the dearest trade for some time for all shapes and sizes. Top overall was a Limousin from Mulholland, Midtown Farm, who attained £1887.73 and £1806.88 and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie and Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Aberdeen Angus crosses sold to £1694.54 from Messrs Armour, Milton Farm, Moffat and was purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. Top pence per kilo of 245.5ppk was achieved again by Midtown Farm for a Limousin.

Black and Whites peaked at £1384.46 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Armstrong, Randalinton Farm, Carlisle, and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie. Top pence per kilo of 187.5ppk was achieved by a British Friesian from Messrs Preston, Wed Holme, Wigton purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.

Many more are required on a weekly basis.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1887, £1806 Midtown, £1613 Townfoot Farm, £1549, £1465, £1398, £1381 The Yett, £1370 Walkerdyke Farm, £1303 Kiln Close Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1694, £1579, £1460 Milton Farm, Holstein Friesian £1384, £1023 Randalinton Farm, £1034 Skelton Wood End, £998 Brisco Hill, British Blue £1365, £1332, £1231 Whitefield, Hereford £1207, £1182, £1095 Randalinton Farm, British Friesian £1109, £1066 Wed Holme House, £983, £928 Hillhead,

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 245.5p, 234.5p Midtown, 237.5p, 228.5p The Yett, 217.5p Walkerdyke Farm, 211.5p, 206.5p The Flatt, 209.5p Townfoot Farm, 207.5p Kiln Close Farm,  Aberdeen Angus 219.5p, 213.5p, 210.5p Milton Farm, 186.5p (x2) Cote House Farm, British Blue 206.5p, 203.5p Justicetown Farm, 203.5p Whitefield, Hereford 200.5p, 194.5p Randalinton Farm, British Friesian 187.5p, 182.5p Wed Holme House, Simmental 183.5p Brisco Hill, Holstein Friesian 182.5p Skelton Wood End, 179.5p, 163.5p, 161.5p, 159.5p Brisco Hill, 179.5p Skelton Wood End, 178.5p Justicetown Farm, 177.5p, 175.5p High Rigg, 162.5p, 159.5p Randalinton Farm.

 Prime Cattle – A superb turnout of 62 prime steers and heifers forward which was undoubtedly the best show seen for some time. Top overall was a marvellous Limousin cross steer from Messrs Cope, Kirkland Guards, Wigton, who attained £1786.38 and were purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton sold a Limousin to £1762.35. A total of six Limousin cross steers sold above the £1700 mark. British Blues sold to £1674.38 from Messrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

Top pence per kilo steer was consigned by Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, with a limousin cross attaining 238.5ppk and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, and secondly by Messrs Dent, Elm House with a British Blue cross achieving 237.5ppk and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers.

Heifers were forward in good quality and a fantastic entry of 28 resulting in a day’s top of £1520.82 for a British Blue cross from Messrs Dent, Elm House and purchased by Pioneer Foods. Blonde crosses peaked at £1448.64 from Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow, Carlisle and were purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.

Top pence per kilo of 257.5ppk was attained by Messrs Brough, How Gill, Wigton, for a British Blue cross heifer and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow sold their Blonde to 251.5ppk again purchased by Bowland Foods.

More are required on a weekly basis.

Steer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1786, £1608 Kirkland Guards, £1762, £1696 Bothel Parks, £1736 Low Whinnow Farm, £!727, £1694, £1664, £1599 Gill Farm, £1722 Abbey Cowper Farm, £1707, £1608 Newbiggin Farm, British Blue £1674 Elm House, £1583 New Biggin Farm.

Heifer Leading prices per head: British Blue £1520 Elm House, £1424 Barrow Ling Farm, £1253 Newbiggin Farm, Blonde £1448 Low Whinnow Farm, Limousin £1378, £1336 Ling Farm, £1334, £1299 Newbiggin Farm, £1333 Petteril Hill Farm, £1255 Blackrigg, Charolais £1282 Ellen Bank, Saler £1228 How Gill.

Steer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 238.5p Low Whinnow Farm, 236.5p Gill Farm, 233.5p Petteril Hill Farm, 233.5p Elm House, 232.5p, 229.5p Bothel Parks, 232.5p (x2), 231.5p Gill Farm, 231.5p, 230.5p Kirkland Guards, 230.5p Lords Close, British Blue 237.5p Elm House, 220.5p Newbiggin Farm.

Heifer Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 257.5p How Gill, 248.5p Elm House, 216.5p Newbiggin Farm, Blonde 251.5p Low Whinnow Farm, Limousin 232.5p, 227.5p Newbiggin Farm, 215.5p Petteril Hill Farm, 215.5p, 213.5p Houghton House, Saler 217.5p How Gill, Simmental 207.5p Ellen Bank.

Prime Hoggs – The weekly sale of prime hoggs attracted an entry of 1705 present for sale. The Auctioneers would like to thank all vendors who battled their way through the bad weather and supported the sale.

