Borderway Primestock Sale

12th August 2019

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 12th August, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where a large show of 485 Cast cows, Bulls and Prime cattle were forward along with a smaller entry of 1570 Prime and Cast sheep.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A large show of 330 cast cows were forward once again with a better show on offer.

Messrs Ogden, Owlett Hall sold a British Blue cow for 978kg, 177.5ppk, £1735, Messrs Maudsley, Littlebank sold a British Blue cow for 815kg, 184.5ppk, £1503, Messrs Armstrong, High Tarns Farm sold a British Blue cross cow for 849kg, 175.5ppk, £1490.  Messrs Ridley, Lonning Head sold the top priced Limousin cow which sold for 770kg, 176.5ppk, £1359, Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill sold a Limousin cross heifer for 193.5ppk.

A better show of black and white cows were on offer with trade being similar to last week.  Messrs Henderson, East Bowhill sold a Fleckvieh cross cow for 872kg, 122.5ppk, £1068, Messrs Fisher, Smalmstown run of cows topped at 904kg, 113.5ppk, £1026 for a Holstein cross, Messrs Irving, Becton Hall sold a Holstein cross cow for 746kg, 134.5ppk, £1003, Messrs Horsley, Woodhouse run of Holstein cross cows topped at 817kg, 122.5ppk, £1000, Messrs Hunter & Sons, Upmanby Farm sold a Holstein cross cow for 822kg, 121.5ppk, £998, Messrs Harrington, Mounsey Bank sold Friesian cross heifers for 138.5ppk and 134.5ppk twice, Messrs Holliday, Newbampton sold a Holstein cross heifer for 137.5ppk, Messrs Brown, Lane End sold a Holstein cross heifer for 137.5ppk, Messrs Fail & Sons, Hedley West sold a Friesian heifer for 135.5ppk, Messrs Thorburn, Park Farm sold a Holstein cross heifer for 133.5ppk.

A small show of stock bulls were on offer with Messrs Armstrong, Terrace Farm selling a Limousin stock bull for 954kg, 141.5ppk, £1349 and Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill selling a Limousin for 938kg, 129.5ppk, £1214.

Leading Prices per Head: British Blue £1735 Owlett Hall, £1503 Littlebank Bungalow, £1490 High Tarns, £1219, £1042 Glendue, £1186 Hundith House, £1088 Shield Green Limousin £1359 Lonning Head, £1343 Howgillside, £1287, £1027 Nutholm, £1201, £1018 Longhurst, £1194 Whitstonehill, £1101 Balgray Hill, £1072 Crossdykes, £1033 Meikle Kirkland, £1023 The Faulds, £1015 The Clappers, £1004 The Square Blonde £1185 Woodhall Charolais £1161 Orchard House Parthanais £1090 Marina House Simmental £1088 Howgillside Fleckvieh £1068 East Bowhill Holstein Friesian £1026, £951 Smalmstown, £1003 Becton Hall, £1000 Woodhouse, £998 Upmanby, £959 Townfoot, £937 Torpenhow Hall, £937 High Bow, £929 Chalk Lodge, £927 Meinbank, £900 Hedley East Farm, £900 Hawkshole Beef Shorthorn £977 Crossdykes Holstein £973 Newbampton, £971 Gill Farm, £960, £945, £930 Harrington Ling Friesian £965 Pelutho Park Galloway £944 Balgray Hill Hereford £903 Eden View.

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 193.5p Balgray Hill, 176.5p Lonning Head, 167.5p Howgillside, 154.5p Low Sorbies, 150.5p Whitstonehill, 147.5p, 142.5p Nutholm, 146.5p Lamplugh Hall, 143.5p Meikle Kirkland, 142.5p Longhurst, 140.5p Terrace Farm British Blue 184.5p Littlebank Bungalow, 177.5p Owlett Hall, 170.5p, 140.5p Glendue, 161.5p Ashley Grove, 145.5p Shield Green, 144.5p Meikle Kirkland, 175.5p High Tarns Blonde 167.5p Woodhall Pathanais 155.5p Marina House Friesian 138.5p, 134.5p (x2) Mounsey Bank, 135.5p Hedley West Riding, 122.5p Parkgate Hall, 122.5p Pelutho Park, 120.5p The Hill Holstein 137.5p Newbampton, 122.5p The Gill, 120.5p (x2) Harrington Ling Holstein Friesian 137.5p Lane End, 134.5p Becton Hall, 133.5p Parks Farm, 129.5p Gill House, 124.5p Broomhills, 122.5p Woodhouse, 122.5p High Bow, 121.5p Upmanby, 121.5p Lamplugh Hall Simmental 135.5p Howgillside Beef Shorthorn 128.5p Crossdykes Galloway 124.5p Balgray Hill Fleckvieh 122.5p East Bowhill, 120.5p Lowther Low Moor

Cast Bull Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1349 Terrace Farm, £1214 Balgray Hill British Blue £1156 Middle Farm Dairy Shorthorn £601 Rushy Lea.

