Borderway Primestock Sale

12th March 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 12th March, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime cattle and sheep with a large show of 505 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle along with 1878 prime sheep on offer.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A large show of 352 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with a better show of beef cows on offer and a keen ring side of buyers which once again ensured a great trade.

M/s Bannen, Scartop sold a Limousin x cow for 873kg, 183.5p, £1601 bought by Charles Kirkpatrick. Gretna House Farms run of cast cows topped at 941kg, 150.5p, £1416 for an Angus cow bought by Charles Kirkpatrick. M/s Whiteford, Tercrosset run of cows topped at 723kg, 194.5p, £1406 for a British Blue x bought again by Mr Kirkpatrick. M/s Lawson, Pasture House Farm cows topped at 796kg, 167.5p, £1333 for a Charolais cow bought by Stephen Bowes.

M/s Jenkinson, Lowergate Farm sold a Limousin x heifer for 205.5p to Jewitts. M/s Milburn, Wallend Farm sold a Limousin x cow for 189.5p to George Watson.

Once again a mixed show of black and white cows on offer with trade being as good as last week’s flying trade. M/s Airey, Brownchesters, Otterburn sold the top priced Holstein x cow which sold for 804kg, 152.5p, £1226 to Charles Kirkpatrick. M/s Errington, Lowther Low Moor sold the top priced Montbeliarde x cow which sold for 842kg, 143.5p, £1208 to Charles Kirkpatrick. M/s Irving, Bectonhall, Holstein x cows topped at 834kg, 140.5p, £1171 to Pickstocks. M/s Wilson & Son, Bowscale Farm sold the top priced Friesian cow for 764kg at 152.5p, £1165 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

A larger show of 17 stock bulls and overage bullocks were forward with M/s Norman, West Farm, sold a angus stock bull for 1213kg, 154.5p, £1874 to Charles Kirkpatrick. M/s Taylor, Longlands Moor sold the top priced British Blue stock bull selling for 893kg, 159.5p, £1424 to Pickstocks.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head: Limousin £1601 Scar Top, £1362, £1136 Tercrosset, £1305 Crossdykes, £1255 Lowergate Farm, £1199 Woodhead Farm, £1172 North Dyke Farm, £1131 Sarkshield Farm Aberdeen Angus £1416, £1298 Gretna House, £1337 Milton Farm, £1223, £1141, £1136 Askham Bryan British Blue £1406 Tercrosset Charolais £1333 Pasture House, £1300, £1251 Gretna House Farms Blonde £1285 Calvo, British Blue X £1230 Tercrosset Holstein Friesian £1226 Brownchesters, £1171, £1063 Becton Hall, £1099, £1062 Dearham Hall, £1090, £1012 Holmes Mill, £1062, £1043 Netherfield Montbeliarde £1208 Lowther Low Moor British Friesian £1165 Bowscale Farm, £1005 Syke House Beef Shorthorn £1097 Frankstown Farm Simmental £1045, £1022 Tercrosset, £1003 High Dovecote Holstein £1035 Musgrave Hall, £1003 Walby Hall Fleckvieh £911 Castle Farm Jersey £795, £715 Musgrave Hall

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: Limousin £1874 West Farm, £1376 Thornton Towers British Blue £1424 Longlands Moor Simmental £1385 Parkgate Hall Ayrshire £1106 Aigle Gill.

