Borderway Primestock Sale

6th May 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 6th May, Harrison & Hetherington held their May Day Bank Holiday sale of Primestock. A good show of 317 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle and a smaller show of cast and prime sheep were forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A good show of 225 cast cows were forward with a good ring side of buyers ensuring a good trade throughout.

Messrs Gilhespy, Tedcastle Farm sold the top priced British Blue cow for 868kg, 177.5ppk or £1540. Messrs Steel, Steeley Farm, sold the top priced Limousin cross cow for 780kg, 187.5ppk or £1462. Messrs Pattinson, Bonshawside sold a Limousin cow for 794kgm, 179.5ppk or £1425. Messrs Smith & Shepherd, Glebelands sold a Limousin cross cow for 711kg, 182.5ppk or £1297. Mr Wilson, Belzies sold a British Blue cow for 830kg, 154.5ppk or £1282. Messrs Mair, Meikleholm Farm run of cows topped at 682kg, 178.5ppk or £1217 for a Limousin cross. Messrs Robinson & Son, Gelt Hall Farm sold a Bazadaise cross heifer for 173.5ppk.

A good show of Black and White cows were on offer. Messrs Watson, Howrigg Farm sold a Holstein cross for 878kg, 134.5ppk or £1180 and to 769kg, 144.5ppk or £1111. Messrs Harrison, Low House run of Holstein cross cows topped at 897kg, 131.5ppk or £1179 and to 869kg, 132.5ppk or £1151. Messrs Wilson, Evening Hill sold a Holstein cross to 904kg, 127.5ppk or £1152. Messrs Johnstone, Westray Farm sold the top priced Montbeliarde cross cow for 825kg, 138.5ppk or £1142.

Messrs Workman, The Beeches sold a Montbeliarde cross cow for 803kg, 141.5ppk or £1136.

Young Dairy Bred Cows and Heifers: Montbeliarde 151.5p Glencartholm Farm, 141.5p The Beeches, 140.5p Greenwrae, Holstein 151.5p, 149.5p South Lambhill, 144.5p Howrigg Farm, 144.5p The Bramery, Fleckvieh 143.5p East Bowhill.

A small show of 6 stock bulls were on offer with Messrs Irving & Co, Burnside sold the top priced Charolais stock bull which sold for 1069kg, 145.5ppk of £1555. Messrs Hill, Lingey Field sold a British Blue cross stock bull for 1105kg, 137.5ppk or £1519.

Cast Cow Leading prices per head: Charolais £1555 Burnside, £1280 Redhouse Farm, £1037 Meikleholm Farm, £1030 Burnside, British Blue £1540 Tedcastle Farm, £1519 Lingey Field, £1282 Belzies, £1197 Howrigg Farm, £1153 Netherhill Farm, £1118 Meikleholm Farm, £1028 Glencartholm Farm, Limousin £1425 Bonshawside, £1297 Glebelands, £1217, £1209, £1208, £1137 Meikleholm Farm, £1199 Woodhall Farm, £1181 Brow Farm, £1161 Lingey Field, £1143 Greenfield, £1104 Green Farm, £1101 Cleamire, £1066 Allerby Hall, £1054 Tedcastle Farm, Holstein Friesian £1180, £1111, £1077 Howrigg Farm, £1179, £1151, £1067, £1028, £1008 Low House Farm, £1152 Evening Hill, Farm, £1052 South Lambhill, £1037 Old Church Farm, £1010 Skelton Wood End, Montbeliarde £1142 Westray Farm, £1136, £1024 Beeches, Simmental £1109 Meikleholm Farm, Fleckvieh £1070 East Bowhill Farm, Saler £1050 Glassonby Beck Farm, Holstein £1024 South Lambhill, Bazadaise £1002 Gelt Hall Farm, Ayrshire £915, £904 Marleycote Walls, Jersey £608 East Scales.

Cast Cow Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 187.5p Steeley Farm, 182.5p Glebelands, 179.5p Bonshawside, 178.5p, 157.5p, 150.5p Meikleholm Farm, 169.5p Wavercroft, 168.5p Woodhall Farm, 157.5p Greenfield, 155.5p, 154.5p Allerby Hall, 152.5p Brow Farm, 150.5p Green Farm, British Blue 178.5p Lordstown Farm, 177.5p Tedcastle Farm, 159.5p Glencartholm Farm, 159.5p Glencartholm Farm, 154.5p Belzies, 154.5p Meikleholm Farm, 137.5p Lingey Field, 137.5p Glebe Farm, Bazadaise 173.5p Gelt Hall Farm,  Montbeliarde 151.5p Glencartholm Farm, 141.5p Beeches, 140.5p Greenwrae, 138.5p, 131.5p Westray Farm, 138.5p Beeches, Holstein 151.5p South Lambhill, 125.5p Broathill, Holstein Friesian 149.5p, 132.5p South Lambhill, 144.5p The Bramery, 144.5p, 135.5p, 134.5p Howrigg Farm, 137.5p, 131.5p Old Church Farm, 136.5p, 132.5p Petteril Side Farm, 133.5p High Bow, 132.5p (x2), 131.5p Low House Farm, 130.5p Wood End, Charolais 145.5p Burnside, Fleckvieh 143.5p, 128.5p East Bowhill Farm,  Aberdeen Angus 142.5p Greenburn, Saler 139.5p Glassonby Beck Farm, Simmental 135.5p Wetheral Shields, 133.5p Meikleholm Farm, British Friesian 134.5p, 132.5p Gelt Hall Farm, Ayrshire 129.5p, 125.5p Marleycote Walls, Beef Shorthorn 126.5p Frankstown Farm, Galloway 125.5p High Crossgill Farm, Jersey 99.5p East Scales.