For those that could make the journey, were rewarded with a phenomenal trade with the sale averaging £103.54 per head with 1261 sheep sold in excess of £100 per head.

A top call of £123.80 was achieved on three occasions all by separate vendors, firstly by Messrs Laird, Unity Farm with Dutch Texels, Beltex hoggs from Messrs Batty, Flimby and finally Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown also with Beltex. All three pens were purchased by Mr Andrew Dawson.

Messrs Fisher also sold Beltex hoggs to top the market per kilo at 302.2ppk, which were purchased also by Mr Dawson. Messrs Fisher sold 461 Beltex, Texel, Suffolk and mainly Blackfaced hoggs to average £109.43, with Blackfaced selling to £112.80 or 248.4ppk.

Messrs Smith, Kelmore Hills topped the Greyfaced section at £111.30 and sold 45.5kg to 239ppk. Messrs Bland & Barnes, Knott House made the long trip from Grasmere and sold pure Herdwick hoggs to a top of £106.80and to average £106.13.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £123.80, £112.80 Church Road, £123.80, £122.80, £120.80, £117.80, £112.80 Smalmstown Farm, £121.80, £118.80, £116.80 Flimby Hall, £119.80, £116.80, £115.30, £114.80 (x2) Basco Dyke, £118.80, £113.80 St Oswalds Farm, £118.80, £112.80 Kilnknowe, £112.80 Cracrop Farm, Dutch Texel 123.80, 112.30, 111.80, £110.80, £109.80, £108.80, £107.80 Unity Farm, Suffolk £121.80, £112.80 (x3), £109.30 (x2) Fern House, £110.80 Kelmore Hill Farm, £109.80, £102.80 East Cliff Farm, £108.80, £102.30 Park House, £108.30, £100.80 Smalmstown Farm, £106.30 East View Farm, £105.80 Mirkbooths, £103.80 Kilnknowe, Texel £121.80, £111.80 Kelmore Hill Farm, £118.80, £111.80 Bowness Hall, £114.80, £112.30, £110.80, £109.80 Dundraw Farm, £113.80 Gass Farm, £113.80, £112.30 Lonning Farm, £111.80 East Cliff Farm, £111.80 Mirkbooths, £111.30, £110.30 Smalmstown Farm, £110.20 Fern House, £109.30 Park House, Blackfaced £112.80, £112.30, £111.80, £110.80, £109.30, £108.80, £106.80, £102.80 Smalmstown Farm, £102.30 Woodside Farm, Greyfaced £111.80, £109.80, £108.80 Kelmore Hill Farm, £104.80 Mirkbooths, £103.80 Kilnknowe, Hill Cheviot £110.50, £110, £108.80, £107.80 Druidhall, £108.30, £100.80 Woodhousehill, £100.800 Woodside Farm,  Herdwick £106.80, £104.80 Knott House Farm, Swaledale £100.80 Smalmstown Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 303.2p, 287.6p, 281.4p, 280.5p, 265p, 256.7p Smalmstown Farm, 293.5p, 292p, 276.3p Flimby Hall, 289.8p Kilnknowe, 287.9p Church Road, 287p, 281.6p, 280p, 274.5p, 268.5p, 266.2p Basco Dyke, 282.9p, 277.6p St Oswalds Farm, 271.8p Cracrop Farm,   Dutch Texel 288.9p, 281.4p, 246.8p, 231.5p, 224.6p, 217.3p Unity Farm, Texel 283.3p Kelmore Hill Farm, 277.7p Woodside Farm, 260p Mirkbooths, 248.2p, 234.4p Shankfield Head, 244.6p Smalmstown Farm, 244p, 240.7p Dundraw Farm, 243.1p, 242.1p, 239p Westgarth Hill, 240p Hillhead, 238.9p Lonning Farm, 237.3p Druidhall, 235.4p Fern House, 235.1p South Lambhill, 234.9p Bromfield Hall, 234.7p Stanley House, 234p (x2) Bowscale Farm,  Blackfaced 248.4p, 247.3p, 246.8p, 246.2p, 245.7p, 241.9p, 235.1p, 232.6p Smalmstown Farm, 243.6p Woodside Farm, 233.3p, 232.1p South Lambhill, Suffolk 240.7p, 229.1p Park House, 231.7p Smalmstown Farm, 225.6p, 220.8p Fern House, 223.5p East Cliff Farm, 221.6p Kelmore Hill Farm,  220.4p Mirkbooths, Greyfaced 239p Kelmore Hill Farm, 234.5p Broomhills, 232.5p Pennersaughs Cottage, 233p Mirkbooths, Hill Cheviot 237.2p Woodside Farm, 235.4p Woodhousehill, 234.9p Pennersaughs Cottage, 234.3p Druidhall, 233.8p Terrona, Herdwick 230.3p, 220.2p Knott House Farm, Swaledale 224p Smalmstown Farm.