Borderway Primestock Sale

11th June 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle Monday11th June, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Once again a good show of 448 cast cows, bull and prime cattle were forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A good show of 328 cast cows and stock bulls were forward on Monday with a very keen ring side of buyers which ensured that the trade would be up 5p on the week.

Messrs Jefferson, Aspatria Hall sold the top priced Charolais cow which sold for 934kg, 163.5ppk or £1527 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Harryman, Keskadale Farm run of cows topped at 749kg, 203.5ppk or £1524 for a British Blue cow and to 761kg, 199.5ppk or £1518 for a Limousin cross cow, and finally to 665kg, 214.5ppk or £1426 for a Limousin cross, all of the above were purchased by Owain Llyr. Mr Gordon Udale & Son, Sideway Bank sold a British Blue cross cow for 745kg, 204.5ppk or £1523 to Owain Llyr. Mr Steven Ball, Manor Farm sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus cow which sold for 899kg, 161.5ppk or £1451 to Mr Kirkpatrick.

A good show of black and white cows were forward to a great demand for all classes. Mr Colin Horsley, Whitrigg Grange sold the top priced Holstein cross cow, which sold for 934kg, 147.5ppk or £1377 and was purchased by Dawn Meats.

Messrs Davidson, Errolston Farm sold a Holstein cross for 957kg, 143.5ppk or £1373 also purchased by Dawn Meats. Messrs Horsley, Woodhouse sold a Holstein cross cow for 925kg, 143.5ppk or £1327 to Mr Alan Jarvis. Bays Leap Dairy Farm run of cows topped at 857kg, 144.5ppk or £1238 for a Holstein cross purchased by Dawn Meats and to 809kg, 148.5ppk or £1201 for a Dairy Shorthorn to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Crowther, West Trailtrow run of cows topped at 828kg, 142.1pk or £1179 for a British Friesian. Messrs Couthard, Justicetown sold a Holstein cross cow to 831kg, 141.5ppk or £1175 to Dawn Meats.

Black and white heifers selling for 24-34 months old peaked at 172.5ppk from Messrs Rudd, The Grassings. Messrs Miller, Tarnlodge Farm sold a Holstein cross to 167.5ppk. Messrs Neill & Sons, Thornington Farm sold a British Friesian to 166.5ppk. Messrs Bargh, Wood Close Farm sold a Holstein cross to 164.5ppk. Messrs Hendrson, East Bowhill Farm sold a Fleckvieh to 163.5ppk.

Leading Cow Prices – price per head: Charolais £1527 Aspatria Hall, £1197 Skiddaw View, British Blue £1524 Keskadale, £1523 Sideway Bank, £1324 Keskadale, £1286 Glebelands, Limousin £1518 Keskadale, £1469 Bowscale Farm, £1426, £1408 Keskadale, £1380 Glebelands, £1329 Manor Farm, £1328 Keskadale, £1290 Wood Hall, £1250 Windy Hill, £1217 Stanger Hill, £1211 Wood Hall, £1182 Holly Tree, £1163 Glebelands, £1153 Sideway Bank, £1150 Stanger Hill, £1141 Cracrop Farm, £1119 Warksfield Head, £1118 Lower Griseburn, £1113 Glebelands, Aberdeen Angus £1451, £1302 Manor Farm, £1237 Demesne Farm, £1199 Halmyre Farm, £1193 Donkin Rigg, £1169, £1151 Milton Farm, £1149, £1133 Manor Farm, Saler £1406 Glassonby Beck Farm, £1103 Wood Hall, Holstein Friesian £1377 Whitrigg Grange, £1238 Bays Leap, £1175 Justicetown Farm, £1118 Bays Leap, £1110 Justicetown Farm, £1094 Berrier Head, £1087 Mainsbank Farm, £1077 Wood Close Farm, £1061 Southview Farm, £1056 Park Farm, £1053, £1048 Smalmstown, £1047 High Ploughlands, £1043 Southview Farm, £1041 Mainsbank Farm, £1040 Tarn Lodge, £1001 Park Farm, Holstein £1373 Errollston Farm, £1327 Woodhouse, £1019 Stubbyknowe, £1002 Crossrigg, Blonde £1245 Glebelands, Beef Shorthorn £1206 Bays Leap, Dairy Shorthorn £1201 Bays Leap, £1117 Marleycote Walls, Friesian £1179, West Trailtrow, £1015 Thornington Farm, Bazadaise £1178 Stanger Hill, Hereford £1069, £1046 Donkin Farm, Montbeliarde £1063 Beeches, £1024 West Trailtrow, Stabiliser £1062 East Wharmley, Simmental £1023 Manor Farm, Fleckvieh £1020 Skiddaw View, Jersey £600 Mainsbank Farm.

