Borderway Primestock Sale

11th February 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 11th February, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. A massive show of 573 Cast cows, Bulls and Prime cattle and 2108 prime and cast sheep were forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A large show of 413 cast cows and stock bulls were forward on Monday with an outstanding show of 180 beef cows coming forward, however trade overall would be less on the week.

Mr Ian Bell, Hallbankgate Farm sold an outstanding Charolais cow which sold for 821kg, 172.5ppk or £1416 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Norman, Little Orton Farm run of Limousin cows topped at 779kg, 178.5ppk and to 798kg, 169.5ppk or £1352, purchased by Owain Llyr and Andrew Graham. Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House Farm run of well finished cows topped at 828kg, 164.5ppk or £1362 and was purchased by Mr Andrew Graham. Messrs Milburn, Wall End Farm run of Limousin cross cows topped at 664kg, 196.5ppk or £1304 and was purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Procter, Old Swarland Hall sold a Limousin cow for 728kg, 178.5ppk to £1299 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Johnson, West Wharmley sold a Charolais cow for 759kg, 170.5ppk or £1294 to Mr George Watson. Messrs Hodgson, Croft Farm sold a Limousin cross heifer for 612kg, 201.5ppk or £1233 to Mr Sean McGimpsey.

Leading Beef Bred Young Cow and Heifer Prices: Limousin 201.5p Croft Farm, 196.5p, 173.5p Wall End Farm, 182.5p, 178.5p, 177.5p Little Orton Farm, 179.5p Demesne Farm, 178.5p Swarland Old Hall, 170.5p West Whitrigg, Aberdeen Angus 187.5p Minsca Farm, Charolais 172.5p Hallbankgate Farm.

A mixed show of 222 black and white cows were on offer with trade being similar to the of last week’s trade. Messrs Little & Son, Kirkbride House sold the top priced Montbeliarde cow which sold for 667kg, 159.5ppk or £1063 to Mr Sean McGimpsey. Messrs Elwen, Netherfield Farm run of Holstein cross cow topped at 787kg, 129.5ppk or £1019 to Mr Kenny McCreery.  Messrs Henderson & Son, Park House Farm run of Holstein cross cows topped at 808kg, 123.5ppk or £997 to Mr David Holmes. Buckabank Farms sold a Holstein cross heifer for 669kg, 143.5ppk or £960 to Mr McGimpsey. Messrs Slack, Cockely Bank sold a Holstein cross for 698kg, 136.5ppk or £952 to Pickstocks. Evening Hill Farm run of Holstein crosses topped at 713kg, 133.5ppk or £951 to Mr McGimpsey.

Leading Dairy Bred Young Cow and Heifer Prices: Montbeliarde 159.5p Kirkbride House, Holstein 144.5p Parkhouse Farm, 144.5p, 131.5p, 127.5p Home Farm, 143.5p, 136.5p Buckabank Farm, 142.5p, 129.5p Netherfield Farm, 138.5p West Whitrigg, 136.5p Cockley Bank, 136.5p, 129.5p Angus Well Farm, 136.5p Greigsland, 133.5p, 129.5p Evening Hill, 133.5p Low Malzie, 126.5p Chalk British Friesian 125.5p Gelt Hall Farm.

A large show of 11 stock bulls were forward with Messrs Eilbeck, Plumbland Farm selling the top priced Limousin bull for 1206kg, 157.5ppk or £1899 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Dandie, The Dales sold the top priced British Blue stock bull which sold for 1405kg, 134.5ppk or £1389 to Mr Kirkpatrick. Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close sold a Limousin bull for 1105kg, 144.4ppk or £1596 to Kenny McCreery.