Cast Bull Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 141.5p Terrace Farm, 129.5p Balgray Hill Angus 128.5p Eden View Parthanais 123.5p Bowscale British Blue 121.5p Middle Farm.

PRIME BULLS – A tremendous entry of 96 prime bulls sold sharper on the week. Top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Cornthwaite, Balgray Hill, Lockerbie who attained £1562.37 and was purchased by Ralph Pearson, Wholesale Butchers, Bradford. Simmentals sold to £1440.38 from Messrs Anderson, Crosby House, Maryport. Top pence per kilo of 213.5ppk was received by Messrs Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton for a Limousin cross and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.

Black and whites peaked at £1109.75 for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Irving, Bectonhall, Canonbie. Top pence per kilo in this section was 167.5ppk and was achieved by Messrs Dickinson, High House, Wigton, for a British Friesian.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1562, £1326 Balgray Hill, £1531, £1357 Maison Gill, £1528 Upper Brydekirk, £1435, £1421 Stubsgill Farm, £1399 Greenhill Farm, £1396, £1347 Crosby House Farm, £1338 Hallmoor, £1325 Old Rectory Farm, £1313 Bectonhall, £1301 (x2) Desmesne Farm, Simmental £1440 Crosby House Farm, £1270 Millhill Farm, £1268, £1209 Crosby House Farm, British Blue £1300 Crosby House Farm, Charolais £1265 Millhill Farm,  Parthenais £1167, £1158 Marina House, Beef Shorthorn £1110 Northhouse Farm, Holstein Friesian £1109 Bectonhall, £1088, £993, £961, £953, £925 New Greentowers Farm, British Friesian £1056, £978 High House, Aberdeen Angus £1041 Greentowers Farm, Montbeliarde £840, £823 Seymour House.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 213.5p, 205.5p, 194.5p Greenhill Farm, 210.5p Upper Brydekirk, 204.5p, 197.5p Stubsgill Farm, 200.5p, 195.5p Old Rectory Farm, 198.5p Prospect House, 196.5p Maison Gill, 194.5p (x2) Crosby House, 194.5p Balgray Hill, British Blue 193.5p Crosby House Farm, Simmental 192.5p Millhill Farm, Parthenais 191.5p Marina House, Beef Shorthorn 189.5p Northhouse Farm, Charollais 180.5p Northhouse Farm, British Friesian 167.5p, 164.5p High House, Aberdeen Angus 162.5p New Greentowers Farm, Holstein Friesian 159.5p, 155.5p, 152.5p, 147.5p New Greentowers Farm, 153.5p, 149.5p East Farm, 149.5p South View Farm, 146.5p Mirkbooths, 145.5p Cote House Farm.

PRIME CATTLE – A larger entry of 60 prime steers and heifers forward with trade no better on the week. Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle achieving £1600.38 and was purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Top overall pence per kilo of 228.5ppk was attained by Messrs Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap, again purchased buy Pioneer.

Heifers were seen to peak at £1523.33 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries and others to £1470.73 from Messrs DA Harrison, Hill House, Wigton. Top pence per kilo of 226.5ppk was achieved for a Limousin cross from Messrs Oliver, Walton Woodhead, Carlisle and was purchased by David Whaite, Blackpool.

Leading prices per head:
Steers: Limousin
£1600, £1579, £1577, £1497 Gill Farm, £1599 Halfway Well, £1568 Nealhouse Farm, £1524, £1496 Crosby House Farm, British Blue £1488 Gill Farm, £1452 Crosby House Farm, £1373 Nealhouse Farm, Highland £800, £716 Redwood Garth.  

Heifers: Limousin £1523, £1408 Tinwald Farm, £1470, £1442 Hill House, £1363, £1356, £1326 Low House, £1339, £1300 Hundith House, British Blue £1298 Hill House Farm, £1272 Wardwarrow.

Leading prices per kilo:
Steers: Limousin
228.5p (x2) Brinns Farm, 221.5p, 215.5p Gill Farm, 216.5p Crosby House Farm, 215.5p Halfway Well, 214.5p Low House, 211.5p Gill Farm, 210.5p Nealhouse Farm,

British Blue 210.5p Crosby House Farm, 210.5p Gill Farm, Aberdeen Angus 169.5p New Greentowers Farm, Highland 145.5p Redwood Garth.

Heifers: Limousin 226.5p Walton Woodhead, 222.5p, 219.5p Hill House Farm, 222.5p, 219.5p Upper Tinwald Farm, 219.5p Low House, 219.5p Elm House, Aberdeen Angus 209.5p Low House.

Forthcoming Sale:
Monday 19th August – Anniversary Show and Sale

For more information of Cast and Prime Cattle Sales at Borderway please contact David Holliday 07710 189804 or Grant Anderson 07872 129274.