Leading Cow Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 214.5p Keskadale, 199.5p Cracrop Farm, 199.5p Keskadale, 189.5p Common Carr Farm, 188.5p Keskadale, 186.5p Glebelands, 183.5p Wood Hall, 183.5p Bowscale Farm, 181.5p Stanger Hill, 181.5p Mains Of Collin, 178.5p Keskadale, 174.5p Lower Griseburn, 174.5p Glebelands, 172.5p Manor Farm, 168.5p Wood Hall, 168.5p Windy Hill, 167.5p Stanger Hill, 166.5p Reaygarth, 165.5p Glebelands, Aberdeen Angus 211.5p Hedley West Riding, 186.5p, 171.5p Halmyre Farm, 167.5p Corbelly Hill Farm, 163.5p Milton Farm, 161.5p, 158.5p, 157.5p Manor Farm, 155.5p Stanger Hill, 154.5p Donkin Rigg, 154.5p Manor Farm, British Blue 204.5p Sideway Bank, 203.5p, 196.5p Keskadale, 183.5p Dumbretton Farm, 183.5p Glebelands, 162.5p Stanger Hill, Bazadaise 189.5p Stanger Hill, Blonde 173.5p Glebelands, 170.5p Merryshield, 167.5p Asby Mill, 160.5p Merryshield, Holstein Friesian 172.5p Grassings Farm, 167.5p Lodge Farm, 164.5p Wood Close Farm, 156.5p Milton Farm, 147.5p Hill House, 147.5p Whitrigg Grange, 146.5p Justicetown Farm, 144.5p Bays Leap, 143.5p Park Farm, 142.5p Berrier Head, 141.5p Justicetown Farm, Beef Shorthorn 169.5p Bays Leap, 152.5p Skiddaw View, Friesian 166.5p, 144.5p Thornington Farm, 142.5p West Trailtrow, Saler 166.5p Wood Hall, 157.5p Glassonby Beck Farm, Charolais 163.5p Aspatria Hall, 162.5p Skiddaw View, Fleckvieh 163.5p East Bowhill Farm, 147.5p Skiddaw View, Hereford 157.5p, 151.5p Donkin Rigg, Highland 151.5p Nutholm Farm, Holstein 151.5p Stubbyknowe, 143.5p Errollston Farm, 143.5p Woodhouse, Stabiliser 149.5p East Wharmley, Dairy Shorthorn 148.5p Bays Leap, Montbeliarde 146.5p, 143.5p Beeches, Belted Galloway 143.5p The Keep, Jersey 109.5p, 106.5p Mainsbank Farm.

Stock Bulls: A small show for 6 stock bulls were forward on Monday, topping ad 811kg, 157.5ppk or £1277 for a Limousin stock bull from Messrs Maughan, Asby Mill.

Leading stock Bull Prices – price per head: Limousin £1277 Asby Mill, Brown Swiss £1148 Windy Hill, Dairy Shorthorn £1133 Bays Leap, Hereford £1110 West Trailtrow

Leading stock Bull Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 157.5p Asby Mill, Charolais 151.5p Hedley West Riding, Brown Swiss 141.5p Windy Hill

Prime Bulls: A smaller offering of 83 prime bulls were forward with all classes easily sold. With the day’s top of £1881.45 achieved by Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie and was purchased by Mr Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers. Limousins sold to £1631.91 from Messrs Ewing, Dumbretton, Annan purchased by Ralph Pearson. British Blues to £1480.19 from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canonbie purchased by Jewitt Meats.

Top overall pence per kilo was paid for a Limousin cross from Messrs Harryman, Keskadale Farm, Keswick, who received 238.5ppk and was purchased by Ralph Pearson.

Black and whites sold to £1228.48 from Messrs Little, Kirkbride House, Wigton and were purchased by Bowland Foods. Topping the pence per kilo at 182.5ppk was Messrs Nelson, Braithwaite Hall, Carlisle with a British Friesian and was purchased by Jewtit Meats.

