Borderway Primestock Sale

13th August 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle Monday 13th August Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where they had a good show of 355 Cast Cows, Bulls and Prime cattle along with a larger show of 3882 prime and cast sheep forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A smaller show of 215 cast cows were forward with well fleshed cows being sharper on the week.  Messrs Lawson & Son, South Farm sold the top priced Charolais cow for 885kgs at 171.5p totalling £1517 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Harrison, Beck Farm’s run of cows topped at 870kgs at 173.5p totalling £1509 for a Charolais cow bought by Dawn Meats. Messrs Jackson, Lane End sold two outstanding cows which topped at 969kgs at 150.5p totalling £1458 for a Charolais cow and 725kgs at 196.5p totalling £1424 for a Limousin cow bought by Charles Kirkpatrick and Messrs Worsley.  Messrs Armour, Milton Farm sold the top priced Aberdeen Angus cow at 716kgs at 164.5p totalling £1177 to Dawn Meats. Messrs Fell, Stanger Hill’s run of cows topped at 690kgs at 167.5p totalling £1155 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Bell, Fitz Farm’s run of cows topped at 808kgs at 142.5p totalling £1157 for a British Blue cross to Dawn Meats.

A poor show of Black and White cows on offer however all classes sold well. Bays Leap Farm’s run of cows topped at 797kgs at 140.5p totalling £1119 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown’s run of Holstein cross cows topped at 709kgs at 156.5p totalling £1109 and 648kgs at 160.5p totalling £1040 both bought by Less Fell. Messrs Wilson, Broadlea sold a Holstein cross cow for 681kgs at 154.5p totalling £1052 to Pickstocks. Messrs Benson, Gill House sold a Holstein cross cow for 702kgs at 149.5p totalling £1049 to Messrs Gracey. Messrs Dart and Son, Flothers sold the top priced Montbeliarde cross cow which sold for 795kgs at 131.5p totalling £1045 to Dawn Meats. Messrs Wilson and Son, Bowscale Farm sold the top priced Friesian cow for 713kgs at 141.5p totalling £1008 to Dawn Meats.

A small show of 7 stock bulls on offer with Messrs Retson and Son, Gardrum selling a British Blue cross stock bull for 1114kgs at 144.5p totalling £1609 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Leading Cow Prices – price per head: Charolais £1517 South Farm, £1509 Beck Farm, £1458 Lane End Limousin £1424 Lane End, £1155 Stanger Hill, £1141 Bowscale Farm Aberdeen Angus £1177, £1076 Milton Farm British Blue £1151 Fitz Farm, £1040 Stranger Hill Holstein Friesian £1119 Bays Leap Dairy Farm, £1109, £1040, £972, £970 Smalmstown Farm, £1052 Broadlea, £1049 Gill House  Friesian £1008 Bowscale Farm, £965 Burtholme Farm

Leading Stock Bull Prices – price per head: British Blue £1609 Gardrum Hereford £1214 Randalinton Farm Charolais £1136 Cumcrook

Leading Cow Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 196.5p Lane End, 170.5p, 167.5p Stanger Hill, 158.5p Bowscale Farm, 157.5p Ladyhousesteads, 156.5p, 146.5p Beck Farm, 150.5p, 148.5p, 141.5p Beacon Rigg Farm, 146.5p Cawfields, 144.5p Harper Hill Farm Charolais 173.5p Beck Farm, 171.5p South Farm, 150.5p Lane End Blonde 172.5p Stanger Hill Aberdeen Angus 164.5p, 156.5p Milton Farm, 157.5p, 141.5p Barnglies Holstein Friesian 160.5p, 156.5p, 149.5p, 128.5p Smalmstown Farm, 154.5p Broadlea, 149.5p Gill House, 140.5p, 123.5p, 122.5p Bays Leap Dairy Farm, 133.5p, 125.5p High Grounds, 129.5p Low House Farm, 129.5p Cockleybank, 127.5p Julian Holme  British Blue 157.5p Beck Farm, 151.5p Stanger Hill, 142.5p Fitz Farm Simmental 157.5p East Wharmley, 155.5p Cockleybank, 140.5p Auchengray Farm, 134.5p Windergill Friesian 142.5p, 141.5p Bowscale Farm, 137.5p, 122.5p Burtholme Farm, 126.5p Calvo, 120.5p Red Hall Shorthorn 141.5p Bays Leap Dairy Farm Devon Red 135.5p Auchengray Farm Montbeliarde 131.5p Flothers, 131.5p High Crosby Farm, 123.5p Swordwellrigg Farm Luing 127.5p East Wharmley Hereford 126.5p Dirrops, 123.5p Fitz Farm, 122.5p Nutholm Farm Beef Shorthorn 124.5p Harper Hill Farm Dexter 119.5p East Wharmley Dairy Shorthorn 117.5p Marleycote Walls Ayrshire 115.5p Rosewain Farm

