Borderway Primestock Sale

8th June 2020

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 8th June Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock where once again a large show of 570 cast cows, bulls and prime cattle were forward.

PRIME BULLS: An even larger show of 121 prime bulls were forward, with most, if not all classes selling less on the week. Top overall was a Limosuin from Messrs Oliver, Cawfields, Haltwhistle achieving £1824.71 and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston. Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle sold another to £1713.71 and was purchased by Messrs Helliwell, Rochdale. British Blues to £1801.65 from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle, purchased by Bowland Foods.

Top pence per kilo of 213.5ppk was attained by a Limousin cross from Messrs Pinguey, High House Wigton and was purchased by Frasers Butchers, Stranraer.

Black and Whites were also less money on the week. Trade peaked at £1086.78 from Messrs Harrison, Aldermanseat Farm, Gretna, purchased by Bowland Foods and to a top pence per kilo of 183.5ppk, from Messrs Mitchinson, Beckstones, Carlisle.

Leading Prices per Head: Limousin £1824 Cawfields, £1713, £1526 Ainstable Hall, £1668 Haltcliffe, £1529 Glenzierfoot Farm, £1351, £1309 High House, £1334, £1299 Kirkend, £1328 Greenhill Farm, £1275 Bectonhall, £1264 Burnmoor, £1262 Aldermanseat Farm, British Blue £1801, £1739 Ainstable Hall, £1294 Upper Brydekirk, £1243, £1242 Mirkbooths, Simmental £1416 Ellen Bank, Blonde £1275 Glenzierfoot Farm, £1118 Kirkend, South Devon £1175, £1103 Mallyford Cottage, Fleckvieh £1086 Aldermanseat Farm, £1082, £1071, £1019, £911, £910 Beckstones Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1077, £934 Justicetown Farm, Holstein Friesian £999 Milton Farm, £959 High House, £939, £924, £905 Randalinton Farm, Beef Shorthorn £998 Shancastle Farm, British Friesian £979 High House, £952 Skelton Wood End, £883 High House, Montbelairde £934 Kirkbride House, Galloway £921, £910 Shancastle Farm, Ayrshire £856, £814 Kirminnoch, Swedish Red & White £811 Laws Hall

Leading Prices per Kilo: Limousin 213.5p, 209.5p High House, 210.5p Greenhill Farm, 209.5p, 202.5p Ainstable Hall, 207.5p, 207.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 196.5p Kirkend, British Blue 204.5p, 203.5p Ainstable Hall, 195.5p Upper Brydekirk, Limousin 193.5p Kirkend, Blonde 193.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 179.5p Kirkend, Simmental 179.5p Ellen Bank, Aberdeen Angus 175.5p, 167.5p Justicetown Farm, British Friesian 164.5p, 159.5p, 153.5p Croft House, South Devon 163.5p Mallyford Cottage, Galloway 162.5p, 152.5p Shancastle Farm, 120.5p Stubbyknowe, British Friesian 162.5p Skelton Wood End, 150.5p, 150.5p High House, Beef Shorthorn 159.5p Shancastle Farm, Montbelairde 156.5p Kirkbride House, Fleckvieh 155.5p (x2), 152.5p Laws Hall, 183.5p, 168.5p, 161.5p, 158.5p Beckstones Farm, Hereford 153.5p Beckstones Farm, Holstein Friesian 151.5p High House, 149.5p Seymour House, 147.5p, 143.5p Randalinton Farm, 145.5p Laws Hall, 143.5p Burtholme Farm, Swedish Red & White 145.5p Laws Hall.

PRIME CATTLE: A smaller entry of 46 prime steers and heifers were forward, with a sharper trade achieved on the week, although quality was lacking throughout.

Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Nicholson, Gill Farm, Carlisle, purchased by Pioneer Foods. British Blue crosses sold to £1609.79 again from Messrs Nicholson, and the same vendor also sold the top pence per kilo of 215.5ppk for their Limosuin cross.

