Borderway Primestock Sale

5th August 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 5th August, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where a large show of 450 Cast cows, Bulls and Prime cattle were forward along with and increased entry of 3227 Prime and Cast sheep.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A larger show of 307 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with two thirds of the sale being dairy bred cows.

South Road Farms run of cows topped at 1049kg, 155.5ppk for a Charolais cow, and to 928kg, 139.5ppk or £1294for a Limousin cow. Messrs Thompson, Eden Banks sold a Limousin cross cow for 919kg, 137.5ppk or £1263. Messrs Goldie, Newbie Mains sold the top priced Simmental cow, which sold for 988kg, 125.5ppk or £1239. DA Harrison, Hill House Farm run of cows topped at 829kg, 149.5ppk or £1239. Messrs Hunter, Bridge Mill sold a Charolais cows for 904kg, 133.5ppk or £1206. Messrs Thom, Mark Farm sold a Shorthorn for 164.5ppk. Messrs Blenkharn, Raygarth Farm sold a Limousin cross cows for 164.5ppk. Messrs Irving, New Sandsfield sold a Limousin cross heifer for 155.5ppk. Messrs Waugh, The Flatt run od cows topped at 154.5ppk for a Limousin cross. Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft sold a Limousin cross heifer for 151.5ppk.

A plain show of black and white cows were on offer to a larger ringside of buyers. Messrs Martin, Orton Grange Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 844kg, 123.5ppk or £1042. Messrs Wood & Sons, Townfoot Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 818kg, 123.5ppk or £1010. Messrs Crowther, West Trailtrow sold a Holstein cross cow for 881kg, 112.5ppk or £991. Messrs Vevers, High Plains sold a Holstein cross heifer for 776kg, 127.5ppk of £989. Messrs Reay & Son, Park Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 818kg, 120.5ppk or £985. Messrs Nash, Philgowan sold the top priced Montbeliarde cross cow for 753kg, 127.5ppk or £960. Messrs Graham, Laws Hall sold the top priced Fleckvieh for 840kg, 113.5ppk or £953.

A larger show of stock bulls topped at 999kg, 166.5ppk or £1663 for a British Blue sold by Messrs Pattinson, Kinkry Hall. Messrs Bell, Winterhope sold the top priced Limousin stock bull for 1069kg, 147.5ppk or £1576.

Leading Prices per Head: Charolais £1631, £1235, £1230 South Road Farms, £1206 Bridge Mill, £1195 The Square, £1095 Airds of Balcary, £1050 Laverock Bridge Limousin £1294 South Road Farms, £1263 Edenbanks, £1239, £1021, £1013 Hill House, £1164 Nilston Rigg, £1111, £1037 Horseholm Farm, £1099 Awhirk Farm, £1057 The Brocks, £1040 New Sandsfield, £1013 The Flatt, £1009 Philgowan Simmental £1239, £1135 Newbie Mains Holstein Friesian £1042 Orton Grange, £1010 Townfoot Farm, £991 West Trailtrow, £989 High Plains, £985 Park Farm, £959, £948, £945, £942, £931, £928, £923, £913 Prestrie Farm, £957 Laws Hall, £927, £922, £916 Smalmstown, £922 High Ploughlands, £908 Philgowan, £907 Espland Hill Montbeliarde £960 Philgowan Fleckvieh £953 Laws Hall Beef Shorthorn £848 Castletown.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 164.5p Raygarth Field Farm, 155.5p New Sandsfield, 154.5p The Flatt, 151.5p Wavercroft, 149.5p, 137.5p, 137.5p, 135.5p Hill House Farm, 139.5p South Road Farms, 138.5p Nilston Rigg, 137.5p Edenbanks, 136.5p The Brocks, Shorthorn 164.5p, 143.5p Mark Farm, Charolais 155.5p South Road, 142.5p Airds of Balcary, Holstein Friesian 139.5p High Ploughlands, 135.5p, 125.5p, 123.5p Park House, 128.5p Hesket Demain, 127.5p High Plains, 127.5p Long Meg, 123.5p, 122.5p (x2) Prestrie Farm, 123.5p Townfoot Farm, 123.5p Orton Grange Farm, 1225p Mirkbooths, 122.5p Justicetown Farm, 120.5p Park Farm, Aberdeen Angus 137.5p Brectonhill Farm,Simmental 137.5p Beck Farm, 131.5p Hordeholm Farm, Longhorn 128.5p Broomfield Farm, Hereford 127.5p Brectonhill Farm, Montbelairde 127.5p Philgowan, Galloway 124.5p Kilnstown, Beef Shorthorn 122.5p Castletown Estate, Fleckvieh 113.5p Laws Hall, Dairy Shorthorn 103.5p Marleycote Walls, Belted Galloway 103.5p, 101.5p Mark Farm.