PRIME BULLS – A small offering of 53 bulls were forward with trade being steady and similar to that of last weeks. Top overall was a Charolais from Messrs Goldie, Greenfield, Annan achieving £1599.35. Limousin bulls sold to £1534.06 form Messrs Jarman, Siwell House, Wigton.

Black and white bulls peaked at £1295.91 from Messrs Prudham, Whitefield, Brampton, also achieving 181.5ppk, the top pence per kilo.

Leading prices per head: Charolais £1599 Greenfield, Limousin £1534 Siwell House, British Blue £1299, £1167 Down Hall, Fleckvieh £1295 Whitefield, British Friesian £1139 (x2), £1047 High House, Staberliser £1138, £1133 Whitefield, Holstein Friesian £1075, £980, £965, £950 Randalinton Farm, £1046, £1025, £996 Milton Farm, £997 Bridge End, £979 Kirkland Farm, £955 Millantae Farm,    Aberdeen Angus £1053 Bridge End, £1004 The Close, Holstein £1047, £1041, £1007 South Lambhill, Hereford £977, £902 Randalinton Farm, Montbeliarde £964 Millantae Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 183.5p Siwell House, Fleckvieh 181.5p Whitefield, Staberliser 180.5p, 170.5p Whitefield,Charolais 179.5p Greenfield,  Aberdeen Angus 177.5p The Close, 171.5p Bridge End, British Friesian 175.5p, 173.5p, 169.5p High House, British Blue 167.5p Down Hall, Hereford 161.5p Randalinton Farm, Montbeliarde 160.5p Millantae Farm, Holstein Friesian 160.5p, 159.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p Randalinton Farm, 159.5p (x2) Kirkland Farm, 159.5p Millantae Farm,   Holstein 155.5p South Lambhill.

PRIME CATTLE – A smaller entry of 33 prime steers and heifers were forward, seeing a good trade being achieved for all classes.

Top overall was a superb British Blue cross from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle who achieved £1716.48 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Limousin steers sold to £1658.90 from Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, Lockerbie, and Blonde crosses to £1518.90 from Messrs Hewetson, Lords Close, Maryport. Top pence per kilo was paid to Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, once again with a different Limousin cross, attaining 226.5ppk.

Heifers seen an overall top of £1613.51 from Messrs Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton for a Charolais cross. Limousin crosses sold to £1573.50 from Messrs Miller, West Farm, Carlisle, and was purchased by Mr Steven Wilson, Butchers Shop, Corby Hill. The same home also sold top priced Bazadaise cross to £1504 and was purchased by Messrs Helliwell, Rochdale.

For more information of Cast and Prime Cattle Sales at Borderway please contact David Holliday 07710 189804 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: British Blue
£1716, £1586, £1564 Gill Farm, £1501 Lesson Hall, Limousin £1658, £1585 Hoddamtown, £1638, £1601 Bothel Parks, £1617, £1568 Gill Farm, £1513 Lords Close, Blonde £1518 Lords Close.

Heifers: Charolais £1613, £1570 Lesson Hall, Limousin £1573, £1555 West Farm, Bazadaise £1504 West Farm, British Blue £1217 How Gill.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
226.5p, 213.5p Hoddamtown, 222.5p, 217.5p Gill Farm, 214.5p, 213.5p Bothel Parks, 211.5p How Gill, British Blue 223.5p, 219.5p, 210.5p Gill Farm, Blonde 207.5p Lords Close.

Heifers: Bazadaise 222.5p West Farm, Limousin 218.5p, 213.5p West Farm, Charolais 207.6p Lesson Hall.

PRIME SHEEP– On Monday 6th May 2019 Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly sale of prime and cast sheep which attracted an entry of 751 prime hoggs and spring lambs and 126 cast sheep.

Prime Lambs: Spring lambs were a great trade and averaged 250ppk selling to a staggering £152 a head for a pair of lambs shown by IM Atkinson, Gill Farm, Aspatria and sold to CJ Guild & Son, Cumnock; these were also top pence per kilo at 323.4p.