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 205.5p Lowergate Farm,, 189.5p Wall End Farm, 183.5p Scar Top, 176.5p, 163.5p Tercrosset, 169.5p Crossdykes Farm, 168.5p Thornton Towers, 168.5p Long Park, 165.5p, 162.5p Grindon Hill, 164.5p, 160.5p Meikle Kirkland, 163.5p Sarkshields Farm, 159.5p Woodhead, 159.5p, 155.5p Long Park, 159.5p Kilnstown , 157.5p Lodges Farm, 156.5p Culroy, British Blue 194.5p Tercrosset, 176.5p Wall End Farm, 175.5p Lowther Low Moor, 168.5p, 153.5p Long Park, 158.5p Kaysbank, 151.5p Thornton Towers Aberdeen Angus 179.5p Hedley West Riding, 161.5p, 150.5p Gretna House, 157.5p (x2), 151.5p Askham Bryan, 154.5p Brisco Hall Charolais 167.5p, 165.5p Pasture House, 155.5p High Dovecote, 154.5p Mossknowe House British Blue X 166.5p, 157.5p Tercrosset Shorthorn 166.5p Nutholm Farm, Blonde 165.5p Calvo Simmental 159.5p, 157.5p Culroy, 158.5p 157.5p High Dovecote, 156.5p, 154.5p Tercrosset Holstein Friesian 152.5p Brownchesters, 149.5p Down Hall, 145.5p Netherfield Farm, 142.5p Espland Hall, 141.5p Nutholm Farm, 140.5p (x2) Becton Hall, 137.5p Wood Close Farm, 137.5p (x2) Holmes Mill, 136.5p Castle Farm, 134.5p Street Head, 134.5p Walby Hall, 134.5p Dearham Hall, 133.5p Hadderdale, 131.5p Espland Hill, British Friesian 152.5p, 145.5p Bowscale Farm, 139.5p Calvo, 133.5p Syke House Beef Shorthorn 150.5p Frankstown Farm, Holstein 145.45p Petteril Bank, 133.5p, 131.5P Musgrave Hall, 131.5p Walby Hall, 131.5p Howfield Farm Jersey 145.5p Musgrave Hall Fleckvieh 143.5p Castle Farm Montbeliarde 143.5p Lowther Low Moor Swedish Red & White 134.5p Low Wood Galloway 132.5p, 129.5p Kilnstown Farm, Dairy Shorthorn 132.5p Lodge Hill Stabiliser 131.5p Claremont Properties.

Prime Bulls – A much larger entry of 110 prime bulls forward selling once again as usual a very good trade. Top overall of £1610.48 for a British Blue x form M/s Teasdale, Halefield Farm, Penrith purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers. Simmentals to £1600.56 from M/s Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie and purchased by M/s Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie . Limousin bulls sold to £1588.08 from M/s Kitching, Dalebottom Farm, Keswick and Charolais to £1545.08 form Gretna House Farms Lockerbie. Top overall pence per kilo of 231.5p was attained by Whitehorn Farm, Dumfriesshire for a Limousin x. Dairy bred bulls peaked at £1248.75 from M/s Workman, The Beeches, Carlisle and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston, The same home also attained top pence per kilo of 201.5p purchased by Medcalf Ltd, Halifax.

Leading prices per head: , British Blue £1610 Halefield Farm, £1339 Whitehorn Farm, £1338, £1228, £1218, £1207 Whitefield Farm, £1326 Mirkbooths, £1311, £1238 Steel Hall, Simmental £1600, £1536 Kirtleton House Limousin £1588 Dalebottom Farm, £1496 Dalebottom Farm, £1345, £1331, £1319 The Flatt Farm, £1284 (x2) Whitehorn Farm, £1282 Albyfield, £1212 Seymour Farm Charolais £1545 Mossknowe House, £1332 Hallbankgate Farm Saler £1444 Whithorn Farm Aberdeen Angus £1250, £1130 Peel Flatt Farm, £1129, £1103 Brackenhill, £1112 Braithwaite Hall, £1077 Cote House Farm, £1056 Stone House Montbeliarde £1248 The Beeches, £1186, £1106 Kirkbride House, £1164, £1158 The Beeches Holstein Friesian £1127, £1118, £1110 (x2), £1052, £949, £943 Durdar House, £957 Park House, £955 Milton Farm, £940 Justicetown Farm,£937 Mirkbooths British Friesian £1109, £1046, £998 Braithwaite Hall, £1108 Dockray Hall, £1046, £954 Wed Holme House, £972 Albyfield Fleckvieh £1079 Seymour House.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 231.5p, 214.5p Whitehorn Farm, 228.5p Dalebottom Farm, 204.5p, 200.5p The Flatt Farm, 203.5p Seymour Farms British Blue 203.5p Cote House, 203.5p Mirkbooths, 196.5p (x2) Whitefield, 195.5p Justcietown Farm, 195.5p Steel Hall, 192.5p Whitehorn Montbeliarde 201.5p, 187.5p, 183.5p The Beeches, 184.5p Kirkbride House Saler 199.5p Whitehorn Farm, Aberdeen Angus 194.5p, 187.5p Peel Flatt, 185.5p Cote House, 180.5p Stone House, 179.5p, 176.5p Brackenhill British Friesian 185.5p, 177.5p Wed Holme House, 180.5p Albyfield, 179.5p, 173.5p Braithwaite Hall Simmental 189.5p Kirtleton House, 181.5p Barwinnock Farm Holstein Friesian 169.5p South View, 168.5p, 162.5p, 160.5p, 158.5p (x3) Durdar House, 168.5p, 164.5p (x2) Justicetown Farm, 161.5p, 157.5p (x2) Mirkbooths, 157.5p Barwinnock Farm, Fleckvieh 159.5p Seymour House, 152.5p Mouswald Grange Holstein 159.5p Cote House

