Borderway Primestock Sale

10th September 2018

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 10th September Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where they had a large show of 554 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle and 2255 prime sheep forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – Once again a large show of 410 cast cows were forward with a weathered show of cows coming forward. However an increased ringside of buyers ensured all classes were a good trade.

Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale sold a Limousin cow for 864kg, 184.5ppk or £1594 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall run of Limousin cows topped at 837kg, 178.5ppk or £1494 to Owain Llyr and to 755kg, 185.5ppk or £1400 to Mr Malcolm Allan. Mr G Bell, Haas Grove sold an outstanding British Blue cross cow which topped at 765kg, 191.5ppk or £1464 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Telfer, Tarnflatt Hall sold a Limousin cross cow for 805kg, 174.5ppk or £1404 to Mr Allan. Messrs Cleasby, Eamont Terrace sold a Limousin cross heifer for 198.5ppk to Mr Kirkpatrick, and Mr Fry, Portertown Farm sold Simmental heifers to 188.5ppk, 187.5ppk, 186.5ppk and 181.5ppk.

A small show of 13 stock bulls were forward, with Messrs Hewson, Parton Hall sold a Beef Shorthorn stock bull for 1020kg, 143.5ppk or £1463 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Cleasby, Eamont Terrace sold a Limousin stock bull for 812kg, 173.5ppk or £1408 to Mr Les Fell.

A plainer show of black and white cows were on offer to a good trade throughout. Messrs Martin, Tempest Tower, sold the top priced Holstein cross cow for 821kg, 133.5ppk or £1096 to Dunbia. Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown Farm run of Holstein cross cows topped at 826kg, 127.5ppk or £1053 to Dunbia. Messrs Marrs & Son, Broomhills sold a Holstein cross cow for 889kg, 115.5ppk or £1026 to Mr McCreery.

Other Holstein heifers also sold to 157.5ppk from Messrs Livingstone, Kirtlevale, 147.5ppk and 145.5ppk from Messrs Morris, Greengatehouse Farm, and 144.5ppk from Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown Farm. British Friesian cross heifers sold to 156.5ppk and 154.5ppk from Messrs Paisley & Sosn, Micklethwaite Farm.

Leading price per head: Limousin £1594 Kirtlevale, £1494, £1400, £1370, £1312 Ainstable Hall, £1404, £1255 Tarnflatt Hall, £1355 Weary Hall Style, £1307, £1237 Grindon Hill, £1277 Sarkshields Farm, £1228 Midtown Farm, £1192 Millantae Farm, £1181 Sunny Gill Farm, £1148 Randalholme, £1146 Longlee, £1139 Ladyhousesteads, £1128 Snade Farm, £1116 Well House, £1111 Lesosn Hall, British Blue £1464 Haas Grove Farm, £1152 Isle Old Park, £1151 Snade Farm, £1148 Petteril Bank Farm, £1096, £1044 Meikle Kirkland, Simmental £1204, £1138, £1125, £1123 Potterstown Farm, £1185 Castlewigg Farm, Blonde £1112 Jubilee Buildings, Shorthorn £1102 Broomfield Farm, Holstein Friesian £1096 Tempest Tower, £1053, £910 Smalmstown Farm, £1026 Broomhills, £951 Espland Hill, £945 Townfoot Farm, £926 Hadderdale, £910 (x2) Bailey Town, £904 Greengatehouse Farm, British Friesian £1064 Miklethwaite Farm, £950 Thornington Farm, Holstein Friesian £996 Kirtlevale, Longhorn £919 Broomfield Farm, Gelbvieh £900 Parcelstown, Staberliser £970 Bents Farm.

Leading price per kilo: Limousin 198.5p, 178.5p, 173.5p Eamont Terrace 185.5p, 182.5p, 178.5p Ainstable Hall, 184.5p Kirtlevale, 183.5p Snade Farm, 177.5p Longlee, 175.5p, 174.5p Grindon Hill, 175.5p Midtown Farm, 174.5p Tarnflatt Hall, 172.5p Well House, 170.5p Sunny Gill Farm, 166.5p Millantae Farm, 166.5p Sarkshields Farm, 165.5p Randalholme, 165.5p Longlee, British Blue 191.5p Haas Grove Farm, 176.5p, 175.5p Meikle Kirkland, 164.5p Snade Farm, 163.5p Netherton, 151.5p Isle Old Park, Simmental 188.5p, 187.5p, 186.5p, 181.5p Portestown Farm, 154.5p Castlegigg Farm, Holstein Friesian 157.5p Kirtlevale, 129.5p Broathill, British Friesian 156.5p, 154.5p Micklethwaite Farm, 129.5p (x2) Kilfillan, 129.5p Thornington Farm, 128.5p, 125.5p Gates Garth Hall Farm, 125.5p Windy Nook, Blonde 148.5p Jubilee Buildings, Holstein Friesian 147.5p, 145.5p Greengatehouse Farm, 144.5p, 127.5p Smalmstown Farm, 139.5p Hadderdale, 136p Broomhills, 133.5p Tempest Tower, 127.5p Woodhouse Farm, Shorthorn 145.5p, 131.5p Broomfield Farm, Staberliser 143.5p Bents Farm, 125.5p Netherton, Beef Shorthorn 143.5p Parton Hall, 125.5p Bents Farm, Aberdeen Angus 139.5p Newbiggin, 133.5p Skiddaw View Cottage, Gelbvieh 131.5p Parcelstown, Longhorn 128.5p, 126.5p, 125.5p (x4) Broomfield Farm, Belted Galloway 123.5p Mark Farm.