Heifers topped at £1376.94 for a Limousin cross from Messrs Blake, Halfway Well, Penrith. British Blues sold to £1364.15 from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall, Carlisle, both purchased by David Whaite. Top pence per kilo overall of 235.5ppk was paid for a Limousin cross from Messrs Hall, Ainstable Hall purchased by Bowland Foods, Preston.

More lightweight cattle are required on a weekly basis.

Leading Prices per Head:
Steers: Limosuin
£1635 Gill Farm, £1589, £1411 Lords Close, £1548 Upper Brydekirk, £1533 Halfway Well, £1414 Halls Oven,  British Blue £1609, £1529 Gill Farm, Charolais £1396, £1342 Wiza Farm, Galloway £1218 Newton High House, Bazadaise £1210 Gelt Hall Farm, British Friesian £1188, £1111 Gelt Hall Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1376 Halfway Well, £1318 Nealhouse Farm, £1307 Mirkbooths, £1306 Orton Rigg Farm, British Blue £1364, £1314 Ainstable Hall, £1309 Nealhouse Farm, Charolais £1242, £1202 Orton Rigg Farm.

Leading Prices per Kilo:
Steers: Limousin
215.5p Gill Farm, 214.5p Lords Close, 211.5p Upper Brydekirk, 209.5p Halfway Well, 203.5p Wiza Farm, British Blue 214.5p, 213.5p Gill Farm, Galloway 203.5p Newton High House, Charolais 182.5p Wiza Farm, Bazadaise 181.5p Gelt Hall Farm, British Friesian 171.5p, 158.5p Gelt Hall Farm.

Heifers: Limousin 235.5p Ainstable Hall, 226.5p, 215.5p Orton Rigg Farm, 225.5p Mirkbooths, 216.5p Halfway Well, 216.5p Shield Green, British Blue 228.5p, 219.5p Ainstable Hall, Charolais 216.5p Orton Rigg Farm.

CAST COWS & OTM CATTLE: A large show of 403 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with a good show of beef cows and quality sort in good demand. Messrs Carr, Bavington Farm sold an outstanding British Blue cow for 799kg at 207.5p totalling £1657 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Blake, Halfway Well sold the top priced Limousin x cow for 926kg at 162.5p totalling £1504 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Lawson, Hundith House’s run of well fleshed British Blue cows topped at 772kg at 192.5p totalling £1486 to Owain Llyr. Mr Stuart Barclay, South Road sold a Limousin cow for 820kg at 177.5p totalling £1455 to Owain Llyr. Messrs Lawson, Hundith House’s run of Limousin x cows sold to 835kg at 161.5p totalling £1348, 798kg at 169.5p totalling £1344 and 802kg at 167.5p totalling £1343 purchased by Thomas Fell, Charles Kirkpatrick and Owain Llyr. Messrs Robinson, Burmoor sold a British Blue x cow for 777kg at 171.5p totalling £1332 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall sold a Limousin x cow for 766kg at 173.5p totalling £1329 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Twentyman, Osborne Farm sold a British Blue x cow for 707kg at 187.5p totalling £1325 to David Holmes and a British Blue x heifer for 214.5p to Bill Howard. Bridgehouse Farming’s run of cows topped at 829kg at 159.5p totalling £1322 to Charles Kirkpatrick with young cows from the same home selling for 203.5p and 197.5p to Sean McGimpsey and Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr Brian Templeton, West Bowhill Farm sold a young Limousin x cow for 194.5p to Owain Llyr.