Leading prices per head: Simmental £1881 Kirtleton House, Limousin £1631 Dumbretton Farm, £1573 (x2), £1475, £1414, £1414, £1352 Keskadale Farm, £1450, £1324 Old Rectory Farm, £1377 Fell End, Blonde £1572, £1479 Jubilee Buildings, British Blue £1480, £1298 Bectonhall, £1440 Whitefield, £1305, £1304 Castlesteads Farm, Charolais £1262 Crummock Bank Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1253, £1218, £1179 Peel Flatt Farm, Montbeliarde £1228 Kirkbride House, British Friesian £1180, £1122, £1032, £1018, £979 Braithwaite Hall, £1118, £1018 Broomhills, £1044, £1039, £955 Croft House, Holstein Friesian £1157 Broomhills, £1049, £1034 Old Town Farm, £949 Barwinnock Farm, £944, £932 Milton Farm, £937 Whitecroft Mains, Swedish Red & White £1144 Kirkbirde House, Holstein £1134, £1007 Castlesteads Farm,  Ayrshire £831 Aigle Gill.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 238.5p, 235.5p, 234.5p, 223.5p, 222.5p Keskadale Farm, 228.5p, 227.5p, 224.5p Old Rectory Farm, 221.5p Fell End, Blonde 220.5p, 208.5p Jubilee Buildings, 207.5p Fell End, British Blue 209.5p Cote House Farm, 207.5p Whitefield, 203.5p Orton Rigg Farm, Charolais 198.5p Crummock Bank Farm, Aberdeen Angus 197.5p, 192.5p, 190.5p Peel Flatt Farm, 189.5p Hayclose, Simmental 187.5p Barwinnock Farm, British Friesian 182.5p, 176.5p (x2), 173.5p (x2) Braithwaite Hall, 179.5p, 178.5p, 162.5p Croft House, 163.5p Broomhills, Swedish Red & White 182.5p Kirkbride House, 170.5p Orton Rigg Farm, Holstein 177.5p, 162.5p Castlesteads Farm,  Montbeliarde 174.5p Kirkbride House, Holstein Friesian 169.5p, 163.5p Barwinnock Farm, 163.5p (x2) Old Town Farm, 163.5p Cote House Farm, 162.5p Broomhills.

Prime Cattle – Another good entry of 49 prime steers and heifers were forward and sold sharper on the week. Top overall came from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle who attained £1740.35 for a Limousin steer and was purchased by Pioneer Foods Ltd. Messrs Nicholson’s pen of five sold to average £1695.26 and the same vendor also sold the top priced British Blue cross to £1706.55.

Top pence per kilo of 236.5ppk was achieved by Messrs Harrison, Down Hall, Wigton for a Limousin cross steer.

Heifers seen a day’s top of £1569.75 for a superb Limousin cross from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canonbie and a top overall pence per kilo of 242.5ppk was paid to Messrs Story, Newbigging, Carlisle for a Limousin and purchased by Messrs R & J Mulholland Butchers.

More could have been easily sold.

Leading Prices – price per head:
Steers: Limousin £1740, £1695, £1674, £1660 Gill Farm, £1681, £1616 Hoddamtown, £1626, £1617, £1579 Down Hall, £1590 Botel Parks, British Blue £1706 Gill Farm, £1571 Bothel Parks, £1541 Newbiggin Farm, £1419 Greenhills, Charolais £1301 Stainburn House Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1204 Wiza Farm, Holstein Friesian £1169 Howrigg Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1569 Bectonhall, £1383, £1367 Newbiggin Farm, British Blue £1341 Bectonhall.

Leading Prices – price per kilo:
Steers: Limousin 236.5p, 229.5p Down Hall, 235.5p (x3), 232.5p Gill Farm, 232.5p, 228.5p Bothel Parks, 229.5p Newbiggin Farm, 224.5p Hoddamtown, British Blue 233.5p Newbiggin Farm, 232.5p Gill Farm, 224.5p Bothel Parks,   Aberdeen Angus 203.5p Wiza Farm, Holstein Friesian 171.5p, 167.5p (x3) Windy Hill, 170.5p Howrigg Farm.

Heifers: Limousin 242.5p, 230.5p Newbiggin Farm, 227.5p Bectonhall.

Prime Sheep – The weekly sale of prime and cast sheep seeing all classes forward much sharper on the week. Prime lambs averaged 266ppk and sold to a top of £150.80 for a cracking Texel lamb from Jack Haston, Dearham Hall which sold to Mr Robert Skelton.

Top pence per kilo was achieved by Messrs Johnston, Springfield with a Dutch Texel selling to 317.4ppk also purchased by Mr Skelton.

