Borderway Primestock Sale

6th April 2020

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 6th April Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Due to the current restrictions a small show of 220 cast cows, prime bulls and prime cattle was forward once again along with 2334 prime hoggs.

PRIME BULLS: An increased show of 61 prime bulls selling sharper on the week especially for plainer types. Top overall was a Limousin from Messrs Common, Crossdykes, Lockerbie receiving £1700 and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Black and whites peaked at £1246 from Messrs Clark, Whins Farm, Lockerbie and purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor. Top price per kilo of 186.5 was achieved by Messrs Graham, Laws Hall, Longtown and purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1700 Crossdykes Farm, £1391 Prospect House, £1282 Bectonhall, £1213 The Flatt Friesian £1246, £1140 Whins Farm, £979 The Flatt Holstein £1219, £1198, £1085, £1066, £979 South Lambhill, £1008, £935 Musgrave Hall, £902 Castlesteads British Blue £1189 Justicetown Farm, £1182 Castlesteads Farm Holstein Friesian £1144, £1082 Randalinton Farm, £1133 Prospect House, £1054 Bectonhall, £1050 Milton Farm, £1028 Mirkbooths, £1020, £1009, £987 Broomhills, £1000 Oulton Grange, £922 Cote House Farm Aberdeen Angus £1071 Milton Farm Fleckvieh £1059, £1044 Laws Hall

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 195.5p Prospect House, 189.5p Bectonhall, 187.5p(x2) The Flatt, 185.5p, 180.5p Mirkbooths British Blue 192.5p Justicetown Farm, 184.5p Castlesteads, 184.5p Cote House Farm Fleckvieh 186.5p, 181.5p, 171.5p Laws Hall Friesian 170.5p, 167.5p Whins Farm, 167.5p The Flatt Holstein Friesian 169.5p Oulton Grange, 168.5p Bectonhall, 167.5p Cote House Farm, 164.5p Prospect House, 160.5p, 157.5p Randalinton Farm, 158.5p Mirkbooths, 155.5p Broomhills Holstein 165.5p, 155.5p, 153.5p South Lambhill, 163.5p, 160.5p, 153.5p Musgrave Hall, 153.5p Castlesteads Aberdeen Angus 150.5p Milton Farm

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A small show of 142 cast cows and stock bulls were on offer with all classes a good trade. Mr Gary Bell, Haas Side Farm sold 3 outstanding cows which topped at 803kg at 169.5p totalling £1361 for a Limousin x and 695kg at 171.5p totalling £1191 from a British Blue x both purchased by Owain Llyr. Messrs Bell, Woodhall Farm’s run of cows topped at 715kg at 167.5p totalling £1197 for a British Blue x bought by Owain Llyr. Messrs Hewitson, King Hill sold a 33-month-old Limousin x heifer for 771kg at 154.5p totalling £1191 to David Holmes. Messrs Rogerson & Son, Wardpark sold a Simmental x heifer for 788kg at 145.5p totalling £1146 to David Holmes.

All classes of black and white cows were good to sell with Messrs Pattinson & Son, Walby Hall selling a Holstein x cow for 933kg at 102.5p totalling £956 to Steven Bowes. Messrs Fisher & Co, Geltside Farm’s run of cows topped at 776kg at 116.5p totalling £904 for a Montbeliarde to Messrs Allan. Messrs Hewitson, King Hill sold the top priced Friesian cow for 804kg at 110.5p totalling £888 to Steven Bowes.

Messrs Wilkinson, Hill House Nook sold a Limousin stock bull for 1019kg at 131.5p totalling £1339 to Owain Llyr.

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Head: Limousin £1361, £1156 Haas Side Farm, £1191 King Hill, £1102 Tundergarth Mains, £1018 Bank House British Blue £1197 Woodhall Farm, £1191 Haas Side Farm, £1125 Bog Hall Farm, £1011 Whitefield Simmental £1146 Wardpark Blonde £981 Bog Hall Farm Holstein Friesian £956 Walby Hal, £876 Trailflat Farm, £872 Lamonby Hall, £863 Waingate Head Montbeliarde £904 Geltside Farm Friesian £888 King Hill

Cast Bull: Limousin £1339 Hill House Nook, £1202 Woodhall Farm Ayrshire £1047, £1012 Horseclose Farm

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Kilo: British Blue 171.5p Haas Side Farm, 167.5p Woodhall Farm, 149.5p Bog Hall Farm Limousin 169.5p Haas Side Farm, 154.5p, 143.5p King Hill, 149.5p Bank House Simmental 145.5p Wardpark Holstein Friesian 129.5p Crookdyke, 128.5p, 121.5p, 120.5p, 111.5p Woodhouse, 121.5p, 110.5p Craighouse, 119.5p(x2) Trailflat, 113.5p Waingate Head Blonde 124.5p Bog Hall Farm Montbeliarde 116.5p Geltside Farm Friesian 115.5p, 113.5p Mounsey Bank, 110.5p The Green, 110.5p King Hill Luing 114.5p Kirkend Swedish Red & White 108.5p Geltside Farm

Cast Bull: Ayrshire 158.5p, 149.5p Horseclose Limousin 131.5p Hill House Nook, 121.5p Woodhall Farm