Top price Lambs – £152 or 323.4ppk – IM ATkinson, Gill Farm, Aspatria

Leading prices per head: Texel £152, £124 Gill Farm, £130, £117 Mill Farm, £125, £121, £120, £116 Upper Brydekirk, £124, £115 (x2) Whitehead Brow, £124 Greensyke, £122, £116 The Stackyard, £119 Beck Farm Suffolk £118 Whitehead Brow, £116, £104, £100 Mill Farm, £116, £101 Gill Farm, £115 Helton Gate, £114, £103 Ashfield, £105, Row Bow Park, £103.80, £102 Leapsrigg Bleu Du Maine £116 Rose Cottage Charolais £115, £106, £105, £101 Greensyke, £110 (x2), £108, £107 Rose Cottage Zwartbles £99, £94 Rietfontain, £98, £97, £96 Wetheral Shields Vendeen £97 Helton Gate.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 323.4p, 317.9p Gill Farm, 310.8p, 310p, 294.9p Whitehead Brow, 310.3p, 301.2p Upper Brydekirk, 310p, 289.5p Greensyke, 297.6p, 293.7p, 289.2p, 285p The Stackyard, 288.98p Mill Farm, 280p Beck Farm Bleu Du Maine 313.5p Rose Cottage Charolais 289.2p, 276.9p, 275p (x2) Rose Cottage, 282.7p, 280p, 259p, 250p, 241.5p Greensyke Suffolk 277.6p Whitehead Brow, 276.2p, 173.7p, 241p, 229.3p Mill Farm, 245.2p Ashfield, 239p, 237.2p, 230.7p Leapsrigg, 233.7p Plumpton Foot, 232.5p Beck Farm, 232p, 222.5p, 222p Gill Farm, 227.7p Helton Gate, 223.4p Row Brow Park Vendeen 262.2p Helton Gate, 231.2p Ash Tree House Zwartbles 233.3p, 220.5p, 204.3p Wetheral Shields, 223.8p, 210.6p Rietfontain.

Prime Hoggs- Hoggs met a great demand and a flying trade to average 200ppk (SQQ 215p).  Topping at £110 was a pair of Texels from M/s Fisher, Smalmstown which sold to Mr R Skelton.  Top pence per kilo was 236.8p for a single Texel hogg from GB & M Scott, Hayton Brow, Westnewton to Mr R Skelton.  Hill hoggs sold to £100.80 for Cheviots from M/s Fisher, Smalmstown and to 231.7p for Cheviots from M/s Mitchell, Mirkbooths

Leading prices per head: Texel £110, £105.80, £104.80, £100.80, £100 Smalmstown, £104.80 Stainburn House, £104.80, £99 Moorland Close, £103.80 The Costins, £103.80, £98.80 Mirkbooths, £101, £100.30 New Farm, £98.80 Ashknowe, £98.80 Branch End Farm Beltex £103.80, £90 St Oswalds Farm Hill Cheviot £100.80, £100 Smalmstown, £98.80 Moorland Close, £97.30 Mirkbooths Blackface £98.80, £97.30 (x3), £90.30 Smalmstown, £95.80 The Costins Dutch Texel £94.80 (x2) Ashknowe Suffolk £92.80 Chapel House, £90 Low Meadow Greyfaced £92.80 New Farm, £90.80, £87.80, £85.80 Branch End Farm, £87.80 Mirkbooths Hampshire £97.80 Row Brow Park Swaledale £91.80, £90 Branch End Farm Herdwick £84.80 Inch Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 236.8p, 228.4p, 221.4p, 217.4p, 211.9p Hayton Brow, 235.9p, 228.4p The Costins, 231.1p Inch Farm, 225.7p Mirkbooths, 222.7p, 218.3p Smalmstown, 217.8p Rietfontain, 214.8p Branch End Farm, 213.8p Ashknowe 209.6p Moorland Close Hill Cheviot 231.7p Mirkbooths, 227.3p, 212.2p Smalmstown Beltex 225p, 220.9p St Oswalds Farm Dutch Texel 223.1p Ashknowe Blackface 216.2p (x2), 215p, 214p Smalmstown, 212.9p The Costins Herdwick 209.4p Inch Farm Greyfaced 209.3p, 201.8p Branch End Farm Hampshire 201.8p Row Brow Park Swaledale 183.6p Branch End Farm.

Cast Ewes and Rams: Ewes were exceptionally dear for all classes to a top of £121.50 for Beltex ewes from ME & DP Hall, Lanerton, Brampton.

Cast Ewes Leading prices per Head: Beltex £121.50 Lanerton Texel £117.50, £109.50 St Oswalds Farm, £105.50, £93.50 Hunley, £101.50, £91.50, £90 Corrie Field, £100 Lanerton, £97.50 (x2) The Stackyard, £93.50 Stone Hall, £93.50 Westfield House Zwartbles £91.50 (x2), £81.50 Rietfontain Suffolk £91.50, £81.50 (x2) Gill Farm, £89.50 Talkin Head, £87.50 Mill Farm, £85.50, £83.50 Hayton Brow Greyfaced £79.50, £75.50 White House, £78.50 Snowdrop Cottage, £75.50 Stone Hall, £75.50 Whitehouse, £73.50 (x2) Gill Farm, £73.50 Longlands, £73.50 St Oswalds Farm, £73.50 Lanerton, £71.50 Low Meadow  Hill Cheviot £58.50 Longlands Swaledale £58.50 High Town.

For further information of Cast and Prime sheep sales at Borderway please contact James Little 07872 840685.