A large show of black and white cows was on offer with well fleshed cows selling above last weeks great trade however plainer sorts would be slightly less on the week. Messrs Beaty, Langhorn Farm sold the top priced Holstein x cow for 887kg at 140.5p totalling £1246 and 780kg at 141.5p totalling £1103 both to Dovecote Park. Messrs Little & Son, Kirkbride House sold a Montbeliarde x cow for 887kg at 139.5p totalling £1237 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Wilson, Evening Hill Farm sold a Holstein x cow for 936kg at 131.5p totalling £1230 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Castlesteads Farm sold a Montbeliarde x cow for 825kg at 144.5p totalling £1192 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Jackson, Skelton Wood End sold a Holstein x cow for 867kg at 136.5p totalling £1183 and 767kg at 143.5p totalling £1100 both to Dovecote Park. Messrs Batty, Flimby Hall sold a Friesian cow for 831kg at 141.5p totalling £1173 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Clark, Whins Farm sold a Friesian cow for 732kg at 159.5p totalling £1167 to Alan Jarvis. Messrs Marrs & Sons, Croft Farm sold a Friesian cow for 846kg at 137.5p totalling £1163 to Dovecote Park. Messrs Betts, Bridge Farm sold a Holstein x cow for 816kg at 139.5p totalling £1138 to Dovecote Park. Blencogo House Farms sold a Holstein x cow for 680kg at 162.5p totalling £1105 to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Dickinson, High House sold Friesian heifers for 166.5p and 158.5p. Blencogo House Farms sold a Holstein x heifer for 162.5p. Low Wood Dairy Co sold a Holstein x heifer for 162.5p. Messrs Blamire, Mid Whinnow sold a Holstein x heifer for 158.5p. Messrs Watson, Howrigg Farm sold a Holstein x heifer for 155.5p.

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Head: British Blue £1657 Bavington Farm, £1486, £1180 Hundith House, £1332 Burmoor, £1325 Osborne Farm, £1254 Seymour House, £1167 Glebe Farm, £1153 Bridgehouse Farm, £1089 Osborne Farm, £1004 Eden Bank Farm Limousin £1504 Halfway Well, £1455 South Road, £1348, £1344, £1343, £1279, £1278, £1260 Hundith House, £1319 Ainstable Hall, £1322, £1299, £1271, £1208, £1197, £1077 Bridgehouse Farm, £1291 West Bowhill Farm, £1275 Hudscales, £1225 Lords Close, £1195 Low Buildings, £1188 Willows Farm, £1158 Terrys Farm, £1145 Walton Woodhead, £1134 Townfoot, £1112 Littlewater, £1108, £1088 Niven Hill, £1106 Campingholm, £1093, £1092 Park View, £1049 Bavington Farm Friesian £1175 Flimby Hall, £1167 Whins Farm, £1163, £1070 Croft Farm, £1086 Townfoot Farm, £1069, £957 Woodhouse, £1038 Drumburgh Castle, £1028 High House, £952 Nook House Simmental £1252, £1225 Castlewigg Farm, £1125 Merryshield, £1047 Broomfield Farm, £1010 Newbiemains Holstein Friesian £1246, £1103 Langhorn Farm, £1230 Evening Hill Farm, £1183, £1100 Skelton Wood End, £1138 Bridge Farm, £1092 Dundraw Farm, £1084 Berrier Head, £1064 Park House Farm, £1055 Cote House Farm, £1038 Pears Ghyll, £1020 Bridgehouse Farm, £1013, £1001 Craighouse, £1002 Howrigg Farm Montbeliarde £1237 Kirkbride House, £1192 Castlesteads Shorthorn £1172 Broomfield Farm Beef Shorthorn £1167, £1028 Coxhill Farm, £1014 Frankstown Farm Parthenais £1115, £1057 Marina House Holstein £1105 Blencogo House, £1053 Low Wood, £935 Hallfield Hereford £976 Low Buildings Dairy Shorthorn £940 Breckney Hill Salers £903 Far Hills Danish Red £883 Lambfield Farm Irish Moiled £838 Coxhill Farm Jersey £627 Lambfield Farm