Prime Bulls: A large show of 103 prime bulls were forward with all classes of well fleshed cattle were very good to sell and a day’s top of £2010 for a Charolais from Messrs Watson, Bowsden Moor, Berwick and was purchased by Messrs McCreery, Ireland. Others sold to £1810 from Messrs Tattersall, Enzieholm, Langholm. Limousin bulls peaked at £1754.97 from Messrs Henshall, Sarkshields, Lockerbie and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, and to £1753.52 from Messrs Scott, Thirlwall Castle, Brampton. Messrs Blaylock, Krikend run of 11 prime bulls topped at £1618 and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.

Top overall pence per kilo of 230.5ppk was attained twice, firstly by Messrs Eggleston, Thornam Hill Farm, Newcastle for a Limousin and secondly by Messrs Blaylock, Kirkend for a British blue cross.

Black and whites peaked at £1455.83 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Scott, Daltonhook, Lockerbie and was purchased by Messrs McCreery. Finally top pence per kilo of 204.5ppk was attained by Messrs Wise, Low Tarns, Wigton for a Holstein Friesian.

Leading prices per head: Charolais £2010, £1759, £1678 Bowsden Moor Farm, £1810 Enzieholm, Limousin £1754 Sarkshields Farm, £1753 Thirlwall Castle Farm, £1629 Town Head, £1617, £1501 Bowsden Moor Farm, £1553 Thornham Hill Farm, £1517, £1383 Demesne Farm, £1419, £1418 Greenhill Farm, £1398 Whitefield, £1398 Kirkend, British Blue £1618, £1519, £1425, £1411, £1366 Kirkend, £1491, £1289 Whitefield, £1293 Justicetown Farm, Holstein Friesian £1455 Daltonhook, £1196 Low Tarns, £1026 Durdar House, £920, £895 Justicetown Farm, £897, £889 Old Church Farm, £889 Laws Hall, Blonde £1415, £1238 Kirkend, £1340 Jubilee Buildings, £1255, £1220 Northrigg Hill, British Friesian £1233, £1138, £1008 King Hill, £1190, £1074, £1030, £1025 High House, £988, £974 Wed Holme House,  Montbeliarde £1197, £1140 Kirkbride House, Parthenais £1153, £1071, £1052 Marina House, Simmental £1150, £1108 Kirtleton House, Fleckvieh £1097 Low Tarns, £1033, £1006, £983 Laws Hall, Hereford £1077 Demesne Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1058, £905 Supplebank Farm, Luing £1011 Blackcarts Farm, Holstein £943, £910, £859 Durdar House, £881 Cote House Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 230.5p, 228.5p, 223.5p, 219.5p, 214.5p, 213.5p Kirkend, 214.5p, 201.5p Justicetown Farm, 203.5p Whitefield, Limousin 230.5p Thornham Hill Farm, 226.5p, 219.5p Bowsden Moor Farm, 225.5p, 222.5p Greenhill Farm, 216.5p Demesne Farm, 213.5p Sarkshields Farm, 213.5p Toen Head, 212.5p, 211.5p Kirkend, Blonde 219.5p, 207.5p Northrigg Hill, 218.5p Kirkend, 212.5p Jubilee Buildings, Charolais 215.5p, 201.5p Bowsden Moor Farm, 214.5p Enzieholm, Holstein Friesian 204.5p Low Tarns, 162.5p, 159.5p Justicetown Farm, 158.5p Laws Hall, Parthenais 199.5p, 194.5p, 193.5p Marina House, Hereford 184.5p Demesne Farm, Simmental 181.5p (x2) Kirtleton House, Fleckvieh 177.5p, 173.5p Laws Hall, Montbeliarde 176.5p Kirkbride House, British Friesian 176.5p, 167.5p Wed Holme House, 176.5p (x2), 174.5p, 173.5p High House, Aberdeen Angus 175.5p Supplebank Farm, Holstein 164.5p Cote House Farm.