PRIME CATTLE: A larger entry of 22 prime steers and heifers forward with more demand evident. Top overall was a very good British Blue cross heifer from Messrs Blaylock, Kirkend, Coldstream achieving £1406 and purchased by Owain Llyr, Ruthin. Another from the same home sold to £1361 purchased by Blackbrow Abbattior, Wigton. Limousin cross heifers sold to £1350 from Messrs Wilson, Petteril Hill Farm, Carlisle. Top pence per kilo of 211.5p was achieved twice, firstly by Messrs Dixon, Low Whinnow for a Limousin cross heifer purchased by Messrs Medcalf, Brookwood Abattoir, Halifax, and secondly by Messrs Blaylock for their aforementioned British Blue cross. Steers peaked at £1326 for a lightweight Limousin cross from Messrs Hewitson, Lordsclose and purchased by Jewitt Meats, Spennymoor.

Leading Prices per Head:
Heifers: British Blue
£1406, £1361 Kirkend Limousin £1350 Petteril Hill Farm, £1269, £1204 Steeley Farm, £1252, £1233 Low Whinnow Farm, £1216 Kirkend Blonde £1269, £1259 Kirkend

Steers: Limousin £1326, £1320 Lords Close, £1310 Low Whinnow Farm, £1289 Petteril Hill Farm

Leading Prices per Kilo:
Heifers: Limousin
211.5p, 209.5p Low Whinnow Farm, 209.5p, 206.5p Steeley Farm British Blue 211.5p, 207.5p Kirkend Blonde 210.5p, 207.5p Kirkend

Steers: Limousin 200.5p Petteril Hill Farm, 198.5p Kirkend, 194.5p Low Whinnow Farm Charolais 178.5p Bambarroch Farm

PRIME HOGGS – A large show of 2334 hoggs forward, export weight sheep in short supply with super heavy weights to place. A total clearance was easily achieved to a top of £115 for 4 exceptional black hoggs shown by Master Freddie Little, Hazel House, Huby. Top price per kilo of 255p was achieved for Beltex hoggs from Messrs Little, The Hollands.

Leading Prices per head: Texel £115, £109 Hazel House, £114, £108 High House, £113, £110 Newhall Farm, £110 Greenlea, £109, £105 Kinnerton Hall Farm, £108, £106 High Brow Nelson, £108 Weary Hall Style, £108, £106, £105 Lonning Farm, £106 Copperthorns Beltex £105, £100 Greenbank, £104, £102 Hollands, £104(x2), £100(x2) Newhall Farm, £104 Langhorn Farm Charollais £102 Park House, £100 Copperthorns NC Cheviot £100, £95, £87 Tempest Tower, £91 Quarry Gill, £89 Orton Rigg Farm Suffolk £99 The Nook, £97, £95 Hazel House, £90 Copperthorns, £97 Park House, £86 Jackson Rigg, £84 Mirkbooths Blackface £90(x2), £85(x2), £84(x3), £80 Smalmstown Farm, £86 The Nook, £85 Brisco Hill, £83 Bowscale Farm Greyfaced £83 Mirkbooths, £82(x2) Brampton Fell Farm, £82 Old Church Farm, £82 Hollands, £82, £80(x2) Jackson Rigg, £80 Bowscale Farm Herdwick £79, £78, £76, £70 Clea Hall, £78 Langhorn Farm

Leading Prices per kilo: Beltex 255p, 236.4p Hollands, 250p, 235.3p, 233.7p, 231.1p, 230.2p, 220.9p Newhall Farm, 231.4p High House, 218.8p Greenbank, 218.2p Copperthorns, 215.6p Langhorn Farm Texel 252.5p, 238.1p, 230.6p Newhall Farm, 247.8p, 229.8p High House, 242.4p, 242.1p, 219.3p Hazel House, 240p, 217.1p Kinnerton Hall Farm, 236.6p Greenlea, 234.1p Park House, 221.7p Smalmstown, 218.2p High Brow Nelson, 216.7p Pump Cottage, 216.3p Copperthorns Charollais 208.3p Copperthorns, 200p Park House Blackface 207.3p Brisco Hill, 200p(x2), 192.7p, 191p, 190.9p, 190.5p Smalmstown Farm, 200p(x2) South Lambhill, 195p Street Head, 193.2p(x2) Law Hall, 191.5p Rowanburn Foot NC Cheviot 200p South Lambhill, 198p, 195.5p, 191.9p Tempest Tower, 191.6p Quarry Gill Herdwick 194.9p, 194.4p Clea Hall, 190.2p Langhorn Farm Suffolk 194.1p The Nook, 188.1p Jackson Rigg, 181.3p Park House Greyfaced 190.8p Rowanburn Foot

PLEASE NOTE ALL STOCK MUST BE PRE-BOOKED IN FOR NEXT MONDAYS SALE – 13th APRIL. Please advise the auctioneers of vendor email addresses so we can send returns as soon as possible.

For more information regarding entries for Borderway Primestock Sales Team –

David Holliday 07710 189804 Cast Cows & Cast Bulls
Grant Anderson 07872 129274 Prime Bulls & Prime Cattle
James Little 07872 840685 Prime Sheep