Messrs Annett & Son, Widdrington Farm sold the top pence per kilo bull which sold to 814kg, 168.5ppk or £1371 to Kenny McCreery.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head: Charolais £1416, £1071 Hallbankgate Farm, £1294 West Wharmley, £1055, £1048 Sea Croft,  Limousin £1390, £1352, £1215, £1178 Little Orton Farm, £1362, £1274, £1082 Hill House Farm, £1304, £1089, £1083 Wall End Farm, £1299, £1232 Swarland Old Hall, £1233 Croft Farm, £1210 Rattlinggate Farm, £1193 West Wharmley, £1150 Hill House Farm, £1139 Sarkshields Farm, £1059 Lowergate Farm, £1058, £1005 Cracrop Farm, £1030 Quarry Farm, £1026 West Whitrigg, £1021 Demesne Farm, £1017 Bustabeck Farm, £1009 The Wreay, British Blue £1229, £1221, £1089 Gift Hall Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1129 Harelawhill Farm, £1089, £1059, £1057 Hoddom Estate, Blonde £1103, £1056 Osborne Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1065, £1020 Minsca Farm, Montbeliarde £1063 Kirkbride House, £901 Westray Farm, Holstein Friesian £1019, £934 Netherfield Farm, £997 Park House Farm, £960, £851 Buckabank Farm, £952 Cockelybank, £951 Evening Hill Farm, £947 Arbrack, £934, £861 Netherfield Farm, £890 Burthholme Farm, £889 Bectonhall, £886 Gill Farm, £881 Park House Farm, £873 Stone House, £869 Mirkbooths, £862 High Field, £854 High Plains, £852 Southview Farm, £850 Bolton Cottage, £848 Orton Grange Farm, Parthenais £998 Marina House, Holstein £879 Greigsland.

Cast Bull Leading prices per head: British Blue £1889 The Dales, Limousin £1899 Plumblands Farm, £1596 Lords Close, £1389 Clarks Farm, £1371 Widrington Farm, Fleckvieh £1156 Laws Hall.

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 201.5p Croft Farm, 196.5p, 173.5p, 167.5p Wall End Farm, 182.5p, 178.5p, 177.5p, 169.5p Little Orton Farm, 179.5p, 169.5p Demesne Farm, 178.5p, 169.5p Swarland Old Hall, 170.5p, 169.5p, 167.5p West Whitrigg, 169.5p, 157.5p, 156.5p Lowergate Farm, 169.5p Hill House Farm, 165.5p West Wharmley, 164.5p Hill House Farm, 164.5p Cracrop Farm, 158.5p Rattlinggate Farm, 150.5p Watch Currock, 150.5p Quarry Farm, Aberdeen Angus 187.5p Misca Farm, 157.5p, 155.5p Hedley West Riding, 156.5p Border Rigg, 139.5p (x2) Milton Farm, 134.5p Hoddom Estate, Charolais 172.5p Hallbankgate Farm, 170.5p West Wharmley, British Blue 160.5p, 159.5p, 145.5p, 144.5p Gift Hall Farm, Montbeliarde 159.5p Kirkbride House, 114.5p, 114.5p Westray Farm, Galloway 147.5p Gift Hall Farm, 130.5p Kilnstown, Blonde 147.5p (x2) Osborne Farm, 128.5p Gracies Farm, Parthenais 145.5p, 129.5p Marina House, Holstein 144.5p, 123.5p, 116.5p, 109.5p Park House Farm, 144.5p, 131.5p Home Farm, 143.5p, 136.5p, 123.5p Buckabank Farm, 142.5p, 129.5p Netherfield Farm, 136.5p, 119.5p Cockelybank, 133.5p, 118.5p Low Malzie, 133.5p, 129.5p Evening Hill Farm, 126.5p Chalk Lodge, 113.5p, 111.5p Stone House, 113.5p Low House Farm, 113.5p Arbrack, 111.5p Parkgate Hall, 111.5p Smallthwaite House, 109.5p Bectonhall, Simmental 143.5p Hallbankgate Farm, 128.5p Kirtleton House, 125.5p Newlands Haugh Farm, Holstein 138.5p West Whitrigg, 136.5p, 129.5p Angus Well Farm, 135.5p Geigsland, 127.5p Home Farm, British Friesian 125.5p Gelt Hall Farm, 111.5p Ratlinggate Farm, 110.5p South Lough House, 109.5p Burtholme Farm, Lincoln Red 119.5p Hoddom Estate, Beef Shorthorn 119.5p, 117.5p Minsca Farm, Swedish Red & White 119.5p Brayshaw, Hereford 118.5p Ross Farm, Shorthorn 117.5p Minsca Farm, 117.5p Meikle Whitriggs, Fleckvieh 114.5p East Bowhill Farm,   Blue Grey 111.5p Potholm, Ayrshire 110.5p Aigle Gill.