Leading Cast Cow Prices per Kilo: British Blue 214.5p, 187.5p Osborne Farm, 207.5p Bavington Farm, 192.5p, 156.5p Hundith House, 175.5p Bridgehouse Farm, 171.5p Burmoor, 156.5p Mossbank Hall Limousin 203.5p, 197.5p, 177.5p, 171.5p, 159.5p Bridgehouse Farm, 194.5p West Bowhill Farm, 182.5p Ross Farm, 177.5p South Road, 177.5p, 167.5p, 166.5p Townfoot, 177.5p Fell View Farm, 173.5p Ainstable Hall, 173.5p Littlewater, 172.5p Walton Woodhead, 169.5p, 161.5p, 157.5p Hundith House, 167.5p(x2) Park View, 166.5p Hudscales, 164.5p, 163.5p Niven Hill, 162.5p Low Buildings, 162.5p Halfway Well, 162.5p Balgray Hill, 161.5p Willows Farm Simmental 189.5p Newbie Mains, 163.5p, 156.5p Castlewigg Farm, 158.5p Merryshield, 154.5p Broomfield Farm Parthenais 166.5p, 164.5p Marina House Friesian 166.5p, 158.5p High House, 159.5p, 131.5p Whins Farm, 143.5p, 137.5p, 136.5p Croft Farm, 141.5p Flimby Hall, 141.5p Prior Hall, 141.5p Cardew Hall, 139.5p Woodhouse, 137.5p The Howes, 137.5p Townfoot Farm, 136.5p The Howes, 133.5p Drumburgh Castle, 131.5p Thornington Farm Charolais 165.5p Hosket Hill Farm Holstein 162.5p Blencogo House, 162.5p Low Wood, 148.5p Gaitsgill Hall Farm, 134.5p Bridgehouse Farm, 128.5p Hallfield, 125.5p Moor Park Farm Holstein Friesian 158.5p Mid Whinnow, 155.5p, 155.5p(x3) Wormanby Farm, 155.5p Howrigg Farm, 148.5p High Plains, 143.5p, 136.5p Skelton Wood End, 141.5p, 140.5p Langhorn Farm, 139.5p Bridge Farm, 137.5p Park House Farm, 132.5 Bridgehouse Farm, 132.5p, 129.5p Craighouse, 131.5p(x2) Thornington Farm, 131.5p Moor Park Farm, 131.5p Evening Hill Farm, 129.5p Cote House, 129.5p Gill House, 129.5p Pears Ghyll, 128.5p Low Rigg, 128.5p, 127.5p Dundraw Farm, 127.5p Wood End Farm Salers 155.5p Far Hills Aberdeen Angus 155.5p Lambfield, 134.5p Breckonhill Farm Shorthorn 154.5p Parton Farm, 149.5p Broomfield Farm Beef Shorthorn 146.5p(x2) Coxhill Farm, 143.5p Frankstown Farm Hereford 140.5p(x2) Low Buildings, 139.5p Frankstown Farm Dairy Shorthorn 132.5p Breckney Hill Irish Moiled 121.5p Coxhill Farm Jersey 100.5p Lambfield Farm

PRIME SHEEP: The weekly sale of prime sheep had an entry of 1699 prime lambs and 120 cast sheep.

Another great show of spring lambs, with 510 more sold today, than last year’s corresponding sale, with averages at Borderway once again leading the way. A fabulous show of commercial lambs with best grade export types in lesser supply. A top of £134 was achieved twice this week, firstly from Messrs Sharp, Holmecroft Farm, Beckermet with a cracking 43kg Texel cross lamb which sold to Mr Morgan Helliwell. Also hitting the high notes was Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall with an outstanding 42kg Beltex which also sold to £134 and claimed the top spot per kilo at 319ppk to Mr Skelton. Messrs Musgrave sold 30 Beltex lambs to average 38.63kg, 294.26ppk or £113.68 per head. Trevor & Kevin Harrison, Lesson Hall Farm, Wigton came with their first run of Beltex lambs to average 39.85kg, 306.65ppk or £122.20 to top at £126 for 41kg, lambs.