Cast Bull Leading Prices per Head: British Blue £1663 Kinkry Hill Limousin £1576 Winterhope, £1275 Craigburn, £1216 Hargill House Aberdeen Angus £1274 Park House.

Cast Bull Leading Prices per Kilo: British Blue 166.5p Kinkry Hill Farm, 157.5p Pond Farm, Ayrshire 152.5p, 135.5p Horseclose Farm, Limousin 147.5p Winterhope Farm, 137.5p Pond Farm, 126.5p Craigburn Farm, 124.5p Philgowan, 122.5p Hargill House.

PRIME BULLS – A good entry of 87 prime bulls were forward with trade sharper on the week. Top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Wilson, Reddings Farm, Moffat, peaking at £1413.10 and was purchased by Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale. British Blues sold to £1294.52 from Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers. Top overall pence per kilo of 211.5ppk was attained by Messrs Twentyman, Osborne Farm, Wigton, with another British Blue cross, this time purchased by Morgan Helliwell.

Black and white bulls topped at £1054.48 from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canonbie and was purchased by Messrs Kirkpatrick, Lockerbie. Topping this section’s pence per kilo at 168.5ppk was Messrs Dickinson, High House, Wigton, and was purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1413, £1229 Reddings, £1364, £1284 Demesne Farm, £1292 Elephant Farm, £1249 Glenzierfoot Farm, £1213 Bectonhall, British Blue £1294, £1290 Osborne Farm, £1216 Randalinton Farm, Beef Shorthorn £1134, £1102 Littlegala Farm, £1036 Raygarth Field Farm, Hereford £1110, £1096, £1046 Randalinton Farm, Holstein Friesian £1054, £999, £922 Bectonhall, £989, £969 Broomhills, £906 Mirkbooths, British Friesian £1046, £1034 High House, £865 Wyseby Hill Farm, Holstein £1030, £1017, £944, £934 South Lambhill, £878 Wyseby Hill Farm, Aberdeen Angus £987 Justicetown Farm, £867 Cote House Farm, Ayrshire £860, £770 Wyseby Hill Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 211.5p, 193.5p Osborne Farm, Limousin 204.5p Reddings, 192.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, Hereford 173.5p, 168.5p (x2) Randalinton Farm, British Friesian 168.5p, 164.5p High House, Aberdeen Angus 167.5p Justicetown, 144.5p Cote House Farm, Holstein Friesian 151.5p Cardewlees Farm, 151.5p, 150.5p, 143.5p Broomhills, 146.5p Bectonhall, 143.5p Cote House Farm,  Ayrshire 141.5p Marleycote Walls, Holstein 140.5p Wyseby Hill Farm.

PRIME CATTLE – A larger show of 56 prime steers and heifers were forward with some classes a little easier on last weeks trade. Top overall on the day was a superb Limousin cross steer from Messrs Bell, Hoddamtown, Lockerbie achieving £1659.53 and £1645.40 both purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. British Blues sold to £1599.12 from Messrs Studholme, Nealhouse Farm, Carlisle. Charolais cross from Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport sold to £1419.68 and was purchased by Messrs Fell, Brigholme Farm, Settle. Top pence per kilo of 223.5ppk was attained by Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House, Wigton with a quality Limousin cross purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.