Leading Bullock Prices – price per kilo: Charolais 149.5p Low Sorbies British Blue 144.5p Gardrum Limousin 121.5p Langwathby

Prime Bulls: A larger entry of 79 prime bulls forward selling sharper on the week once again. Top overall was a Blonde achieving £1536 from Messrs Gibb, Jubilee Buildings, Stocksfield and purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. Limousins sold to £1524 from Messrs Rogerson, Maison Gill, Appleby and purchased by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers. British Blues sold to £1401 from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton. Messrs Twentyman also sold the top price per kilo of 231.5p for a Limousin cross purchased by Jewitt Meats  and 228.5p from Messrs Vevers, High Stenries, Lockerbie. Blonde crosses sold to 225.5p from Messrs Bradley, Northrigg Hill, Brampton and 223.5p for a British Blue cross from Messrs Twentyman.

Black and Whites would receive the biggest jump in trade with a day’s top of £1246 for a Friesian from Messrs Clark, Whins, Brydekirk and purchased by Jewitt Meats top pence per kilo of 191.5p was achieved for a Holstein from Messrs Johnston, Cote House, Carlisle.

Leading prices per head: Blonde £1536, £1508 Jubilee Buildings, £1444, £1343 Northrigg Hill Limousin £1524, £1461 Maison Gill, £1424, £1420, £1419 Demesne, £1405 Osborne Farm, £1393 Bowscale Farm, £1384 Park View, £1362, £1355 Fell End British Blue £1401 Osborne Farm, £1383 Whitefield, £1206 Cote House Farm Simmental £1258 Whitefield Aberdeen Angus £1179 South Farm, £1115 Justicetown Farm Fleckvieh £994 Laws Hall Friesian £1246, £1202 Whins Farm, £1183 King Hill, £1050, £1030 Pyethornes Farm, £1020 Wed Holme House Holstein £1104 Cote House Farm, £1039, £1012, £992, £973, £964 £932 Musgrave Hall Holstein Friesian £1038, £957, £952 Durdar House, £1012, £937 Randalinton Farm, £995 Justicetown Farm

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 231.5p Osborne Farm, 228.5p High Stenries, 225.5p, 217.5p Fell End, 224.5p, 216.5p Greenhill Farm, 217.5p(x2) Maison Gill, 207.5p Park View, 197.5p Wed Holme, 195.5p Brisco Hill Blonde 225.5p, 218.5p Northrigg Hill, 215.5p, 212.5p Jubilee Buildings British Blue 223.5p Osborne Farm, 211.5p Whitefield Aberdeen Angus 204.5p South Farm, 187.5p Justicetown Farm Holstein 191.5p, 175.5p, 171.5p, 168.5p(x2) Cote House Farm 167.5p,162.5p Musgrave Hall Friesian 186.5p, 181.5p Whins Farm, 177.5p Wed Holme House, 177.5p, 171.5p Pyethornes Farm, 174.5p King Hill Fleckvieh 177.5p Laws Hall, 173.5p Laws Hall Holstein Friesian 170.5p Brisco Hill, 168.5p Justicetown Farm, 167.5p, 162.5p Laws Hall, 162.5p, 161.5p Durdar House

