Borderway Primestock Sale

27th August 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 27th August Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where they had a smaller show of 345 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle and 2104 prime sheep forward on Bank Holiday Monday.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A good show of 244 cast cows were on offer with Messrs Hunter, Upper Brydekirk’s Limousin cows topping at 684kg at 220.5p totalling £1508 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House’s run of Simmental cows topped at 869kg at 145.5p totalling £1264 to Steven Bowes. Messrs Nixon, Hunters Hall sold a Hereford cow for 801kg at 153.5p totalling £1229 to Messrs Gracey. Messrs Fell & Son, The Farm House sold a Stabilizer cow for 837kg at 146.5p totalling £1226 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Dale, Airds of Balcary sold a Limousin cross heifer for 195.5p and Messrs Sanderson, Upper Senwick also sold a Limousin cross heifer for 189.5p.

A plainer show of Black & White cows were on offer with all classes in demand. Messrs Pollock, Towngate sold the top priced Holstein cross cow which sold at 848kg at 135.5p totalling £1194 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Pattinson & Son, Walby Hall’s run of Holstein cross cows topped at 882kgs at 127.5p totalling £1124 to Dunbia. Messrs Baird, Red Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 818kg at 132.5p totalling £1088 to Steven Bowes. Messrs Rome, Fauldie’s cows topped at 939kgs at 114.5p totalling £1075 for a Holstein cross and 867kg at 122.5p totalling £1062 for a Montbeliarde cross cow bought be Sean McGimpsey and Dunbia. Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown Farm’s Holstein cross cows topped at 914kgs at 115.5p totalling £1055 to Pickstocks.

Leading Cow Prices – price per head: Limousin £1508, £1262 Upper Brydekirk, £1266 Burmoor, £1223 Hunters Hall, £1194 Millantae Farm, £1185 Balgray Hill, £1154 Wyseby Hill Simmental £1264, £1255 Kirtleton House, £1199, £1163 Fishwick Mains Hereford £1229 Hunters Hall Stabilizer £1226 The Farmhouse Charolais £1169, £1103 Airds of Balcary, £1116 Ladyhousesteads Holstein Friesian £1149 Towngate, £1124, £1034 Walby Hall, £1083 Red Hall, £1075 Fauldie, £1055 Smalmstown Farm, £1017 Gatelands British Blue £1113, £1054 Ladyhousesteads Montbeliarde £1062 Fauldie Holstein £1041 Walby Hall Galloway £1034 Ottercops Farm Aberdeen Angus £1024 Corbelly Hill Farm

Leading Stock Bull Prices – price per head: Limousin £1263 Lake View

Leading Cow Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 220.5p, 178.5p Upper Brydekirk, 195.5p Airds Balcary, 189.5p Upper Senwick, 178.5p, 157.5p Balgray Hill, 167.5p Millantae Farm, 167.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 160.5p Burmoor, 154.5p Hunters Hall, 153.5p Townfoot, 151.5p Spout Bank Galloway 165.5p, 153.5p, 148.5p, 136.5p Ottercops Farm Charolais 165.5p, 153.5p Airds of Balcary, 157.5p Ladyhousesteads Aberdeen Angus 164.5p, 143.5p, 139.5p, 138.5p Corbelly Hill Farm Hereford 153.5p Hunters Hall, 145.5p Kimmeter Green Simmental 151.5p, 145.5p Kirtleton House, 140.5p Fishwick Mains British Blue 151.5p Ladyhousesteads Stabilizer 146.5p The Farmhouse British Blue 139.5p Hunters Hall, 137.5p Pasture House Farm Holstein Friesian 139.5p Hesket Demain, 136.5p Bow Dairy Farming Co, 135.5p Towngate, 133.5p Gatelands, 132.5p Red Hall, 131.5p Mirkbooths, 127.5p Bectonhall, 127.5p, 126.5p, 126.5p Walby Hall, 126.5p Langhorn Farm,  Holstein 131.5p Walby Hall Beef Shorthorn 127.5p Sandwick Farm Montbeliarde 127.5p Lowther Low Moor, 122.5p Fauldie Friesian 124.5p Aulby Farm

Leading Stock Bull Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 133.5p 112 High Street, 128.5p Lake View

Prime Bulls: A good show of 90 prime bulls were on offer with trade for all classes being slightly dearer on the week. Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill sold a Limousin bull for 841kg at 211.5p totalling £1778. Messrs Rogerson, Maison Gill sold a Limousin cross bull for 742kg at 212.5p totalling £1576 and 730kg at 206.5p totalling £1507. Messrs Irving Bectonhall sold the top priced British Blue cross bull at 734kg at 207.5p totalling £1523. All the above were bought by Ralph Pearson. Messrs Mattocks, Aulby Farm run of Friesian bulls topped at 621kg at 187.5p totalling £1164 to Bill Howard. Messrs Muir & Son, Cleugbrae’s run of bulls topped at 217.5p for a Limousin cross and 215.5p for a British Blue cross. Messrs Gibb, Jubilee Buildings sold two Blonde bulls for 216.5p and 215.5p. Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill sold a Limousin bull for 216.5p.

Prime bulls leading prices per head: Limousin £1778, £1446 Balgray Hill, £1576, £1507 Maison Gill, £1433 Demesne, British Blue £1523 Bectonhall, £1480 Cleughbrae, Blonde £1437 Jubilee Buildings, Simmental £1420 Whitefield, Aberdeen Angus £1403 Millantae, Hereford £1266, £1244 Demesne, £1237 Whitefield, Galloway £1176 Gillrig, Friesian £1164, £1117, £1035 Aulby Farm, £1038 Pyethormes, Holstein Friesian £1078, £1070 Springfield, £1052 Durdar House, Montbelliarde £1030 Kirkbride House.

