Borderway Primestock Sale

3rd September 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 3rd September Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where they had a large show of 525 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle and 1943 prime sheep forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A large show of 416 cast cows and stock bulls were forward on Monday with extra buyers coming to take advantage of the large numbers at Carlisle and trade being sharper throughout. Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House Farm’s run of well fleshed Limousin cross cows topped at 783kg at 216.5p totalling £1695, 859kg at 177.5p totalling £1524 and 794kg at 805kg totalling £1433 purchased by Owain Llyr, Dunbia and Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall’s run of Limousin cows topped at 939kg at 167.5p totalling £1572 with other cows selling for 188.5p and 181.5p bought by Messrs McCreery and Messrs Worsley. Mr Martin Barker, Middle Bank End Farm sold a Limousin cow for 761kg at 178.5p totalling £1358 to Owain Llyr. Messrs McMyn, Corbelly Hill Farm sold an Aberdeen Angus heifer for 193.5p to Charles Kirkpatrick.

A plain show of Black and White cows were on offer with trade being good throughout. Messrs Todhunter & Sons, Lonning Farm sold a Holstein cross heifer for 736kg at 165.5p totalling £1218 to Les Fell. Messrs Horsley, Whitrigg Grange sold a Holstein cross cow for 851kgs at 134.5p totalling £1144 to Dunbia. Messrs Grierson, Musgrave Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 874kg at 127.5p totalling £1114 to Dunbia. Messrs Baird, Redhill sold a Holstein cross cow for 847kgs at 130.5p totalling £1105 to Messrs McCreey. Messrs Rome, Fauldie sold a Montbeliarde cross cow for 812kg at 134.5p totalling £1092 to Dunbia. Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown Farm’s run of Holstein cross cows topped at 748kg at 144.5p totalling £1080 to Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Marrs and Sons, Broomshills sold a Holstein cross cow for 796kgs at 133.5p totalling £1062 to Dunbia. Messrs Dickinson & Son, Kirkbarrow Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 845kg at 125.5p totalling £1060 to Dunbia. Messrs Bowker, Riggheads sold a MRI cow for 818kg at 128.5p totalling £1051 to Dunbia. Holstein cross heifers sold to 163.5p from Messrs Halliday, Broathill, 157.5p from Messrs Bowker, Rigghead and 155.5p from Parkhouse Farming Partnership

A good show of 16 stock bulls were forward. Messrs Hewson, Burgh Head Farm sold a British Blue stock bull for 998kgs at 177.5p totalling £1771 to Owain Llyr. Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House sold the top priced Limousin stock bull for 900kg at 165.5p totalling £1489 to Charles Kirkpatrick.

Leading Cow Prices – price per head: Limousin £1695, £1524, £1433, £1392, £1346, £1306, £1277, £1269 Hill House Farm, £1572, £1297, £1295, £1283 Ainstable Hall, £1358 Middle Bank End, £1299, £1224 Cawfields, £1281 Beamwham, £1250, £1247 Ratlingate Farm, £1241 Woodhall Farm, £1224 Mossband Hall Holstein Friesian £1218 Lonning Farm, £1144 Whiterigg Grange, £1105 Red Hall, £1080 Smalmstown Farm, £1062 Broomhills, £1060 Kirkbarrow Hall, £1027, £1020 Low House Farm,  Aberdeen Angus £1141 Corbelly Hill Farm British Blue £1146 Meikle Kirkland, £1141 Hill House Farm, £1141 Wall End Farm, £1137 Cawfields, £1068 Hall Garth, £1042 Hall Garth, £1031 Lodges Farm, £1013 Greenhill Farm Friesian £1117 Riggheads, £1000 Crownstone Farm Holstein £1114, £1041 Musgrave Hall, £1031 Broathill Monteliarde £1092 Fauldie MRI £1051 Riggheads Simmental £1027 Kirtleton House

Leading Stock Bull Prices – price per head: Limousin £1521 Lawston Farm, £1489 Hill House Farm, £1486 Tedcastle Farm British Blue £1771 Burgh Head Farm, £1225 Skiddaw View Cottage