PRIME SHEEP– A much lighter show in terms of numbers forward met a trade beyond anyone’s wildest dreams to average 190p. All classes were exceptionally well bid for leaving those who had battled the elements over the weekend well rewarded for their efforts. Making a return to Carlisle mart with lambs were Messrs Skelton, Low House, Dearham and they did so with a bang topping the days trading at £110 for a pen of heavy Texel lambs purchased by Mr R Skelton.

Topping per kilo were regular consignors Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall who sold Beltex lambs to a top of 237p to Mr A Dawson. Messrs Todd, Longhurst sold 71 49kgs Texel lambs to average £92.41 Overall a sale average of £83.74 a head was achieved.

Leading prices per head: Texel £110, £94.80, £90 Low House, £100, £93.80 High Crosby Farm, £96.80, £91.80 Rottington Hall, £95.80, £93.30, £92.80, £91.80 Longhurst, £94.80, £90.80 Quarry House Farm, £94.80 Wavercroft, £91.80 Comlongon Mains, £91.80 Riggfoot Farm, £90.80 Lesson Hall Farm, £90 Gate Ghyll, £90 Croft House Beltex £101, £97, £94.80, £93.80, £92.80, £91.80, £90.80(x2), £90, £87.30 Cardew Hall, £96.80, £94.30, £90 Hollands, £93.80 Low House, £93.80, £92.80, £90.80 New Houses Farm, £92.80, £89.80 The Throp, £90 Moss Side  Dutch Texel £93.80(x3), £92.80, £88.80, £88.30 Hargill House, £91.80, £87, £86 Springfield Farm, £90.80, £87.80 Unity Farm, £90, £88.30, £87.80, £85.80 Wood Head, £86.80, £85 Little Swinburne Farm Charolais £90, £83.80, £80 Springfield Suffolk £88.80, £83.80, £80.80 Riggfoot Farm, £87.30, £85.80, £83.80 Rottington Hall, £85.80 Green Close, £85.80 Albierigg, £84 High Wreay Farm, £83.80 Outer Woodhead, £83.80 Low House, £83.30(x2) Roe Farm, £81.80 Lawston Farm Bleu Du Maine £86.80 New Houses Farm Millennium Bleu £84.30, £79.80 Corrie Field

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 237p, 230.8p, 225.6p, 219.6p, 218.6p, 215.8p, 213.6p(x2), 210.6p Cardew Hall, 229.1p, 213.2p, 211.9p New Houses Farm, 228.8p Low House, 218.4p, 210.5p, 208.8p The Throp, 217p, 216.8p Hollands, 214.3p, 206.7p Moss Side Dutch Texel 225.1p, 220.8p Wood Head, 220.7p, 219.3p, 217p, 210.8p, 206.9p, 203p Hargill House, 211.9p, 209.3p Wood Head, 211p, 204.4p, 200p, 200p Springfield Farm, 204.2p, 200p Little Swinburne Farm Texel 225p Low House, 216.6p Stonewalls, 213.6p, 210.4p Quarry House Farm, 212.6p, 204.2p Wavercroft, 212p Tedcastle Farm, 211.3p High Crosby Farm, 206.9p, 201.9p Comlongon Mains, 206.8p, 204.3p Milton Mains, 205.4p Nirvana, 204.9p The Croft, 204.4p Far Brownrigg, 203.2p The Beeches, 201.9p Kilnknowe, 200p(x3) Newbampton Farm  Bleu Du Maine 206.7p New Houses Farm Suffolk 197.1p, 185.4p Lawston Farm, 188.3p Low House, 186.2p Outer Woodhead, 186.2p, 185.7p, 182.6p Rottington Hall, 182.6p High Wreay Farm Charolais 191.5p, 190.5p  Springfield Millennium Bleu 190p, 189.4p Corrie Field

CAST EWES & RAMS – The weekly sale of cast sheep saw an entry of 144 forward topping at £108.50 for a Texel from Messrs Gargett, Bon Vista.

Cast Ewe Leading Prices: Texel £108.50, £105.50 Bon Vista, £97.50 Cardew Hall, £95.50(x2), £93.50, £82.50, £77.50 Stubbsgill Farm, £89.50, £87.50 Blue Dial Farm, £77.50 Raygarth Field Farm, £76.50 Wavercroft Suffolk £77.50, £75.50 Bleu Dial Farm, £72.50 Tedcastle Farm  Half-bred £77.50, £70.50 Higginson Mill Greyfaced £65.50 High Wreay Farm, £58.50 Brownrigg, £58 Higginson Mill, £57.50 Milton Mains, £57.50 Raygarth Field Farm, £55.50 Whiteside Farm, £52.50(x2) Monkwray Farm Millenium Bleu £62.50 Cardew Hall

For further information of Cast and Prime sheep sales at Borderway please contact James Little 07872 840685.