Cast Bull Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 168.5p Widdrington Farm, 157.5p Plumblands Farm, 144.5p Lords Close, British Blue 134.5p The Dales, Fleckvieh 119.5p Laws Hall.

PRIME BULLS – Yet another huge entry of 106 prime bulls were forward with all best sorts being easily sold, and black and whites meeting a steady trade.

Top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Arnett, Widdrington Farm, Morpeth achieving £1708.61 and was purchased by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill, Lockerbie sold another to £1593.03. Simmentals sold to £1590.27 from Messrs Gouldsbrough, Oakrigg, Moffat and Charolais to £1536.86 from Messrs Sisterton, Newlands Haugh Farm, Consett, and was purchased by Messrs McCreery, Ireland. Top overall pence per kilo of 218.5ppk for a Limousin cross from Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport, purchased by Ralph Pearson.

Black and Whites sold to £1079.70 from Messrs Raven, Durdar House, Carlisle and was purchased by Geoff Nutter with a top pence per kilo of 163.5ppk for a British Friesian from Messrs Preston, Wed Holme, Wigton, and was purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1708, £1464, £1437 Widdrington Farm, £1693 Whitstonehill, £1599 Little Orton Farm, £1566 (x2), £1528, £1508, £1402 Crosby House Farm, £1547 Watch Currock, £1498 Townfoot, £1455, £1442 Old Rectory Farm, Simmental £1590, £1454 Oakrigg Farm, £1461 Kirtleton House, Charolais £1536 Newlands Haugh Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1294 Milton Farm, Blonde £1249, £1226 Oakwoodhill, Norwegian Red £1217 Durdar House, British Blue £1127, £1063 Mirkbooths, Holstein Friesian £1079, £1047, £1016 Durdar House, £1040, £1004 East Park Farm, £1019, £1003 Randalinton Farm, £998 Bectonhall, £972 Barroch Farm, Hereford £1077 Randalinton Farm, £1049 Croft House, Fleckvieh £1060, £910, £909 Low Tarns, Montbeliarde £1056, £1053, £1014 Beeches, £1044 Kirkbride House, British Friesian £940, £923, £878 Wed Holme House, £909 Croft House, Holstein £882 Cote House Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 218.5p, 215.5p, 209.5p Crosby House Farm, 217.5p, 212.5p Old Rectory Farm, 216.5p Townfoot, 213.5p Little Orton Farm,    Aberdeen Angus 204.5p Milton Farm, Blonde 195.5p (x2) Oakwoodhill, Montbeliarde 181.5p, 174.5p Beeches, 179.5p Kirbride House, Simmental 176.5p Oarkrigg Farm, 175.5p Kirtleton House, Hereford 164.5p Randalinton Farm, 164.5p Croft House, British Friesian 163.5p, 160.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p Wed Holme House, Holstein Friesian 161.5p, 158.5p Randalinton Farm, 158.5p East Farm, 158.5p Bectonhall, 156.5p Mirkbooths, Holstein 158.5p Cote House Farm, Fleckvieh 153.5p, 150.5p Low Tarns, 150.5p (x2) Lowther Low Moor.