Prime Cattle – A much smaller show of 41 prime steers and heifers seeing a day’s overall top of £1687.43 for a Limousin steer form M/s Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton and £1646.66 from M/s Cape, Kirkland Guards, Wigton purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Blonde crosses topped at £1627.12 from M/s Bradley, Northrigg Hill, Brampton purchased by M/s Hall of Frasers Butchers Shop, Stranraer. Top pence per kilo of 236.5p was also achieved by the aforementioned Blonde x. Limousins to 233.5p form M/s Cape, Kirkland Guard, Wigton.

Heifers seen a day’s top of £1445.24 for a Limousin  from M/s Brough, How Gill, Wigton purchased by M/s McGimpsey, Annan and £1403.34 for another from the same home purchased by Pioneer Foods. Blondes to £1375.32 from M/s Bradley, Northrigg Hill and purchased by Fraser Butchers. Top overall pence per kilo of 239.5p was achieved twice firstly by M/s Phillipson, Glebe Farm, Penrith for a Limousin x and purchased by Mr. Kirkpatrick and secondly achieved by M/s Bradley, Northrigg Hill, purchased by Medcalfe of Halifax. Many more required on a weekly basis

Steer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1687, £1635, £1551 Bothel Parks, £1646, £1613 (x2), Kirkland Guards, £1508, £1440 Gelt Hall Farm, £1432 Gillrig Blonde £1627 Northrigg Hill, British Blue £1361 Gillrig Montbeliarde £1242, £1205 Bank House Farm, Belted Galloway £1133 Gillrig

Heifer Leading prices per head: Limousin £1445, £1403 How Gill, £1348 Glebe Farm, Blonde £1375, £1341 Northrigg Hill, Charolais £1226 (x2), £1224 Wiza Farm, Simmental £1165 Ellen Bank Aberdeen Angus £1133 Down Hall

Steer Leading prices per kilo: Blonde 236.5p Northrigg Hill Limousin 233.5p, 226.5p, 211.5p Kirkland Guards, 225.5p Gelt Hall, 208.5p Gillrig Galloway 209.5p Kilnstown Farm Belted Galloway 178.5p Gillrig Montbeliarde 155.5p Bank House Farm,

Heifer Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 239.5p Glebe Farm, 233.5p, 230.5p How Gill, 210.5p Ellen Bank Blonde 239.5p, 235.5p Northrigg Hill Simmental 219.5p Ellen bank Saler 213.5p, 208.5p How Gill Charolais 214.5p Ellen Bank British Blue 193.5p Old Town Farm Aberdeen Angus 178.5p Down Hall

Prime Hoggs –  All classes sold to great returns with heavy hoggs seeing a rise on the week which saw prices top at £128.80 for Millennium Bleu hoggs from M/s Cowen, Itonfield, Ivegill which sold to Mr M Lomax, Milnthorpe. M/s Cowen’s run averaged £120.09. Beltex hoggs lead the way per kilo at 320p for outstanding hoggs from M/s Dinsdale, High Field, Morland which sold to Mr A Dawson, Sedburgh. M/s Dinsdale run averaged £115.92 (290.22ppk).