Prime Cattle: A much larger show of 54 prime steers and heifers forward with all classes selling well with increased interest around the ringside. Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse Farm, Carlisle peaking at £1651 and purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle sold another to £1614. British Blue crosses sold to £1639 from Messrs Studhome once again, Charolais to £1616 from Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper, Wigton. Top pence per kilo of 229.5p was received by Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton for a Limousin cross and purchased by Pioneer Foods. Heifers saw a day’s top £1536 for a Charolais cross from Messrs Dent, Elm House, Appleby purchased by R and JP Mullholland Butchers, Great Orton and £1483 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Lawson, Hundith House. Messrs Jones, Ashcroft, Carlisle sold another to £1476. British Blue crosses sold to £1468 for Messrs Smithson, Bloan Farm, Kirkby Stephen purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.

Leading prices per Head
Steers: British Blue
£1639 Nealhouse Farm, £1584 Gill Farm  Limousin £1651 Nealhouse Farm, £1651, £1565, £1548, £1525 Gill Farm, £1586 Abbey Cowper Farm, £1569 Jackson Rigg, £1553 Hundith House, £1528 Hoddamtown Charolais £1616 Abbey Cowper Farm, £1493 Jackson Rigg

Heifers: Charolias £1536 Elm House, £1488 High Stenries, £1417 Beech Croft, £1376 Bloan Farm Limousin £1483, £1321 Hundith House, £1476 Thurstonfield, £1390, £1367 Elm House, £1360 Osborne Farm Blonde £1367 Ashcroft British Blue £1468 Bloan Farm, £1453 Ashcroft, £1438 Hundith House

Leading prices per kilo
Steers: Limousin
229.5p Hundith House, 227.5p, 226.5p, 214.5p Gill Farm, 227.5p Hoddamtown, 216.5p Nealhouse Farm British Blue 223.5p Gill Farm, 220.5p Hundith House Charolais 201.5p Abbey Cowper Farm

Heifers: Limousin 249.5p, 229.5p Elm House, 238.5p Ashcroft, 237.5p Osborne Farm, 227.5p West End Farm, 225.5p Hundith House British Blue 245.5p Hundith House, 235.5p Ashcroft, 225.5p Bloan Farm Charolais 234.5p Bloan Farm, 232.5p Elm House, 223.5p High Stenries Blonde 224.5p Ashcroft