Prime Cattle: A very good quality show of 41 prime steers and heifers were forward, once again selling away very well, and to a day’s top of £1770.31 for a British Blue cross steer from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse Farm, Carlisle, and was purchased by Pioneer Foods Carlisle. Limousin crosses sold to £1590 from Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport. Top pence per kilo of 233.5ppk was attained twice, on both occasions by Messrs Anderson, Crosby House Farm for his run of 12 marvellously fed bullocks.

Heifers were seen to top at £1642 from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse Farm, Carlisle, and British Blue crosses to £1473.83 from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle. Top pence per kilo and top overall of 246.5ppk was received again by Ainstable Hall and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie.

Leading prices per head:
British Blue £1770, £1666 Nealhouse Farm, £1544, £1524, £1520 Crosby House Farm, £1528, £1524 Abbey Cowper Farm, Limousin £1590, £1585, £1555, £1515, £1513, £1497, £1433 Crosby House Farm, £1585, £1553 The Yett, £1537 Abbey Cowper Farm, Simmental £1530 Crosby House Farm, Blonde £1383 Croft Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1642 Nealhouse Farm, £1481 Ainstable Hall, £1209 Cobble Hall Farm, British Blue £1473, £1459 Ainstable Hall, £1406 Haas Grove Farm,  Simmental £1336 Castlewigg Farm, Saler £1154 How Gill.

Leading prices per kilo:
Limousin 233.5p, 231.5p, 226.5p, 220.5p (x2), 217.5p, 216.5p Crosby House Farm, 230.5p, 229.5p The Yett, British Blue 233.5p, 229.5p Crosby House Farm, 217.5p Nealhouse Farm, Blonde 213.5p Sroft Farm, Simmental 212.5p Crosby House Farm, Highland 156.5p Redwood Garth.

Heifers: British Blue 246.5p, 228.5p Ainstable Hall, 226.5p Haas Grove, Farm, Limousin 238.5p Ainstable Hall, 226.5p Nealhouse Farm, Saler 202.5p How Gill.

Prime Lambs and Cast Ewes – The weekly sale of prime sheep had an entry of 1803 lambs and 454 cast ewes. Prime lambs were harder to cash this week with all outlets showing resistance to trade. This being said lambs with plenty of flesh still met a good demand making 185-200ppk. The sale topped at £93.80 for a pair of cracking Texel lambs from Messrs Scott, Thirlwall Castle, these good lambs also sold to a top price of 218.1ppk and were purchased by Mr A Dawson.

Ewes topped at £101.50 for Bluefaced Leicester ewes from Messrs Ogden, Pears Gill, Calthwaite.

Prime lambs leading prices per head: Texel £93.80, £90, £87.80, £86.80, £85, £84.50, £84.30 Thirlwall Castle Farm, £90 Crookholm Farm, £89.80 Blue Dial Farm, £87.80 Cardew Hall, £87.30 Ribton House, £87 Low Buildings, £86.80 Cracrop Farm, £86.80 Well Head Farm, £86.80 New Sandsfield, £86.20 Rottington Hall, £85.80 FLimby Hall, £85 High Lovelady Shields, £84.30 Tedcastle Farm, £84 Stanley House, Beltex £90, £87.80, £86.80, £81.80 Farewell Grange, £84.80, £81.80 Well Head Farm, £83, £80 Park Nook, £82.80, £81 Birch Craig, Suffolk £84 New Sandsfield, £76.80 Batey Shield, £76.80 Wiza Farm, £75.80 Dirrops, £75.30 (x2) Clappers Farm, £75 Merryshield, Dutch Texel £83.80 Springfield Farm, £82.80 Unity Farm, Rouge £78.80 Cardew Hall, Kerry Hill £77.80 Tedcastle Farm, Greyfaced £76.80 High Lovelady Shields, £74.30, £71.80 Hargill House.

Prime lambs leading prices per kilo: Texel 218.1p, 204.5p, 195.1p, 191p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 214.3p, 191.6p Crookholm Farm, 211.9p, 192.2p Flimby Hall, 211.6p, 207.8p, 207.4p, 205.1p, 197.1p Cardew Hall, 206.7p Well Head Farm, 205.6p Tedcastle Farm, 202.3p Low Buildings, 194.4p Whiteside Farm, 191.6p Barnskew, 191.4p Agars Hill Farm, 190.5p Clea Mire, Beltex 217.6p, 192.5p Well Head Farm, 214.1p, 211.7p, 207.1p, 200p, 194.2p Farewell Grange, 192.9p Birch Craig, 191.8p The Throp, Dutch Texel 209.5p Springfield Farm, 197p Unity Farm.