Suffolks sold to £121.80 for a pen of 50.5kg from M/s Fisher, Smalmstown, Longtown who sold 396 head, with majority Blackfaces, to average £109.90. Mules sold to 3115.80 for two pens from M/s Smith, Kelmore Hills, Disington who had another pen at 236.2ppk.

Ewes were a flying trade to a top of £125.50 from Whiteside with Mules regally mid £90’s to £100, with a top of £103.50 from Reaygarth

Leading prices per head: Millennium Bleu £128.80, £125.80, £119.80 Itonfield, £118.80 Millrigg Texel £126.80, £112.80, £111.80 Dundraw Farm, £124.80, £118.80, £111.80 Ewan Close, £120.80, £119.80, £114.80 Bowness Hall, £120.80, £115.80 Brampton Fell, £119.30 (x2) East Cliff, £118.80 The Hill, £118.80 Outer Woodhead, £114.80, £111.80 Lonning Farm, £111.80 Mirkbooths, Beltex £124.80, £121.80 Smalmstown, £124.80, 122.80, £119.80, £117.80 High Field, £123, £115.80, £114.80 Flimby Hall, £120, £114.80, £113.80 Dundraw Farm, £117.80 Mirkbooths, £117.80 Kelmore Hill, £112.80 The Wreay Suffolk £121.80, £107.30 Smalmstown, £113.80 Outer Woodhead, £113.30 (x2) East Cliff Farm, £109.80 Mirkbooths, £107.30 Merryshield, £102.80 Roe Farm, Dutch Texel £115.80, £113.80, £111.30 (x2) Unity Farm Greyfaced £115.80, £115.80, £106.30 Kelmore Hill, £111.80, £106.30, £104.80 Brampton Fell, £109.30 Blue Dial, £105.30 Mirkbooths, £101.80 Church Farm Blackface £112.80, £112.30, £110.80, £110.30, £109.80, £109.30, £108.80 (x2), £107.80, £105.80 Smalmstown NC Cheviot £104.80 Smalmstown, £102.80 Orton Rigg Kerry Hill £95.80 Fell View Farm Swaledale £86.80 Church Farm,

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 320p, 314.90p, 307.20p, 290.90p, 284.50p High Field, 300p, 282.40p, 270.10p,  Flimby Hall, 286.60p, 280.40p Smalmstown , 282.80p, 256.70p Church Farm, 266.70p The Wreay, 264.70p Mirkbooths, 260.90p Dundraw Farm, 257.70p Heggle Lane, 256.10p Kelmore Hill Texel 277p, 257p, 246.10p  Kelmore Hill Farm, 270.20p Walby Grange, 259.70p Roe Farm, 259p Heggle Lane Farm, 257.30p, 254.90p, 245.40p Westgarth Hill, 256.40p Dundraw Farm, 253p, 244.90p Smalmstown, 251.20p, 249.60p Ewan Close, 250.10p, 247.70p Mealrigg, 248.90 Westfield House, 248.80p Mirkbooths    Suffolk 241.20p, 225.90p Smalmstown, 233.60p Roe Farm, 221.20p Merryshield, 219.60p Mirkbooths, 218.90p Bowscale Farm, 217.90p New Sandsfield, 215.80p East Cliff Farm Dutch Texel 239.40, 236.70, 231.20p, 224.90p Unity Farm Blackface 239.60p, 237.60p, 233.60p, 231.50p, 227.50p, 227.40p, 226.70p, 225.60p Smalmstown, 228.60p, 228.40p South Lambhill NC Cheviot 239.10p Orton Rigg, 225.40p Smalmstown Farm , Millennium Bleu 237.20p, 230.80p, 213.50p Itonfield, 212.10p Millrigg Greyfaced 236.20p Kelmore Hill, 234.90p Westgarth Hill, 231.40p Church Farm, 227.80p, 215p Brampton Fell, 226.50p Mirkbooths, 223.10p Blue Dial Farm, 216.60p Weary Hall Style, Kerry Hill 222.80pFell View Swaledale 211.70p Church Farm.