PRIME CATTLE – A good entry of 54 prime steers and heifers were forward with all classes attracting plenty of bids and a good trade being achieved for all types. Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks, Wigton receiving £1616.90 purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Charolais crosses sold to £1569.63 from Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown Farm, Lockerbie. British Blues crosses sold t o£1561.91 from Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport. Topping pence per kilo of 223.5ppk was attained by Messrs Story, Newbigging, Carlisle and again purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Heifers seen an overall top of £1441.07 from Messrs Story, Newbiggin and was purchased by Mr Steven Wilson Butchers, Corby Hill. Blonde crosses sold to £1353.74 from Messrs Bradley Northrigg Hill, Brampton and was achieved by Messrs Mather, Kelso. Charolais heifers topped at £1311 from Mr Ben Radley, Craighead, Dumfries and was purchased by Mr Steven Wilson Butchers, Corby Hill. Topping the pence per kilo and top overall was a Limousin cross from Messrs Story, Newbigging receiving 245.5ppk and was also purchased by Mr Steven Wilson.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£1616, £1536 Bothel Parks, £1572 Petteril Hill Farm, £1506 Hoddamtown, £1452, £1401 Newbigging Farm, £1425 Crosby House Farm, Charolais £1569 Hoddamtown,  British Blue £1561, £1551, £1435, £1423 Crosby House Farm, Bazadaise £1340 Gelt Hall Farm, Belted Galloway £1194 Kiln Close Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1441, £1354 Newbiggin Farm, £1353, £1307 Petteril Hill Farm, £1328 Kiln Close Farm, Blonde £1353, £1332, £1277 Northrigg Hill, Charolais £1311 Craighead, Aberdeen Angus £1218 Milton Farm.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
223.5p, 222.5p Newbiggin Farm, 220.5p, 218.5p Bothel Parks, 218.5p, 217.5p Low Whinnow Farm, 217.5p Petteril Hill Farm, 215.5p Hoddamtown, Charolais 216.5p Hoddamtown, British Blue 215.5p, 210.5p (x2) Crosby House Farm, Galloway 205.5p Kilnstown, Bazadaise 196.5p Gelt Hall Farm, Belted Galloway 183.5p Kiln Close Farm.

Heifers: Limousin 245.5p, 244.5p, 217.5p Newbiggin Farm, 217.5p Overcroft Farm, 211.5p Petteril Hill Farm, Charolais 235.5p Craighead, Blonde 226.5p, 224.5p Northrigg Hill, Aberdeen Angus 185.5p Milton Farm.

For more information of Cast and Prime Cattle Sales at Borderway please contact David Holliday 07710 189804 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

Prime Hoggs – the weekly sale of prime hoggs saw a lift in numbers on the week, with all classes selling to a good enquiry throughout the sale. The sale averaged 190ppk overall, or £84.94 per head.

The sale topped at £123.80 for a stunning Beltex hogg from Messrs RC Mitchell & Son, Mirkbooths, Raughton Head. This lamb also topped pence per kilo at 302ppk and was sold to Mr A Dawson.

Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown sold an astonishing run of 462 well fed hoggs which included 387 Blackfaced, topping at £89.30 and to 192.9ppk.

Topping the hill bred lambs was Messrs Wilson, Woodside who sold Cheviots to a top of 194.8ppk.

Swaledale hoggs sold to 184.2ppk for a pen of 40 shown by Messrs Mosscrop & Waugh, Albyfield.

Mule hoggs met a sound trade with a sale average of £82.08to a top of £86.80 from Messrs Maxwell, Druidhall.

Leading prices per head: Texel £123.80 Mirkbooths, £115.80 Sleightholme Farm, £109.80, £107.80, £101.80, £98.80, £94.80 Cardewlees, £108.80, £103.80, £100, £97, £95.80 Cardew Hall, £107.80 Church Farm, £107.80, £101.80 Woodhouse, £100.80 (x2) Dearham Hall, £97.80 Sunnyhill, £97.80 Smalmstown Farm, £95.30 Mirkbooths, Beltex £114.80 (x2), £103.80, £92.80, £87.30 Flimby Hall, £107.80 Castlehill, £100 Glenmaid, £87.80 Reddings, Dutch Texel £100.80, £100 Unity Farm, £100, £95.80, £93.30, £92.80, £91.80, £90.80, £90.30, £90 Low Houses, Suffolk £95.30 Mirkbooths, £95.30, £87 Smalmstown Farm, £92.80, £90.80, £90 Jackson Rigg, £91.80 Cardewlees, £91.80, £82.80 Town Head, £84.80 White House, £81.80 Low Moor, £81.80 Sunnyhill, Blackfaced £89.30, £88.80 £86.80 (x2), £86.30, £85.30, £84.80 (x4), £81 (x2), £80 (x2) Smalmstown Farm, Zwartbles £88.80 Dearham Hall, Hill Cheviot £88.80 Druidhall, £81.80 Woodside Farm, Greyfaced £86.80 Druidhall, £82.80 Quarry House Farm, £82.80 Mirkbooths, £82.80 Low Moor, £81.80 Ewan Close, £81.30 Jackson Rigg, £81, £80 Coombe Crag, £80.30 Reaygarth, £80 Church Farm, Swaledale £70 Albyfield, Leicester £65 Church Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 302p Mirkbooths, 294.4p, 267p, 244.2p, 221p Flimby Hall, 283.7p Woodhouse, 280p Castlehill, 276.4p, 272p Cardewlees, 270.3p, 246.5p Glenmaid, 228.1p, 216.6p Reddings, 210.5p Home Farm, Dutch Texel 258.5p, 232.6p, 225.8p, 219.7p, 216.6p Unity Farm, 250.8p, 235.3p Low Houses, Texel 257.4p Sunnyhill, 253.6p Church Farm, 253p, 245.6p, 225.7p, 222.2p, 216.2p Cardew Hall, 246.4p Sleightholme Farm, 242.1p, 239.5, 217.7p Cardewlees, 231.4p Woodhouse, 224.4p Hillhead, 222.2p, 214.3p Outer Woodhead, 215.6p Basco Dyke, Hill Cheviot 194.8p Woodside Farm, 191p Outer Woodhead, Suffolk 194.5p, 188p Sunnyhill, 191.3p, 180p Town Head, 183.2p Smalmstown Farm, 182.7p Outer Woodhead, Blackfaced 193p, 191.8p South Lambhill, 192.9p, 192.8p (x2), 192.7p (x2), 190.8p, 190.6p, 189.7p, 188.4p, 185.4p Smalmstown Farm, Greyfaced 191.8p Branch End Farm, 184p, 179p Low Moor, 177.5p Reaygarth, 176.6p Quarry House Farm, 172.5p Mirkbooths, Swaledale 184.2p Albyfield.