Prime bulls leading prices per kilo: Limousin 217.5p, 211.5p, 205.5p, 201.5p (x3) Cleughbrae, 216.5p, 211.5p Balgray Hill, 212.5p, 206.5p Maison Gill, 205.5p Roberthill, Blonde 216.5p, 215.5p Jubilee Buildings, British Blue 215.5p Cleughbrae, 207.5p Bectonhall, Aberdeen Angus 198.5p Gillrig, 198.5p Millantae, Simmental 197.5p, 193.5p Whitefield, 195.5p Balgray Hill, Friesian 187.5p, 183.5p, 175.5p Aulby Farm, 174.5p Braithwaite Hall, Galloway 183.5p Gillrig, Hereford 181.5p Whitefield, Montbelliarde 181.5p Beeches, Holstein Friesian 177.5p Wood End, 171.5p Bectonhall, Holstein 171.5p Cote House.

Prime Cattle: A small show of prime cattle were on offer with quality in demand. Messrs Graham, Miller Hill sold the top priced Limousin cross bullock for 770kg at 229.5p totalling £1767 and 687kg at 239.5p totalling £1645 both bought by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper Farm sold the top priced Charolais cross bullock for 762kg at 229.5p totalling £1748 and a Limousin cross bullock for 734kg at 219.5p totalling £1611 both purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Leading prices per Head
Steers: Charolais
£1767, £1645 Miller Hill, £1748 Abbey Cowper Farm Limousin £1611 Abbey Cowper Simmental £1404 Hosket Hill Farm

Leading prices per kilo
Steers: Charolais
239.5p, 229.5p Miller Hill, 229.5p Abbey Cowper Farm Limousin 219.5p Abbey Cowper Simmental 219.5p Hosket Hill Farm

Prime Lambs – Despite falling on a bank holiday a pleasing entry of 2044 lambs and 260 ewes were forward. Lambs met a similar trade to last week averaging 185.7ppk although there was more resistance to the trade than last week, well meated types remained good to sell being 195ppk and beyond. Tom & Julia Airey, New Grange, Dearham sold a wonderful run of Beltex lambs to average £92.80 and topped the sale at £96.80 for a pair which sold to Mr Michael Bowe. Topping per kilo at 225.7p was a pen of outstanding Beltex lambs from Mr JG Bewley, Midtown Farm, Whitrigg which sold to Mr Andrew Dawson. Messrs Todd, Longhurst sold a great run of 51 Texel cross lambs to average £90.05 with a pen of 23 48kg lambs topping his run at £92.80. Ewes remain good to sell and sold to a top of £109.50 for Texels from MM & RJ Wilson, Norman Craggs, Hesket Newmarket.  

Prime lambs leading prices per head: Beltex £96.80, £94.80 (x2), £90.80 (x2) New Grange Farm, £88.30, £87.80, £86.30, £85.80, £85.30, £81.80, Mid Farm, £87.80, £83, £80.80 Walton Woodhead, £86.80, £83.80 Heggle Lane, £83, £80.30 The Throp, £82.80 (x2) New Houses, £80.80 High Rigg, £80.80, £80 Hollands, Dutch Texel £95.80, £93.30, £93, £92.80, £92, £88.80, £87.80, £86.30, £85.80, £85 Hargill House, £86.80 £81.80 Unity Farm, £85.30, £83.30 Springfield Farm, Texel £93.80, £90.80, £88.80 Wavercroft, £92.80, £90.80 Longhurst, £91.80, £90 (x3), £89 Thirwall Castle Farm, £90.80 Swallowdene, £90.80 Tedcastle, £89 Wham Head, £88.80 Skelgill House, Charollais £93, £85 (x2) Springfield, £86.30 Outer Woodhead, Greyfaced £85 Hargill House, Suffolk £83.80 White House, £82.30 Merrysheild, £81.80 Norman Craggs, £81.80 Outer Woodhead, £79.80, £79.30 Midtown, £79.30, £77.80 Westgarth Hill, £78 Oaklands, £77.80 Clappers, £77.30 Denton Mains.

Prime lambs leading prices per kilo: Beltex 225.8p, 218p, 214.1p, 213.1p, 208p Mid Farm, 216.8p, 200p Walton Woodhead, 215.1p New Houses, 207.2p Hollands, 204.6p High Rigg, 204.2p, 201.9p Heggle Lane, 200p The Throp, Texel 222.5p, 215.5p, 213p, 208.7p New Grange Farm, 218.6p, 204.5p Thirwall Castle, 215.1p, 209.7p Agars Hill, 214.5p Hunley, 209.9p, 207p Glebelands, 209.6p Comlongon Mains, 209.3p, 202.2p Stanley House, 208.9p Wavercroft, 206.6p Low Buildings, 204.9p Midtown Farm, 204.3p Tedcastle, Dutch Texel 221.7p, 221p, 218.8p, 212p, 208.9p, 205.5p, 204.3p, 201.8p Hargill House, 213.3p, 205.7p Springfield Farm, 204.5p Unity Farm, Suffolk 188.3p White House, 186.3p Denton Mains, 185.7p Oaklands, 184.5p The Beeches, 183.8p Outer Woodhead, 182.7p Glebelands, Charollais 185.6p Outer Woodhead.