Heifers were forward in good numbers and sold to a top of £1435.18 for a British Blue cross from Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House Farm, Wigton, purchased by Pioneer Foods. A Limousin cross from the same home sold to £1366.37. Top pence per kilo of 219.5ppk was achieved by Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport. With Limousin crosses, purchased by Mr David Whaite, Blackpool.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£1659, £1645 Hoddamtown, £1610 Nealhouse Farm, £1569 Newbiggin Farm, £1544 Hill House Farm, £1522, £1483, £1440 The Lake, £1521, £1508 Crosby House Farm, £1517 Gill Farm, £1424 How Gill, British Blue £1599 Nealhouse Farm, Charolais £1419 Crosby House Farm.

Heifers: British Blue £1435 Hill House Farm, Limousin £1366, £1272, £1264 Hill House Farm, £1257, £1241 Miller Hill, £1246 Crosby House Farm, £1211 Bowscale Farm,

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
223.5p Hill House Farm, 219.5p, 218.5p Newbiggin Farm, 217.5p, 216.5p Hoddamtown, 217.5p How Gill, 216.5p Gill Farm, 216.5p The Lake, 214.5p Nealhouse Farm, British Blue 213.5p Nealhouse Farm.

Heifers: Limousin 219.5p Crosby House Farm, 217.5p, 215.5p (x2) Newbiggin Farm, 214.5p Miller Hill, 214.5p Hill House Farm, British Blue 215.5p Down By Rigg.

For more information of Cast and Prime Cattle Sales at Borderway please contact David Holliday 07710 189804 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

PRIME SHEEP– The weekly sale of prime and cast sheep drew a superb entry of 3227, comprising of 2826 prime lambs and 401 cast ewes.

A truly outstanding show of 2836 lambs came forward from 119 vendors, with everyone leaving delighted with their returns. The sale averaged up at 187.2ppk (SQQ 190.1ppk) or £81.17 a head.

Topping the sale, both per kilo and per head was an exceptional Beltex cross lamb shown by Messrs Little, The Hollands, Penton, weighing 40kg, and selling to £110.80 or 277ppk to Mr A Dawson. Messrs Wood, Well Head, Workington sold a beautiful pen of 16 Beltex lambs weighing 39.5kg and sold to £102.80 or 260.3ppk.

Heavy lambs were good to sell throughout, and sold to a top of £103.80 from Messrs Sherwen, Low Thorny, Egremont.

Suffolk lambs sold to £92.80 for a cracking pen from Messrs Robinson, West Cocklaw, Hexham. Mules to a top of £86.30 for a fine pen of 20 from Messrs Browell, Quarry House, Hexham.