Cast Ewes and Rams: The weekly sale of cast sheep had a large show forward. A fantastic trade was met by an ever increasing ringside of buyers ensuring all classes of sheep selling dearer on the week.

Topping the sale was a pen of Texel ewes selling to £132.50 per head. The same vendor also had another pen of ewes selling to £122.50. Beltex8 ewes sold to a sharp trade, topping at £100.50 from Messrs Booton, Dumfries. A strong show of Mules were met by a brisk trade with a large pen of sheep selling to £74.50 from Messrs Dixon, Brampton. A strong show of Swaledale were present with a pen of 25 from T & AT Bowman selling to Mr R Skelton.

More cast ewes are required to meet the growing demand.

For further information of Cast and Prime sheep sales at Borderway please contact James Little 07872 840685.

Leading prices per Head: Swaledale £151.50, £42.50 Brampton Fell, £43.50 Fellside Farm, £42 Parkhead Farm, £33.50 Denton Mains, £31.50 Scarrowmanwick, Texel £132.50, £122.50, £100 Hunley, £127.50, £97.50, £86.50 (x2) Quarry House Farm, £103.50, £89.50 Far Brownrigg, £91.50 Reddings, £89.50 Low Houses, £87.50 Loaningfoot, £85.50 Lanerton, £84.50 Burn House, £84 Loaningfoot, £83.50 Tedcastle Farm, £82.50 Gilmartin, Suffolk £104.50 Outer Woodhead, £95.50 Buckabank, £93.50, £84.50 Barnhill Mews, 391.50 High Keenley Fall Farm, £84.50 Tedcastle Farm, £81.50 Wavercroft, £73.50, £71.30 Gill Farm, £71.50 Riggfoot Farm, Beltex £100.50, £89.50, £70 Glenmaid, £80 Loaningfoot, Dutch Texel £98.50, £70 Low Houses, Charollais £96.50, £89.50 Outer Woodhead, £73.50 Loaningfoot, £70 Dearham Hall, Leicester £90.50 Scarrowmanwick, £83.50 Quarry House Farm, Zwartbles £74.50 Woodhouse Mains, Greyfaced £74.50, £70.50 Whinney Hill Farm, £71.50 Tedcastle Farm, £70.50 Quarry House Farm, £69.50, £61.50 Brampton Fell Farm, £68.50 Branch End Farm, £67.50 White House, £65.50, £60.50 Leigh Croft, £64.50 Burn House, £63.50 Lanerton, Blackfaced £62.50 Quarry House Farm, Kerry Hill £58.50 Tedcastle Farm, £57.50 Huntley.