Leading Cow Prices – price per kilo: Limousin 216.5p, 180.5p, 177.5p, 171.5p, 167.5p Hill House Farm, 188.5p, 181.5p, 179.5p, 168.5p(x2), 167.5p Ainstable Hall, 185.5p Haydon Bridge, 179.5p, 176.5p, 172.5p Cawfields, 178.5p Middle Bank End Farm, 173.5p, 167.5p Ratlingate Farm, 172.5p, 167.5p Tundergarth Mains  Aberdeen Angus 193.5p, 155.5p Corbelly Hill Farm, 136.5p Barngiles British Blue 177.5p Meikle Kirkland, 169.5p Beck Farm, 160.5p Wall End Farm, 153.5p Cawfields Holstein Friesian 165.5p Lonning Farm, 149.5p, 134.5p Long Meg, 148.5p, 144.5p, 129.5p, 127.5p Smalmstown Farm, 147.5p Hill Farm, 134.5p Whitrigg Grange, 133.5p Broomhills, 132.5p, 131.5p, 125.5p Low House Farm, 130.5p Red Hall, 128.5p, 125.5p Kirkbarrow Hall, 125.5p Justicetown Farm Holstein 163.5p Broathill, 157.5p Riggheads, 155.5p Park House, 142.5p Orton Grange, 134.5p Wardpark, 127.5p Musgrave Hall Charolais 151.5p Airds of Balcary Simmental 145.5p Kirtleton House, 142.5p Nutholm Farm Friesian 145.5p Dockray Hall, 140.5p Crownstone Farm, 137.5p Riggheads, 129.5p, 125.5p Town End Farm Blonde 139.5p Meikle Kirkland Montbeliarde 134.5p, 133.5p Fauldie Hereford 134.5p Tundergarth Mains MRI 128.5p Riggheads Dairy Shorthorn 124.5p Lodge Hill Irish Moiled 118.5p How Farmhouse Highland 112.5p Overton Bush, 109.5p East Plenmeller Farm

Leading Stock Bull Prices – price per kilo: British Blue 177.5p Burgh Head Farm, 164.5p Old Silloth Farm, 148.5p Skiddaw View Cottage Limousin 167.5p Greenah Villa, 167.5p Barrhill Avenue, 165.5p Hill House Farm, 147.5p Tedcastle Farm, 139.5p Lawston Farm Highland 157.5p, 143.5p, 142.5p East Plenmeller Farm Shorthorn 154.5p Auchencairn Charolais 152.5p Airds of Balcary Longhorn 143.5p Burn House Holstein 135.5p Blue Dial Farm

Prime Bulls: A smaller show of 77 prime bulls were forward selling to a good trade with a day’s top of £1845 for a Simmental from Messrs Houldey, Kirtleton House, Lockerbie purchased by Messrs McCreery, Ireland. Limousins sold to £1721 from Messrs Telfer, Newton High House, Newcastle. British Blues sold to £1548 from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canobie and purchased by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers. Blonde crosses sold to £1530 from Messrs Rogerson, Maison Gill, Appleby. Top pence per kilo of the day was 230.5p for a Limousin cross from Messrs Atkinson, Abbey Park, Appleby. Black and whites peaked at £1128 from Messrs Raven, Durdar, Carlisle purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.  Top pence per kilo of 178p was achieved for a Friesian from Messrs Mattocks, Aulby Farm, Penrith again purchased by Bowland Foods.

Leading prices per head: Simmental £1845 Kirtleton House, £1296, £1222 Castlewigg, £1268 Springfield, Limousin £1721 Newton High House, £1580, £1505, £1437 Stubsgill, £1509 Abbey Park, £1474 Maison Gill, £1467 Bectonhall, £1428, £1321 The Yett, £1420, £1337, £1312 Greenhill Farm, British Blue £1548, £1462 Bectonhall £1362 Greenhill Farm, Blonde £1530 Maison Gill, Saler £1417, £1325, £1262, £1223 Overton Bush, White Galloway £1282 Springfield, Holstein Friesian £1128, £945, £936 Durdar House, £832 Whins Farm, Friesian £1104, £1070 Whins Farm, £1103 Hillhead, £1051, £1040 Aulby Farm, £993 Kiln Close, Holstein £1083, £1006 Durdar House, £984, £887, £878 Musgrave Hall, Aberdeen Angus £1057 Justicetown Farm, Swedish Red £976 Musgrave Hall.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 230.5p Abbey Park, 229.5p, 222.5p, 217.5p Greenhill Farm, 220.5p, 218.5p The Yett, 218.5p Newton High House, 217.5p Maison Gill, 214.5p, 213.5p Stubsgill, British Blue 225.5p Greenhill Farm, 213.5p Kiln Close, 195.5p Justicetown, Simmental 207.5p, 202.5p Castlewigg, Blonde 199.5p Maison Gill, Saler 192.5p,191.5p, 188.5p (x2) Overton Bush, White Galloway 189.5p Springfield, Aberdeen Angus 187.5p Justicetown, Friesian 178.5p, 175.5p, Aulby Farm, 175.5p Kiln Close, £174.5p, 167.5p Whins Farm, 162.5p Hillhead, Swedish Red 162.5p Musgrave Hall, Holstein Friesian 159.5p, 157.5p Musgrave Hall, 165.5p, 159.5p, 157.5p, 156.5p Durdar House.

Prime Cattle: A larger show of 41 prime steers and heifers forward with a good offering of quality evident. Top overall was £1736 for a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse, Carlisle purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. The same vendor also sold the top price British Blue cross to £1713. Charolais sold to £1703 from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont. Top price per kilo overall came from Messrs Lawson, Hundith House, Wigton achieving 235p for a Limousin cross. Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle sold the top price British Blue to 230.5p. Heifers saw a day’s top of £1734 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont. Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle sold top price British Blue cross heifer to £1624. Top heifer pence per kilo of 234.5p was achieved by Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall for a British Blue cross purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Messrs Hall also sold top price British Blue cross to 230.5p again to Bowland Foods.