Leading Lamb prices per head: Texel £150.80 Dearham Hall, £146.80 Priory Nook, £143.80 Dearham Hall, £139.80, £136.80 West Cocklaw, £132 Greyside Farm, £129 Priory Nook, £128.80 Dearham Hall, £127.80 Greyside Farm, £127.80 West Cocklaw, £127.80 Jackson Rigg, £123.80 Clea Hall, £121.80 Nirvana, £121.80 Stubbsgill, £120 Broomhills, £120 Bleabank Farm, £120, £119.80 Dearham Hall, £119.80 Stubbsgill, Suffolk £135.80 Broomhills, £134.80 Priory Nook, £125.80 Jackson Rigg, £125 (x2) Greyside Farm, £12.80 Jackson Rigg, £123.80 Calfpark, £123.80 Frankstown, £119.80 Jackson Rigg, £119.80 Talkin Head, £117.80 Jackson Rigg, £116.80 Town Head Farm, £116.80 Tedcastle, £113.80 Town Head Farm, £113.80, £112.80 (x2) Rottington Hall, £111.80 Greyside Farm, £111.30, £109.30 New Farm, Dutch Texel £123.80 Springfield Farm, £121.80 Hargill House, £117 Springfield Farm, £112.80 Hargill House, £109.80, £106.80 Springfield Farm, Charolais £122.30, £114.80, £109.80 Mill Farm, £108 Rose Cottage, £106.30 Mill Farm, £105.80 Rose Cottage, Beltex £120, £109.80 School Farm, Millennium Bleu £112.30 (x2), £109.80 Lawston Farm, Zwarble £105.80 Dearham Hall, Jacob £102.80 Dalveen.

Leading Lamb prices per kilo: Dutch Texel 317.4p Springfield Farm, 304.5p, 289.2p Hargill House, 273.5p, 272.1p Springfield Farm, Texel 305.8p Priory Nook, 305.6p Nirvana, 305.6p Boggle Hall, 300p Broomhills, 300p (x2) Greyside Farm, 299.5p Priory Nook, 295.7p Dearham Hall, 291.4p Broomhills, 290.5p West Cocklaw, 290.5p Jackson Rigg, 290p Nirvana, 289.8p Tedcastle, 289.5p Nirvana, 289.5p Priory Nook, 286.7p Nelson Hill Farm, 285p West Cocklaw, 282p Dearham Hall, 280p, 278p Stubbsgill, Beltex 300p, 272p School Farm, Suffolk 293p Priory Nook, 287.9p Jackson Rigg, 278.4p Calfpark, 276p Greyside Farm, 275.1p Calfpark, 274p, 273.5p Jackson Rigg, 272p Upper Senwick, 271.6p Broomhills, 270.5p Boggle Hall, 270.3p Banks Head, 266.2p Beck Farm, 265.4p Rottington Hall, Millennium Bleu 273.9p, 267.8p Lawston Hall, Charolais 271.8p Mill Farm, 271.3p Rose Cottage, 271.1p Mill Farm, 270p Rose Cottage, 267p Mill Farm.

Leading Cast Ewe prices per head: Suffolk £126.50, £101.50 Low Wood Bank, £113.50, £111.50, £89.50 King Wood Farm, £113.50, £95.50 Outer Woodhead, £112.50, £109.50, £102.50, £94.50 Gill Farm, £101.50 Calfpark, £100.50 East Cliff Farm, £89.50 Mill Farm   Texel £123.50 The Guards, £123.50, £119.50 Springfield Farm, £114.50, £101.50, £95.50 King Wood Farm, £106.50 Outer Woodhead, £106.50, £100.50 The Throp, £105.50, £100, £96.50 New Monkwray Farm, £105.50 Jackson Rigg, £105.50 The Stackyard, £103.50 Newhall Farm, £102.50 Boggle Hall, £97.50 Whiteside Farm, £97.50 Low Wallhead, £96.50 Low Wood Bank, £96.50 Old Silloth Farm,  Beltex £112 Inch Farm, £97.50 Nether Sentries Farm, Charollais £111.50 Old Silloth Farm, Greyfaced £101.50, £100 The Guards, £91.50 (x2) East Cliff Farm, £86.50 Pasture House Farm, Blue Texel £100, £90.50 Whiteside Farm, Blackface £69, £64.50 The Wreay, Southdown £61.50 Benson Holme, Swaledale £58.50 The Wreay, £55.50 The Breaks.

Leading Cast Rams prices per head: Texel £131.50 Nelson Hill Farm, £91.50 Whiteside Farm, Millennium Blue £123.50 Low Wood Bank, Suffolk £113.50 Jackson Rigg, Charollais £111.50 New Monkwray Farm, Beltex £91.50 The Throp.