Prime Lambs – A bumper show of 3289 lambs and 593 cast ewes forward with all classes of lambs selling to extreme rates with weight in particular demanding a premium. The overall sale average was 197.2ppk. A truly outstanding Beltex cross lamb from Messrs Reay, West Moorhouses, Hexham topped the sale selling for £112 to Mr Robert Skelton. The top price per kilo was 250.8p again paid for Beltex lambs from Messrs Little, The Hollands, Penton which sold to Mr Andrew Dawson. The sale averaged £82.48 per head with a weight range of 31 to 63 kilos proving all types are catered for at Carlisle. A large turnout of ewes met a flying trade to a top of £121.50 for Dutch Texels from Hargill House.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £112, £98, £96.80, £95.80, £92.80, £91.80, £87.80(x2), £82.80 West Moorhouses, £105.80, £97.80, £94.30, £93.80, £89.30, £87.30, £86.80 Hollands, £95.80, £86.80, £84.30, £81.80 Winterhope, £88.80 Glebelands Texel £110 Edenlin, £108.80, £106.80  Millriggs, £107.80 Longhurst, £106.80, £104.80 Pelutho Park, £106.80, £103.80 Tone Hall, £106.80, £102.80  Grange Farm, £105.80 Kellah, £105.80 Cracrop, £105 Farewell Grange, £104.30, £102.80  Norman Craggs, £103.80 Wavercroft, £102 Thirlwall Castle, £101.80 (x2) Ribton House, £100.80 Greenhills, £100.80 Broomhill, £100(x2) Grange House, £100 Aspatria Hall, £100 Well Head Farm Dutch Texel £107.80, £95.80, £84.80, £84 Unity Farm, £104.80, £93.80 (x3), £91.80, £88.80  Hargill House, £91.80, £84.80, £84.30 Springfield Farm, £91.80, £85.80(x2) Thorneyland, £85.80 Low Houses Suffolk £95.80, £87.80 Jackson Rigg, £91.80 Whitehouse, £91.30 Fenton Farm, £90 Norman Craggs, £88.80 Whitehouse, £88.80 Arkleby House, £88.30 Wiza Farm, £87.80 Rottington Hall, £87.30 Broomhill, £86.80 23 Row Brow Park, £83.30 New Farm, £82.80 Beamwham, £82.80 Low Fauld, £82 Lawston, £81.30 Clappers Greyfaced £92.30, £88.30 (x2) Quarry House, Black Faced £85 Quarry House Millennium Bleu £84.80, £82.30 Corrie Field.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 250.8p, 225.1p, 224.5p, 223.3p, 217.8p, 207.9p, 204.2p Hollands, 245.6p, 217p, 212.5p, 210.8p Winterhope, 236.8p, 200p Glebelands, 233.3p, 232p, 230.5p, 222.3p, 215.3p, 215.1p, 211p, 206.6p, 204.2p West Moorhouses Texel 236.3p Stubbsgill, 236.3p, 220.2p New Grange, 235.2p, 229.3p, 226.5p, 221p, 214.9p Mid Farm, 233.3p Farewell Grange, 228.1p Thirlwall Castle, 226.3p,  224.4p Agars Hill, 225.1p West Trailtrow, 223.9p, 216p Wavercroft, 223.9p Grange House, 221.5p Millriggs Farm, 221.1p Outer Woodhead, 220.8p New Houses, 217.6p Peter House, 217.4p Aspatria Hall, 217p Beamwham, 215.8p Bank House, 215.3p Well Head, 215.3p Rye Hill Texel 232.9p, 233.9, 233.3p, 222p, 208.4p, 206.2p Hargill House, 233.9p, 216.6p, 203.1p Springfield Farm, 213.5p, 201.9p, 200p Thorneyland, 212.9p, 207.3p, 201.9p, 200p Unity Farm, 209.3p, 207p Low Houses Millennium Bleu 204.3p Corrie Field, Suffolk 204.2p Rottington Hall, 200p Lawston Farm, 198.4p Wiza Farm, 197.3p Row Brow Park, 195.7p Norman Craggs, 195.5p Jackson Rigg, 195.3p Whitehouse Farm, 195.2p White House, 194.3p Fenton Farm, 193.7p New Farm, 193p Arkleby House, Greyfaced 194.1p (x2), 192.3p Quarry House.

Cast Ewes prices per head:
Dutch Texel £121.50, £100 Hargill House Texel £109.50 New Houses, £107.50 Ormathwaite, £106.50, £100 Edenlin, £105.50 Roachburn, £105.50 Cowranside, £103.50 Round Meadows, £102.50 Hargill House Suffolk £108.50 Low Wood Bank, Leicester £106.50 Roachburn Zwarble £90.50 Wetheral Shields Greyfaced £89.50 Row Brow Park, £88.50 Clea Mire, £88.50 Thornthwaite Hall, £88.50, £86.50 Round Meadows, £86.50 Leigh Croft, £85.50 Edenlin, £88.50 Bonshawside, £83.50 Westhills, £82.50 Street Head, £82.50 Langrigg, £82.50 Killiecrankie, £82.50, £80.50 Kilnknowe Teeswater £84.50 Field Garth, Swaledale £78.50 Wolf Hills, £74.50 Roachburn, £71.50 Round Meadows Hill Cheviot £67.50 (x2) Low Fauld.