Heavy lambs sold to £129 or 274.5ppk for a pair from Messrs Donaldson, East Park, Crofton, and Suffolks topped at £118 twice from Messrs Goddard, Frankstown, Longtown and Messrs Kirkby, Ashley Grove, Egremont with a top pence per kilo of 272.5ppk for a pair from Messrs Gardner, Glebelands, Roweltown.

Leading prices per head: Texel £134 Holmecroft Farm, £129, £120 East Park, £126, £122, £120 West End Farm, £125, £121 Whitehouse Farm, £123 Cardewlees Farm, £122 High Crosby Farm, £121 Aspatria Hall, £120 Park House, £120 Hollands, £120 Oakbank Farm, £120 Linton Ghyll,       Beltex £134, £123.50, £120.50, £117, £114 Cardew Hall, £126 Braithwatie Hall, £126, £125, £114 Lesson Hall Farm, £124, £115, £113.50 Hollands, £118 Whitehead Brow, £115 Braithwaite Hall, £114 Greyside Farm, £114 Harley Croft, Suffolk £118 Ashley Grove Farm, £118, £113 Frankstown Farm, £115, £107 Greensyke, £115, £113, £109 Holly Tree Farm, £114 Mill Farm, £111 Cardewlees Farm, £109 Glebelands, £108 Jackson Rigg, £107 Meadow Farm, £107 The Croft, £106.50 Faugh Beeches, Dutch Texel £116, £115, £114, £113, £109.50, £104, £102 Springfield Farm, £115, £108, £101 Hill House, £114.50 Rottington Hall, £110.50, £106.50, £104.50 High Rigg, Charollais £115, £113 Braithwaite Hall, Blue Texel £111 Braithwaite Hall, Millennium Bleu £101 Corrie Field,

Leading prices per kilo: Beltex 319p, 313p, 301.3p, 300p, 294p, 292.5p, 292.1p Cardew Hall, 317.9p, 294.8p, 291.1p Hollands, 308.6p, 307.3p, 304p Lesson Hall Farm, 297.4p, 295p Whitehead Brow, 292.3p Greyside Farm, Texel 314.7p, 277.8p, 273p Swarland Old Hall, 311.6p, 291.1p Holmecroft Farm, 301.2p, 300p, 277.8p High Crosby Farm, 284.8p, 276.3p Aspatria Hall, 277p Pasture House Farm, 275.6p Gill Farm, 274.5p, 274.4p, 270.6p East Park, 271.6p Grange House, Dutch Texel 284p, 278.7p, 269.5p High Rigg, 279p, 277.2p, 276.2p, 274.7p, 273.8p, 270.1p Springfield Farm, 270.6p, 269.3p, 263.4p Hill House, 269.4p Rottington Hall, Suffolk 272.5p Glebelands, 250p, 244.7p Rottington Hall, 247.5p Park House, 247.1p Springfield Farm, 246.7p Braithwaite Hall, 246.5p, 245.6p Greyside Farm, 244p Cardewlees Farm, 243.2p Greensyke, 240.4p Frankstown Farm, 240p Mill Farm, 240p Gill Farm, Charollais 258.7p, 243p Rose Cottage, 248.4p, 244.7p Braithwaite Hall, Blue Texel 258.1p Braithwaite Hall, Millennium Bleu 246.3p Corrie Field.

CAST EWES: A small show of cast ewes sold well, to a top of £119.50 for a tremendous pair of Texel ewes from Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft, Wigton.

Leading prices per head:

Texel £119.50, £107.50 Wavercroft, £114.50 Cardew Hall, £104, £102.50 Boggle Hall, £102.50 Pinegrove, Suffolk £93.50 Wavercroft, £90.50 Gill Farm, Beltex £91.50, £84 Pinegrove.

PLEASE NOTE ALL STOCK MUST BE PRE-BOOKED IN FOR NEXT MONDAYS SALE – 15th JUNE. Please advise the auctioneers of vendor email addresses so we can send returns as soon as possible.

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