Leading prices per head: Beltex £110.80, £99, £95.80, £93.80 Hollands, £102.80 Well Head Farm, £95.80, £92.80, £92.30 High Green Hill, £95.80 Mill Farm, £94 Walton Woodhead, £93.80 Waterside Farm, £93.80 Maulscastle Farm, £93.80 Grange House, £91.80 Wavercroft, £91.30 Quarry House Farm, £90 (x2) Little Swinburne Farm, £90 Fell House, £90 Shank Castle, Texel £103.80 Low Thorney, £012.80 Longhurst, £100 Sunnsyside, £97.80 Tercrosset, £96.80 The Throp, £96 The Guards, £95.80 Bank House, £95.80 (x2), £93.80 Aldermanseat Farm, £95.30, £94.80, £92.80 Longhurst, £94.80 Wavercroft, £94.30 South Lambhill, £93.80 West End Farm, £93.80 West End Farm, £93.50 North End Farm, £93 Willows Farm, £91.80 West Cocklaw, £91.80 Park Head Farm, Dutch Texel £97.80, £96.80, £94.80, £94.80, £90.80, £88.80, £87.80 Thirlwall Castle Farm, £94.80 Hargill House, £90.80, £83.80, £81.80 (x3), £81.50, £80 Unity Farm, £88.80, £85.80, £85 Low Houses, £83.30 Stone Hall, £83 Park Nook, Suffolk £92.80 West Cocklaw, £91.80 Hunley, £90.30, £80 (x2) Town Head, £88.80 High Keenley Fell Farm, £86, £84.30 Southview Farm, £84.80 Tone Hall Farm, £83.80 (x2) Mirkbooths, £80 Merryshield, Rouge £89.80, £81.80 Cracrop Farm, £87.80 Walton Woodhead, Greyfaced £86.30, £81.30 Quarry House Farm, £84.80 Shitlington Hall Farm, £82.80 Hargill House, £80.80 Harley Croft, £80.20 Albierigg, Bleu Du Maine £82.80 New Houses Farm, £82.80 School Farm, Charollais £81 School Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 277p, 250.1p, 239.5p, 220p, 214.7p, 212.3p Hollands, 260.3p Well Head Farm, 243.2p Fell House, 239.5p Mill Farm, 234.5p, 219.7p Waterside Farm, 230.8p, 230.8p, 221p, 219.5p High Green Hill, 220p Quarry House Farm, 220p Ghyll House Farm, 219.5p Little Swinburne Farm, 218.6p Wavercroft, 213.2p Grange House, Dutch Texel 249.5p, 227.8p, 225.7p, 222.3p, 211.2p, 206.5p Thirlwall Castle Farm, 233.7p, 217.2p, 200p Low Houses, 212.2p, 210.5p, 204.5p, 201.2p Unity Farm, 210.7p Hargill House, 200p Park Nook, Texel 228.6p, 212.1p The Guards, 219.5p Dykehead, 217.7p Aldermanseat Farm, 215.4p Bayshore, 214.7p Glebelands, 214.5p Wolsty Farm, 214.3p Springfield Farm, 213.8p, 206p The Throp, 213.6p Quarry House Farm, 212.7p Hunley, 212p Geltside Farm, 211.2p Kilnknowe, 209.3p Flimby Hall, 209.3p Bodney, 208.8p Low Moor, 207.1p Hundith House, 206.3p Hayton Brow, Bleu Du Maine 204.4p New Houses Farm, Rouge 202p, 191.1p Cracrop Farm, 188.8p Walton Woodhead, Suffolk 189.8p Hayton Brow, 187p Southview Farm, 186.3p Maulscastle Farm, 184.5p Outer Woodhead, 180.8p High Keenley Fell Farm, 180.6p Town Head, Charollais 189.2p Outer Woodhead, Greyfaced 176.2p Hundith House, 174.7p Shitlington Hall Farm, 174.3p Hargill House.

CAST EWES & RAMS – Another great turnout of 401 cast sheep, sold to a top of £111.50 for Texels from Messrs Donald, Beeches.

Cast Ewe Leading Prices: Texel £111.50 The Beeches, £105.50 The Guards, £104.50, £94.50, £93.50 West End Farm, £101.50 Hunley, £95.50, £92.50 Meadow Farm, £95.50 Greensyke, £94.50 Beamwham, £92.50 Parkhead Farm, £90.50 Albyfield, £83.50 Park Head Farm, Suffolk £90.50, £84.50 Whitehouse Farm, £87.50 Dykehead, £87.50 Meadow Farm, Greyfaced £77.50, £71.50 The Beeches, £73.50 (x2) Parkside Farm, Swaledale £48.50 Cold Shields, £48.50 Hargill House, £43.50 Fell End, Herdwick £44.50 Seat House Farm.

Cast Ram Leading Prices: Texel £91.50 Hayton Brow.

For further information of Cast and Prime sheep sales at Borderway please contact James Little 07872 840685.