Leading prices per head: Steers: Limousin £1736 Nealhouse, £1682, £1663, £1646, £1575, £1542, £1418 Gill Farm, £1445 Hoddamtown, £1419 Gelt Hall British Blue £1713 Neal House, £1436 Gill Farm Charolais £1703 Loughrigg

Heifers: Limousin £1734 Loughrigg, £1632, £1398 Upper Brydekirk, £1486, £1286 Elm House, £1456 Ainstable Hall, £1397 Hundith House British Blue £1624, £1461 Ainstable Hall, £1378 Neal House Simmental £1260 Howgillside Charolais £1241 Hillhead

Leading prices per kilo: Steers: Limousin 235.5p, 229.5p Hundith House, 234.5p, 228.5p, 217.5p Gill Farm, 225.5p, 224.5p Hoddamtown, 219.5p Nealhouse British Blue 230.5p Gill Farm, 227.5p Nealhouse Charolais 207.5p Loughrigg Friesian 158.5p School Hill

Heifers: Limousin 234.5p Ainstable Hall, 231.5p, 225.5p Upper Brydekirk, 231.5p, 229.5p, 228.5p Elm House, 221.5p Loughrigg British Blue 230.5p, 229.5p Ainstable Hall Charolais 211.5p Hillhead Simmental 193.5p Proctors Farm

Prime Lambs – Prime sheep saw a rise on the week to average 186.6ppk with an average per head of £81.72. Topping the sale at £108 per head and making his long trip worthwhile, was Messrs Longlands, Tone Hall, Hexham whose fantastic pen of heavy lambs sold to Mr Michael Bowe. Another making the trip west was Messrs Reay, West Moor Houses, Hexham who topped the sale per kilo with a fabulous pen of 8 Beltex lambs which sold at 233.8ppk to Mr Andrew Dawson. Cast ewes sold to extreme rates and topped at £124.50 for Texel ewes from The Guards, Ireby.

Prime lambs leading prices per head: Texel £108, £101.80 Tone Hall Farm, £106.80, £98.80 King Wood Farm, £100 Newbampton Farm, £100, £97.80, £95.80, £94.80, £93 New Grange Farm, £98.30 Round Meadows Farm, £95.80, £94.80 Holly House, £95.80, £94.30 Wavercroft, £94.80 Albyfield, £94.80 Walby Grange, £94.80 Longhurst, £94.80, £94 Thirlwall Castle Farm  Millenium Bleu £95.80, £91.80 Corrie Field Dutch Texel £91.80 Thorneyland, £84.80 High Old Shield Farm Beltex £91.80(x2), £87.80, £85.80 Castlehill, £91.30, £88.80(x2), £85.80 Winterhope Farm, £90, £88.80, £86.80, £85.80 West Moorhouses, £89.80, £83.80, £81.30, £80.80, £80(x2) Mid Farm, £84 Horsegills Suffolk £91.80, £84.30 Tone Hall Farm, £90.80 Rack Beck, £85 Merryshield, £85 Brownrigg, £80 Grange House, £80 3 Dacre Road, £80 The Square Charollais £84 Northrigg Hill Blackfaced £80 Stobbs Farm

Prime lambs leading prices per kilo: Beltex 233.8p, 228.4p, 224.8p, 217.5p West Moorhouses, 226.7p, 218.6p, 211.9p, 211.6p Castlehill, 217.4p, 209.3p Winterhope Farm, 216.2p, 213.9p, 213.6p, 211.3p, 210.5p, 204.9p, 202p Mid Farm, 200p Horsegills Texel 230.1p, 220.5p, 206p New Grange Farm, 221.2p, 202.9p Lesson Hall Farm, 217p Newbampton Farm, 215.8p, 206.5p Albyfield, 215.5p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 215.1p, 202.5p Grange House, 214.5p Glebelands, 213.8p, 208.9p, 202p Ellerslea, 213.5p Horsegills, 208.6p Dykehead, 207.7p Wavercroft, 204.5p King Wood Farm, 201.7p Holly House Millenium Bleu 228.1p, 213.5p Corrie Field Dutch Texel 213.5p Thorneyland, 209.4p High Old Shield Farm Blackfaced 202.5p Stobbs Farm Charollais 200p Northrigg Hill Suffolk 181.8p Grange House, 181.3p Tone Hall Farm

Cast ewes leading prices per head: Texel £124.50 The Guards, £177.50 Aigle Gill, £109.50, £106.50, £103.50, £100.50 Wavercroft Suffolk £108.50 Aigle Gill, £103.50 Dykehead Dutch Texel £88.50, £87.50 Town Head Farm Hill Cheviot £87.50 Dykehead, £80.50 Leigh Croft Greyfaced £77.50 Georgefield, £75.50, £71.50 Round Meadows Farm, £74.50 Merryshield, £71.50 Harewalls

Cast ram leading prices per head: Charollais £91.50 Northrigg Hill Texel £79.50 Northrigg Hill